SCRUBS My Old Lady real DOCTOR reaction | Medical drama review

24.07.2019   |   by Zolozuru

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Author: Yozshugore
Thank you for this, and I look forward to seeing more.
Author: Mejora
Now i want to know how he found your show
Author: Dushura
i would like to see, when you watch mondays morning.
Author: Akinozragore
Requesting the Brendan Fraiser arc for the next Scrubs breakdown (season 1 ep22-23)
Author: Neshakar
Author: Akinoshakar
On a completely different note, have you thought about getting some "doctor shirts" with short sleeves? I can't help noticing you look rather uncomfortable in the current weather.
Author: Garamar
SCRUBS IS MY FAVORITE! Also love House MD too! :>
Author: Taunos
Your previous Scrubs video actually got me watching the show again...totally forgot how much I loved it!! (your video's also amazing obviously) So thanks!
Author: Tagore
Holy crap scrubs was so good i forgot how much I loved it
Author: Nagul
Love your channel dude!
Author: Zulkizragore
I would love for you to take a look at MASH, a old tv-show that both my grandfather, dad and now I enjoy :D A few years ago I even bought the full series and movie(11seasons and 1movie). I really love hawkeye in it :)
Author: Gardami
It's always a pleasure to watch your videos. That Scrubs episode was really good and it's nice to get your perspective on it. :) Keep up the good work . :D
Author: Kasho
Thanks for repping Junior Doctors, and talking about Scrubs. Genuinely still the best Medical TV show out there. Also totally psyched that Bill Lawrence gave you a shout-out! Awesome! :D
Author: Vujind
More =) i cant really say which episodes are the best ^^ but id so want to see more of this
Author: Zudal
Even watching a review, I still cried at the end lol
Author: Moogukus
I just discovered you, already love your show. If you haven't reviewed My Life in four cameras ( season4 ep 17) yet, I would like to request it.
Author: Vum
I don't leave comments however, I love your content and insight please continue doing what your doing (in the field and on the metube)!
Author: Nedal
Mine had ZERO hospital bowling!
Author: Malkree
You should probably just go on and do the whole series.
Author: Nitaur
Also, love all your videos, I learn so much and they’re so entertaining!
Author: Dom
you look a bit like charlie from the show "lost" when you're watching the clips haha Great video btw, really enjoyed it! Scrubs is my all time favourite.
Author: Dijora
another sad episode
Author: Voodoozahn
that ending never fails to make my cry..
Author: Shaktikinos
One of the most rewarding things about being able to work in the hospital (i am in nursing) is that even though you see death you get this extraordinary chance to learn from those that you treat, the families become very close with you and that some of these people no matter where they came from and have done with their lives can all have many things that they can teach us. This is probably why i will always try to work within a healthcare setting we have always more to learn from others and have them help us all grow and mature.
Author: Yozshukus
As to the right to die, I applauded the U.K. for its stance. Here in the U.S., if someone has a terminal illness, they can not choose to die. Even if they refuse treatment, they can be declared "unfit" and the treatment can be forced upon them. As someone who was diagnosed with a terminal genetic illness when I was in my early 20's, I know that once I start exhibiting symptoms, it will be a long, tortured existence with treatment, and even without treatment, death will be painful, dehumanizing and drawn out. So having faced those options, I chose to make arrangements to travel to the U.K. when the time comes and end my life on my terms. I pray each day though, that that day is still far off.
Author: Gobar
Scrubs is the best show ever. Dr Hope and Dr Mike have cemented my opinion.
Author: Dusida
Great insight as always and a very moving yet funny episode of scrubs.
Author: Kajilar
Anyway, really love the channel.
Author: Nikobar
I love your videos, you have a new sub! I wondered if you'd ever take a look at 'Embarrassing Bodies'? It's such an addictive show and adding your insight to it would be great I think!
Author: Mikarr
Yayy! New video. I need to start binge watching "scrubs". Just from that episode, the deaths made me feel this void, even though I've never met those fictional patients. I can't imagine how doctors overcome this. Great video!
Author: Akinojind
Scrubs is by far my all-time favorite series! And I just gotta say Dr. Hope you do the series so much justice! I've loved the scrubs content on your channel, its the reason I subscribed. Also there's a bit of a resemblance between you and JD if you wanna see it haha. Especially this video cause of your hair... its like a toned down version of JD's hair!
