Gunsmithing the 1911: Trigger Job by Terry G, Pt 2

01.06.2019   |   by Minris

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Author: Meztijar
Author: Vukazahn
Author: Zolomi
Yeah this stopped me from tackling something I was not competent to do. I didn't know I wasn't competent until I watched this. Thank you.
Author: Mezijinn
should get him a new work mat for Christmas that one looks worn out
Author: Zolokus
please review a RIA 1911 please!!! THANKS!!! 
Author: Dizil
Jesus, I just discovered I'm a 1911 guy. I'm fascinated by Terry's work. Great vid, nutnfancy!
Author: Yozshujas
why do you feel the need to talk over the expert constantly?
Author: Gardajinn
You nickname should be Gum Commander.  Shut the hell up....
Author: Tygohn
After this ima mess with my RIA 1911 more lol
Author: Brashakar
This COULD have been the best trigger job video on you tube. If only the smith could have been able to go through and explain every step.
Author: Nerisar
You are an ignorant moron! If you don't like it watch another video on the same subject with the same amount of expertise... Oh yeah there isn't one. Enough said!
Author: Arakazahn
Most of these older guys LOVE to teach people. They want to pass on their knowledge to others.
Author: Zolok
I watched this video several years ago after I bought my first 1911: Kimber Tactical Entry II.  It was a good gun to begin with, but I wanted all the MIM parts replaced... I ordered all the parts I wanted and shipped the gun and all the parts to Terry out at Impact Guns in Utah.  Then I called him and spoke with him over the phone.  He was just as polite and professional on the phone as he is in this video.  He did a masterful job.  Absolutely brilliant.  He hand fitted every single internal part in that gun.  And his rates were extremely reasonable.  I will NEVER sell that gun.  It's been almost 5 years since I saw this video and sent my gun to Terry... I have never had one problem and the gun gets compliments from everyone who shoots it.  I'd put it up against any Dan Wesson or Ed Brown.  Terry is truly a Master Craftsman.  If you're considering sending your gun to Terry, have no fear.  You will be very happy.  
Author: Mezirisar
NFP great vid, Ya OK, NFP does banter alot but Ill listen to someone who knows their shit any day of the week, then some half wit who regurgitates what hes read and not "experienced" them self. Great vid dude!
Author: Voodooran
this was a awesome episode. i use to do jewelry and we worked with the same stones and much smaller stuff. it is alot of fun you just get in to a zen like state when working on things and can really enjoy what your doing. about to watch the S&W trigger job i liked this so much
Author: Nezilkree
Just Less TALK by the commentator, and more descriptive explanation by the Gunsmith.
Author: Bashura
This guy is a true craftsmen!!
Author: Yolar
Great series Nutn. This reminds me I need to send a couple guns up to Terry G.
Author: Tauzshura
You know how to raise a son.
Author: Zusar
3:40!! Yup,
Author: Zulkidal
Sweet vids! Your a good dad!
Author: Groshakar
this is SOOOOO not boring . learning from a pistol smith awesome.thanks for posting

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