The 100 S2 Ep8 Clarke kills Finn

23.06.2019   |   by Mijas

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Comments "The 100 S2 Ep8 Clarke kills Finn":

Author: Akiramar
conclusion: if you're in love with Clarke you're gonna die.
Author: Akikinos
i miss finn already i saw it on my tv and thought my t v was playing tricks on me(??) i i just couldnt belive it...
Author: Kazira
This was the most realistic and difficult decision.I cried here too much but i did understand that even that I loved Finn but he deserved more
Author: Akishicage
"Thanks princess..."
Author: Fenrizahn
Literally bawled during this scene. Amazing acting. Ravens cry broke my heart. :(
Author: Kejar
I really don't understand all the hate for Finn in this fandom. Of course, killing those 18 innocent people was horrible, but the whole point of that scene was to show audiences how war can take someone so peaceful and caring such as Finn and turn them into a 'monster'. Also, the grounders killed many of the children from the 100 who were sent down for no reason other than territory. Surely, that is just as wrong. What Finn did is an act which has actually happened many times to men in war settings, particularly in the World Wars; which made them mentally unstable. Finn was personally always my favourite character because he was always the kind peacemaker from the start. What happened to him was very sad.
Author: Meztile
Literally cry, I fell in love finn.
Author: Zululmaran
"Thanks princess" that totally kills me😭😭😭😭
Author: Goltigal
This is still one of the most heartbreaking scenes I've ever seen
Author: Zololl
why am I crying ? I don't even watch this show ?
Author: Zologar
Damn. Looked this up right after I watched it on Netflix. Finn was one of my favorite characters, I honestly started crying when he said thank you princess
Author: Tajar
Conclusion: don't be clarke's boyfriend/girlfriend.
Author: Guk
Ravens reaction though. That must have been heartbreaking ;n;
Author: Kazralkis
1.Wells 2.Finn 3.Lexa
Author: Shakat
Raven's reaction just kills me everytime. 😭😭😭😭
Author: Kazigami
I haven't even started season two yet. i need to stop so many spoilers!
Author: Aramuro
Lexa b like "gotta kill her boyfriend first so she can fall for me 😎"
Author: Nilar
Aw shit really my fav character in the show just died and he's one of the main cast! Peace out Finn ✌️
Author: Vijin
when I saw this episode I stopped watching the series because I don't want to watch it without Finn 😭😭
Author: Digal
its him saying thanks princes that makes that whole lot sadder I think.
Author: Tygosho
Don't fall in love with Clarke.Now Bellamy ??

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