Author: Tygogor
Teacher here, your comment about JD's youthful appearance and the downside to it from patients and their families reminds me of why I grow a beard, to avoid that awkward situation from arising with student's parents.
Author: Kaziktilar
I'm 2 of the patients on here. I have lupus nephritis. I went into acute renal failure a few years back, but my kidneys were saved and I'm in remission now. It's weird that the 1st time I watched this episode, I was a pharmacy student and this was all just theoretical. Thank you for the awesome breakdown.
Author: Meztizragore
Any chance of looking at House again? I'm curious to see you look at episodes like Failure to Communicate and Sleeping Dogs Lie, as they're some of the more unusual diagnoses.
Author: Salar
Consider not treating any more patients and just doing this full time! Those sick people don't need you, we bored people have a greater need!
Author: Arashishakar
I see Dr Hope's video, I like it! 🤗
Author: Tajora
I secretly want you to react to every episode. I love scrubs so much ❤️
Author: Faurr
my heart all warm a fuzzy
Author: Vujas
This was this was the episode I really hoped you'd watch. It's poignant, and fabulously heartbreaking. In any case, yeah, I appreciated the honesty in this episode. I never forgot the lessons of it when I started practicing (as a clinical pharmacist, but the point still stands).
Author: Akinos
Love your new setup!
Author: Maushura
take your time to do something else sometimes, such as starting up a work related youtube channel
Author: Meztijinn
Spoiler for the episode ahead, watch "My Old Lady" and this video before reading this comment!
Author: Goltigis
It's not that we are afraid of death, its that we are afraid of the thought that once we are gone, our lives and our absence will make no impact. That the world will continue without us, totally unaware of our existence.
Author: Nimi
I started watching Drs commentary because of Dr Mike but DARN IT!! I enjoy your reviews SOOOOOO MUCH!!! I am glad he led me to you!
Author: Macage
Season 8, Episode 2. My Last Words.
Author: Dushakar
Honestly though, every single episode of the first 8 season were in some way or another really relatable and emotionally engaging, Scrubs will forever be one of my all time favorite entertainment productions.
Author: Mikall
I'm not crying... you're crying!
Author: Duzilkree
If you decide to do more, I HEAVILY recommend the Season 8 episode My Last Words
Author: Mauran
This episode is always making me cry...😭
Author: Yozshuramar
It would just seem more realistic that it is the moment they all realized they lost someone, and not the moment the patients actually died.
Author: Vuzil
I am a simple man.
Author: Mikajin
Anybody else want him to review Royal Pains? Or at least more Greys Anatomy? 🤣💜
Author: Voodooktilar
Hey react to "Cells at Work"
Author: Toran
So glad that you made this video! Please keep up the amazing work! Just made my day 🙃
Author: Bragis
T.S. Elliott once wrote "I will show you fear in a handful of dust".
Author: Dakinos
Been immensely enjoying your channel through new videos and old, Dr. Hope. You've built an amazing culture and community here, with enthusiasm, graciousness, and sensitivity. Keep up the good work!
Author: Malataur
hospital bowling........ happens all the time!
Author: Shasho
I do my 100 situps every morning. Am I now not less at risk for hernia's?
Author: Aragul
Love scrubs subscribed this episode first one I have seen you do
Author: Tozahn
I am so glad I discovered this channel. I have learned so much from you and you are VERY entertaining. It's also very cool that you read through your comments and take care of your viewers when you can. As far as I am concerned, you are the BEST Dr Reviewer on YouTube. Keep up the good work, mate! 💜
Author: Kajiran
I’m currently in pharmacy school (going into my 3rd year) so, my knowledge about some of these aren’t full because I’m still in school or because I was taught it on a different clinical area, but I just wanted to say that I LOVE your videos and your work. Thank you for these wonderful videos and what you do.
Author: Fenrigore
don't spend to much focus on work
Author: Mazuzilkree
I love your neon sign! Think this channel is great! 😊😊
Author: Shakarisar
Just do an episode by episode reaction to Scrubs. It's what the people need.
Author: Malajind
Love your reviews! Great to know the creator himself liked it too. I especially appreciate how while you're handling one of the toughest jobs in the world, you do think other professions might face similar issues. Thanks for keeping things relatable!
