Yemen Humanitarian Crisis

19.06.2019   |   by Kazrasar

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Author: Tygolkis
Author: Shat
I am sorry but Thank to UN and peoples who are helping specially the ones on the ground .👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Author: Dairr
UN should stand hand with hand with the people of yemen this is because we still human thatbwe deserve the best
Author: Golkree
It is all due to Hotie militias and Iran
Author: Daikus
why UN is Quite about Occupied Kashmir yesterday Indian army martyred more than 20 Kashmirs in the straight shelling and in Afghanistan American drone hit the Islamic center and more than 100 hafiz e quran innocent children died. Is they were terrorist why the whole world is quite about the injustice ??
Author: Akirg
Such a SAD and DEPLORABLE situation. What is happening in this world! Damn these greedy hateful politicians and head of states who are assassins, that bomb and destroy people.
Author: Zulull
Funny that the UN wants to apparently help even though they aid the bombings
Author: Nizahn
Important To the Yemeni people don't trust UNICEF or red cross or UN aide ther poisoning..colera pless spread the word. Different arm of the same octopus..
Author: Dakasa
UN is more worried about its money from the Saudis than Yemen lol
Author: Dogor
Un want oil not people
Author: Douktilar
Author: Dougami
This much problem is there, then from where they got bomb, bullet gun? Money coming from where??? Poor innocent yemen people 😢😢
Author: Grok
UN has become useless and obsolete. Time to change the world order.... New players coming to the picture... You cannot govern the world with a setup of the 1940s ..... Time has changed and change is the need of the hour.
Author: Nikoramar
More crocodile tears from the United Nations! 😡 #istandwithyemen 💕
Author: Gak
I like serve for them..

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