Aquarius | WHAT/WHO IS COMIN IN | April 2019

20.07.2019   |   by Vilkis

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Author: Shaktikazahn
He loved my body. No problem with that haha! He ghosted me out of the blue. Hopefully he comes back with an explanation. We Aquas are not revengeful!
Author: Mezilkis
Thank you so much.
Author: Mikinos
i’m in Aquarius sun. Leo moon, Sagittarius rising. Thank you for your video!
Author: Mezijar
So accurate.
Author: Kizragore
thank you girl , this is literally accurate as heck. i really needed to hear this and some things my intuition has been telling me actually popped up in this reading. so thanks very much gratitude
Author: Brashicage
Last night I intended to smoke half a blunt w my w cousins bit they rolled blunt after blunt after blunt after blunt 😭 we smoked at least 5 and I wasn't even trying to do all that but I ain't pass on nun I'll be honest to that 🙄
Author: Akinotaxe
Why is this true
Author: Mulabar
The other night I couldn’t sleep because the thought that kept playing over and over in my head Was “success is the best revenge”.. i don’t normally think that way.

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