Author: Kajora
Author: Gumi
I feel like im learning a lot from your videos, not just actual medical terms but explaining things about the human nature. thank you for posting these :>
Author: Dukree
I cry every time at this episode
Author: Murr
I don’t understand my deep need to watch these videos, but here I am...
Author: Shakara
I hope these Scrubs reactions are becoming a thing because I love them
Author: Guzuru
even if it was probs random lol
Author: Grogore
I love these videos!
Author: Dut
to this day I cannot listen to "hallelujah" with out tearing up
Author: Vusida
this episode makes me tear up a bit..
Author: Shakacage
Awesome to hear that Bill himself commented also. I recently watched a few of your vids (mostly the medical drama reviews) and I'm in love~ Subscribed!
Author: Kaganos
Ever thought of just doing an episode by Episode review? I'd love to see how you react to the gang gaining experience etc
Author: Vudolkree
When I saw the title, I immediately thought of the later episode, where the old lady kept coming back sick and that one intern caused her death because he kept neglecting proper anti-contamination procedure.
Author: Nizragore
Author: Zuludal
Just FYI what the old lady said in Japanese "I lived in Kyoto"!
Author: Yolkree
Really enjoy the medical explanations. Keep up the good job!
Author: Tazshura
you just saved my day.
Author: Yozshudal
I can’t sleep so watching these Scrubs episodes - your voice is very calming! Must be a doctor thing.
Author: Mazumi
I just discovered you. Love this so very much. Revisiting one of the best tv series of all time with you is like seeing it again for the first time.
Author: Mezicage
OMG! You seem like such a wonderful human being. Thanks for you videos 💕
Author: Tojagis
So cool that Bill Lawrence reached out to you! I'm glad you have kept up with YouTube - love your analysis and input. Keep it up!
Author: Grojas
Love the videos! You should watch My Screw Up from Scrubs!! I don't know about its medical relevance but its one of my favorite episodes!!
Author: Darn
Off topic from the show, but you seem like you would be a doctor with incredible bedside manner.
Author: Samurn
So ... tell us about the LP and Fender amp in the background.
Author: Gotilar
I especially loved the grandmotherly approach that granny took to JD. So bittersweet.
Author: Moogugrel
Thank you for addressing this.
Author: Nikinos
Author: Dorn
Keep up the good job. These are amazing!
Author: Bashakar
Anyway buddy thanks for the great video again!
Author: Vizil
Thank you for this video,it’s great! 👍🏻
Author: Voodoojas
Yay more Scrubs! Also, your hair looks extra good in this video
Author: Dotilar
Your laugh sounds just like JD's. Spooky.
Author: Maudal
What are your thoughts on "My Occurrence" (and the follow-up in "My Screw Up")? They're episodes that always comes to mind because of Ben...
Author: Zolojinn
“I got a ton of bricks for Dr. Dorian.”
Author: Vohn
I always thought the setup for this episode was beautifully done. "One in three patients will die" and then they immediately introduce three patients to you. You're supposed to spend the episode thinking which will be the 1/3 death, only for them all to die. "sometimes the odds are worse than that."
Author: Shakarg
Anyone ever told you that you look like Jimmi Simpson?
Author: Kagazil
I found this video really moving, thank you.
Author: Kigor
Dr. Hope: "Happens all the time!"
Author: Shakarr
I had to have an ileectomy because I had a intussusception caused by a tumor and that is how my lymphoma was discovered.
Author: Kigalrajas
"Pretty sneaky, Death." An easter egg paraphrase of the old tv ad for Life breakfast cereal. ("Pretty sneaky, sis")
Author: Goltiktilar
Also, scrubs, episode 5 of season 3, my brother where art thou, would be great to discuss as well, as shows how doctors can become desensitized over time;
Author: Kazragore
And this is not related to this specific video, but I was wondering if you sometime perhaps could talk about, when you are watching(/reading/listening to/??) something that is NOT specifically a medical show/movie/whatever, but there is medical stuff being portrayed, what sorts of things make you go 'these people CLEARLY have no clue what they are talking about', or the kinds of common misportrayals you come across when watching/reading/whatever such things?
