How to Replace Remove Install Change Headlight bulb in Scion XD

04.06.2019   |   by Tojind

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Comments "How to Replace Remove Install Change Headlight bulb in Scion XD":

Author: Shakarn
You made it look so easy! The guy at autozone couldn’t get it work. I’m gonna try it tonight
Author: Kazrakasa
Thank you for this video
Author: Arajora
I cannot believe how tight the bulb is inside the gasket, not to mention how little room there is behind it. They really crammed stuff under the hood :-0
Author: Zolotaxe
I tried to do this on my 2009 Scion xD and the rubber protector is SECURELY fastened onto the light bulb. I cannot twist it off or separate it at all. Now I can't get the headlight back in or the bracket resecured. Hopefully I can have a garage fix it today...
Author: Vurn
Thank you! Very helpful! This was super easy, and who knows how much money it saved (plus saved me lots of time in driving over to the repair shop and then the wait). I will be checking your other videos. Happy New Year!
Author: Goltitaxe
If only rubbers were as secure as this headlight rubber. It's sealed shut.
Author: Babar
Works like it says!
Author: Kajim
Worked as shown. Had to get mean with that rubber cover but pull hard enough and it will come off.
Author: Dumi
Awesome, thank you for making the vid! Replacement was a success thanks to this
Author: Nashura
Thank you so much! The first time I ever did this - at 45! Thanks again.
Author: Mikashura
Thanks for this tip
Author: Mikarisar
Driver side?
Author: Kigor
Thank you SO much for posting this video! I know nothing about cars, but with your video I was able to change my own lights, and I am feeling pretty awesome right now. lol Thank you for being amazing! :)
Author: Fenrikree
Thanks again! These steps made it seamless!
Author: Kazrajas
For my 2009 xd, this seems to be the instructions for the brights headlight and not for the regular headlight.

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