Full Workout With Brittany & Jason 7-7-2017

23.07.2019   |   by Vijar

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Author: Kern
Well Steev Cook or whatever hes called is at the moment also cutting weight also he is going to gain muscles while cutting and also add 2 iches on his arms in 12 weeks. Pleas call this fake natty out!
Author: Negal
Are 5 compounds a training session too many before fluff and pump work
Author: Misida
that bob ross quiet voice
Author: Nizahn
mooncookie looks very coordinated
Author: Tolar
a lot of haters disliking this video
Author: Voodoocage
New Mountain Dew flavor coming in 2018: Blaha Blast
Author: Mulabar
Barbell rows
Author: Tomuro
She's definitely not a intermediate lifter... rounded back on deadlift using light weight
Author: Kall
Why would you not strict press first, then push press after you fatigue?
Author: Douran
Lookin Good Coach!
Author: Dijas
Hey Jason, I just want thanks to you for your precious tips about Weights and nutrition. I've been lifting for more than 20 yes old and as the time goes it is more difficult to find useful tips to increments on my routines and as you said before "make things simple". I saw on Internet a lot of guys against your ideas but do not let reach you bro....because I myself as a regular pearson is a real proof of your unbeatable tips. TKS again and nice work. Regards from Brazil.
Author: Dushura
Genuinely, his Deadlift form at the top is absolutely terrible. He's pulling with nothing but his back
Author: Vocage
Brit's lower body looks really good still for being detrained.
Author: Kazrakree
you could tell that guy in the red shorts just read starting strength. squatting low bar with hip drive and practicing oh presses
Author: Vishakar
Leg press
Author: Vizilkree
@Aline Nicolini I agree, but dislikes still pay the bills. He's the one laughing all the way to the bank, literally :)
Author: Moogusho
God damn! I absolutely can not stand people like this @ 9:28
Author: Kazrataxe
Romanian dreads
Author: Voodoodal
Three times a week 3x10
Author: Dukasa
Author: Bazragore
Barbell bench press
Author: Mezragore
Then fluff arm and rear delt work
Author: Kaktilar
Dude you are huge!
Author: Mitaxe
Jason, thanks for addressing my question on the pendlay rows, it makes more sense to me now.
Author: Meztibei
Jason, LOBLINER posted that he's giving blood today on social media. What are your thoughts on a guy who is clearly on pharmacueticals, probably pinning, putting people at risk by doing so??
Author: Kajijora
hey jason .how much weight did you pushed over your head in this video? ..thanks :)

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