Author: Mazumi
And thanks for the reminder of what a truly brilliant show Scrubs was. The ending was such a mess, it can overshadow how good the show was the rest of the time. I feel a rewatch may be on the horizon.
Author: Taujora
I have a 5cm Hiatal Hernia and my doc never set up an appointment to get it fixed. Here's to hoping it's fine as is and doesn't get worse.
Author: Tagar
Author: Muzuru
Watching these reaction videos make me gain a ton of respect for everyone in the healthcare profession. I always respect doctors, nurses etc., but these videos make me understand much more how difficult the job can be, especially emotionally. To everyone who is a doctor, nurse, pathologist, whatever or studying to become one, I thank you for taking care of me and the people I love, for your kindness and compassion.
Author: Kajikasa
Yes! Scrubs!!!! Kinda late but yaaaayyy
Author: Fenrir
The episode that moved me the most is the one where Ben Fraiser's character dies, and the way Dr Cox tries to mentally deal with it. Gets me every time.
Author: Arabar
Scrubs is just the funniest, most heartfelt amazing show I've ever watched... the only show that comes close is M.A.S.H
Author: Dairr
Just got a new sub! :) you have a beautiful outlook and an incredible optimism on life. Thank you Dr.
Author: Gukazahn
If I'm totally honest, I love the whole show, but some episodes are more relationship drama and wouldn't be as interesting to see your analysis of. For example, I love S6E06 My Musical, but I don't think there would be much to analyze.
Author: Tekazahn
Only a junior doctor and you already sound like a great teacher for the field! (also love Scrubs! my favorite feelgood comedy show of all time, plus it teaches you a lot!)
Author: Taut
Could you react to the anime cells at work that could be interesting.
Author: Faunris
I'm certainly with the idea of more scrubs related videos. I don't want you to burn yourself out reviewing only one series of course, but I certainly look forward to these.
Author: Samule
Love your reaction !! Always so informative and educational🙂
Author: Mazudal
Netflix screwed up big time when they removed this from their streaming list.
Author: Mezisho
Thank you, Dr. Hope, for taking the time to put the reality of this mortal coil into such a wonderful frame.
Author: Julrajas
Pleaseee, do more scrubssss! Please start a series on analysing the episodes. I love your commentary. It has given a lot more meaning to the show.
Author: Dor
I really like when you describe a condition you use the words 'a person with' or a 'a person who suffers from'. I think it brings it back to the fact that behind the disease, incident ect there is a whole person with experiences and feelings. Is that something that is taught to Drs or is it just a 'you' thing? Our language is so vitally important, I really believe it can impact so powerfully. Lovely video, I really need to watch Scrubs. It looks a brilliant show!
Author: Dazragore
What a perfect way to procrastinate studying immunology xD. But jokes aside, this was very beautiful, thank you!
Author: Faucage
Wonderful review!! Love Scrubs. Specifically for the reasons you mention, the balance of drama and comedy that works so beautifully!!
Author: Makora
I love Scrubs, and I love your reactions and analysis. I think if you want to do another episode from early in the series, you should look at S1E07 My Super Ego. I also really like S3E14 My Screw Up and S3E16 My Butterfly.
Author: Faejinn
This episode is indeed brilliant. When it comes to death though I find the ending of "My Last Words" way more powerful, but that's probably because I'm not a medical professional, so it's easier for me to relate to the guy being afraid of dying :)
Author: Kazahn
can you make a review for scrubs "No Good Reason" & "Long Goodbye"
Author: Mazuru
Thank you for reviewing this episode.
Author: Balkis
"Doctor, doctor, will I die?"
Author: Feshura
Wonderful video as always, Dr Hope!
Author: Kazratilar
Loved this video. So insightful!
Author: Yotaur
I would really love to see you reviewing every single episode of Scrubs. Somehow you remind me of JD and why I wanted to be a doctor in first place
Author: Darr
I loved this episode. Especially JD's and Carla's reaction. Must be soul-destroying as a doctor for a patient to refuse treatment, especially when they're prime for effective treatment.
Author: Gardataur
I am not afraid of death, because I know my life does and will continue to mean something to my family and my friends.
Author: Dairamar
Author: Zulkilmaran
When you were talking about lymphocytes and said that it's a white blood cell I just had an exam and I was like yep definitely got that question right😂
Author: Durisar
ER. The episode Blizzard (1x9) is so gooood
Author: Negore
Probably my favourite Srubs episode,thank you so much for reviewing it.
Author: Tajas
If you are planning on making another Scrubs episode you should really check out "My Screw Up". Keep up the good work!!
Author: Mushicage
Keep on the good work! Sorry for the long comment And sorry for any misspells and mistakes
Author: Vudogul
Can you react to untold stories of thee ER and the name of the episode is death's breath
Author: Tygogor
The channel I've always been looking for. I've always been wondering how accurate these things are.
Author: Akinojind
Nice work, finaly a professional making a review, keep up!
Author: Kagalkis
🤣🤣🤣Gets me laughing every time.
Author: Maran
Dr. Hope, do you think you’ll ever do your video talking specifically about hospice and your experience with it as a doctor? I have experience with it because my little sister passed away from cancer, but I think it’d be interesting to see how as a doctor you handle all of the emotional baggage. I’m just really interested in end of life care and how we can make it the best we can for people who are really sick
Author: Douzahn
I love your reviews. And it is so cool that you got a tweet from the creator himself!! I'd love to see more scrubs episodes reviewed.
Author: Mikagore
Yaaaaahs. Finally!
Author: Mezidal
"Hospital bowling.. happens all the time!" 😂😂
Author: Kagahn
Watching this WHILE in dialysis haha!
Author: Yozuru
If you get a chance some time, I'd highly recommend season 8 episode 2 - My Last Words and S8 episode 5 - My ABCs.
Author: JoJozil
Ayyee I've seen you golden button lol u go boi🤣
Author: Daizshura
Unsure of UK policy for hospital interpreters but here in the US we have the ADA requiring American Sign Language interpreters or any other means of accessibility to those that are deaf or hard of hearing in any practice from private practice to emergency room. Most spoken language interpreters are not mandated but provided as an investment to do the least harm, or are workplace codes of conduct.
Author: Fektilar
Me: here it comes, Dr. Hope's gonna say something about how it's super dangerous and it never actually happens.
Author: Ketaxe
Keep it up!
Author: Jugrel
Yesssss more scrubs!
Author: Meztir
Holding back emotions lol
Author: Vukazahn
Love these videos by the way. Keep up the good work.
Author: Nalkis
This is genuinely one of my favourite shows on Youtube right now. Congrats on the success so far, Dr Hope! And of course for getting recognised by Bill Lawrence himself as well!
Author: Doujar
Best wishes from switzerland.
Author: Yozshugore
Season 8 Episode 2 - My last words is also a great one. Should review it next.
Author: Vudojas
Amazing, love this video, thanks for your hard work, keep it up!
Author: Mebei
So kidneys are kidney shaped? Good to know.
Author: Mell
"The Kidneys are Kidney shaped." -- Dr. Hope
Author: Faeshura
Dr. Hope: "Hospital Bowling..."
Author: Brara
"Yes, my child, and so will I."
Author: Niran
Author: Terr
I loved this. 🤩 I work in a hospital in the UK. I can imagine your patients & colleagues appreciate you very much. Your explanations of conditions are probably the best I have ever heard from a doctor. Really good vid...and I ❤ Scrubs too!
Author: Kigaramar
Scrubs is one of my all time favorite shows. One episode that I really love is the episode ‘My Last Words’ with a very minimal cast it can get very emotional in my opinion. I would really like to see you react/review that episode please
Author: Dutilar
Only my first time I watch a video made by you and already decided to subscribe! (This is very rare for me)
Author: Meztirn
Loving the neon sign. You seem so comfortable making these videos; more with each one.
Author: Galar
You're really getting close on that 50k,
Author: Kajit
Yes, best thing to end the night with!
Author: Zolonris
Author: Tajinn
Loved it, thank you. My Screw Up next?
Author: Brajin
Also great job as always, it's both entertaining and enlightening to get a real medical professional's take on the profession through reviews like these :)
Author: Tataur
Please keep doing these reviews if you can :D Scrubs is one of my favorite shows. Your reviews and how you relate to it all makes me want to watch it all over again.
Author: Nagami
You're very good at explaining medical concept in simple terms :)
Author: Kigajin
Yeah, my dad is a doctor (retired), and his hand writing is pretty bad, though I can read it. Also, when he was practicing medicine, maybe it was after he stopped practicing, we used to use his extra prescription pads as note pads at our house. lololol
Author: Nezahn
Great video as always.
Author: Zulukasa
You do a great job of dissecting these episodes, please keep it up.
Author: Fenrik
We all were sure you would have enjoyed it.
Author: Diramar
I love your videos - thanks for your commitment to good content for your viewers. :)
Author: Kigarisar
That's a gorgeous Les Paul. Silly how easy it is to forget that doctors are normal people too with passions and hobbies—not just medicine-medicine-medicine all the time.
Author: Gardatilar
You should do season 5 episode 4, My Jiggly Ball, or season 2 episode 14, My Brother My Keeper. Both are really good episodes with a bit more focus on Kelso.
Author: Akiran
Scrubs is definitely my favorite show of all time. I've seen the show start to finish probably excess of 20+ times now. I did have a laugh when you mentioned Hallelujah playing and that you know something bad is gonna happen. Had a movie on with some friends once and the song started playing and one guy who wasn't paying attention immediately turns around and is like "Wait, who died?" … nobody had died in the movie though.
Author: Gadal
I absolutely love your content, you're so engaging and informative!! And as a fellow Scrubs fan, I particularly like these reviews!
Author: Meztikinos
This is my absolute favourite (OK, tied with My Way Home and My Finale) episode. So glad you checked out this and congrats on Bill's tweets - very well deserved :)
Author: Tygotilar
Ahh doctor i seen that big gulp
Author: Kara
If you wanna do another scrubs react, I suggest My Last Words
Author: Dabei
I clicked this so fast when I saw it it isn’t even funny
Author: Vudojin
About the timeline at the end, in my head-canon, it's not the time of the patient's departure, but the moment they all realized the patient was beyond saving that coincided with JD's patient flatlining. Elliot's patient would still have a couple of days left, but she might have seen the results weren't good and moved the patient to palliative care. Turk may have realized some complication during the surgery and moved the patient to oncology, knowing he had a very low chance of survival.
Author: Zulubei
That's the episode Scrubs changing the direction and showing the audience what a TV show Scrubs could be in the future. People didn't expect to see such emotional and really hurting scenes for a show seems silly. But the Scrubs crew nailed it despite of NBC wanted to change the ending and add some happiness. It was a very brave and risky decision for producers in a very early stages and they didnt know the show will see another season at that time. After all they were right. People loved the way how Scrubs shows the life with all its aspects even if it suddenly starts to hurt and makes you cry while you were laughing loud a moment ago. With coming episodes like this in the future, Scrubs reached levels so many serious dramas cannot dream of. And that is why after all these years people still love this show.
Author: Tygolrajas
yay! I love these! :)
Author: Mekus
keep up the great work
Author: Arashira
Just found your youtube channel, really enjoy it!
Author: Kelar
Good video, as always.
Author: Bragal
Love your vids best channel ever
Author: Moogubar
Im so happy! <3 thankie. I know its weird to be excited about that, but it means alot,
Author: Nat
wait, what is this a joke or confession?
Author: Fetaur
Your hair is looking delightfully shwoopy today
Author: Mabei
I need help finding a better hospital.
Author: Goltiktilar
Is that your medical opinion? XD
Author: Mikarisar
It's really interesting to me to get this human side to being in medicine from you. When you're a patient you have a very specific relationship and honestly don't always want to see your doctor as a person. But it's such a valuable insight. Thank you : )
Author: Mezigar
Hi mate! I'm a fellow doctor from Brazil, I've been watching some of your vids, always a delight, but I subscribed today. Love scrubs, loved your analysis, and loved the fact you work with palliative care. Totally agree with your point of death not being the worse a person can endure. I think it would be great if you did a vid about palliative care. It's still a new concept for a lot of people and patients, and even difficult for some doctors to work with.
Author: Dum
i already seen this soo many times but still cry at the end, love your videos keep it up!! <3
Author: Nashakar
Yay! Dr Hope you made my entire day!! I live for these you legend! Thank you
Author: Terisar
Great video!
Author: Tojakazahn
Sound off if you want him to review My Musical! 😂

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