What Really Happened: Mike Rivero Monday 11/26/18: Todays News Talk Show

18.07.2019   |   by Kigal

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Author: Samurg
Well how good is Tulsi when she dose not really believe in the Constitution . . .
Author: Molkree
Apparently, the mid-terms have come and gone, along with Sessions. But not before he did his job. While nobody was looking, he was silently working with Huber and his team of over 400 prosecutors. Thousands of arrests were made in the child pornography and sex ring areas. Information was gathered and sealed indictments handed down in the Clinton Foundation scam AND the Uranium One treason. While the children were playing, Mueller was exposed and is trying desperately to keep the plates spinning in the "Russia Collusion" scam to keep his ass out of jail. Peace is breaking out in the Koreas and the bodies of our fallen heroes are being repatriated. The corruption of "Justice" Roberts is being exposed, and Obama was brilliantly trolled by Trump until he finally took the bait, hook line and sinker. That illegitimate skunk couldn't resist, and took credit for the "great economy" that is on the brink of total collapse. His days are numbered, and the truth about that traitor will come out in the VERY near future.
Author: Nakora
Gulf of Tonkin
Author: Tatilar
Sure they got permission.
Author: Minos
Look it up. Connect some dots for a change.
Author: Faekus
Lmao skidrow voters, theres a candidate in every bottle lol.
Author: Akinogal
Oh, and by the way...apparently, you didn't do your due diligence. Christine Blasey Ford is CIA all the way. Research much? I didn't think so. She was recruited as an undergrad at Stanford to participate in MK Ultra experiments, and the rest is history. She went back to recruit other undergrads for the CIA. Her husband is one of three generations of traitors who have worked for and with the CIA and were heavily involved in the weaponization of intellectual property and defense contracting work with, among others, Lockheed Martin, the CIA front company, and various and sundry spinoff companies of the Defense side of ITT, including Excelis, and others. Let's not forget Raytheon, Boeing, and law firms related to the same firms who not only defended Chrissy, but were working for Clinton to come up with the phony Steele dossier.
Author: Kebei
WOW . . . Talking about be unprepared for the show . . . WOW he started to talk about Comic books character , , , WOW
Author: Kinos
. So, your're disappointed in Donald Trump. Apparently you haven't done your research into who he REALLY was. And apparently you haven't been paying attention. That whole affair was a deep state setup to trap Trump, but he didn't take the bait. Instead, it backfired miserably, and now Saudi Arabia is in panic mode. In case you haven't noticed, Saudi Arabia is neither an ally nor a friend. This trap was set to force Trump to place economic sanctions on the Saudis to drive oil prices back up to $100 a barrel. Instead, he refused to act "until I have more information". Meanwhile, Trump quietly refused to let Saudi planes refuel at American airbases in the region after attacks on Yemen. And oil prices dropped to new lows. Gee, I'm SO disappointed. After all, it was Saudi Arabia who provided most of the funding for the 911 false flag, along with the upper echelon of the Pakistani military.
Author: Brarg
Apparently you haven't gotten the memo. The mid-terms are over. ANYTHING Trump did prior to that would have been seen by Mueller and the rest of the DemoRATS as "obstruction" and impeachable. Did you fail to notice that EVERYONE, including YOU were screaming for Trump to fire Sessions. But what really happened, Dot Com? DemoRATS and RepublicRATS alike changed gears completely and actually SUPPORTED Sessions and screamed "Impeach" when Trump finally DID fire him. A brilliantly played move in 4D chess, and the weak were completely sucked in.
Author: Tygorg
7:58 I think mike sat on something...
Author: Yozshur
NASA landed on mars. HAHAHAHAHAH. Good one. 90 billion miles away. Yeah right.
Author: Zujin
If these 3 people died the world would improve greatly!!! Netanyahu-Porochenko-Soros to name a few..
Author: Vijind
Hey Mike love your show been listening since January2017 would love to see you interview Robert David Steele !! well keep up the good work 👍👍
Author: JoJodal
So what if the entire Govt is brought down! We don't need it!
Author: Gardagal
Apparently, you don't understand that this Country is a Constitutional Republic. And, apparently, you don't understand that you can't claim to be a constitutionalist and prefer socialism. Apparently, you don't realize that THIS ISN'T A DEMOCRACY. Read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution itself. NOWHERE in either document will you find the word "democracy" or any variation of it. And, finally, the States DID NOT enter into a compact or any other agreement with the Federal Government. The Compact is a contract between the independent Nation States which make up the Union. There WAS NO Federal Government at the time the Compact was signed. The Federal Government was created by the Compact and therefore CAN NOT be a party to contract. This fact is upheld in worldwide, universally accepted contract law. But, apparently, you didn't get that memo either.
Author: Kiramar
WE are being invaded by an hostile force, they need to push back the caravan by any means. But the People need to do it.
Author: Brasho
At 1 hr 58 min or so Mike is talking about solar radiation management but yet calls chemtrails kooky...uh okay there mike
Author: Malahn
Cishogie wasn't a journalist he was a cia asset all the way and that's if he's even dead
Author: Kishicage
Mike you know that the U S corporation flag represents war. What about an American peace flag
Author: Sharamar
17 hundred
Author: Dujas
As I said, the mid-terms are history (almost), and the gloves are off. December is going to be a month of PAIN for a whole lot of people...BIG people. It all begins on Wednesday, Dec. 5. By the end of the month, exposure of the election fraud will rid us of most of the House DemoRATS and at least half of the RepublicRATS. There will be lots of room for your darling little socialist superstar Gabbards, but she's gonna be lonely for a while.
Author: Vugar
GM is building cars the government wants but no one will buy. Screw the consumer, GM does what it wants. Can't wait till they take out the steering wheel. THAT will help!!!
Author: Akigore
@ Ron Gibson . Mike Rivero not doing the videos like he used to . what really happened to Mike Rivero? Or is he going down to one or two videos a week? I know times are hard and money is tight . but us poor fok must help each other what we can when we can. I pass the word for Mike to the other members of our Starwars fan club. I don't have any money for any thing else. But if you know what really happened to Mike Rivero show Ron Gibson can you please tell us . if your Patriot you believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the freedom of speech . and thank you Ron for your hard work .
Author: Daigal
Yes, martial law, because dictators always win free elections. Worked for Jaruzelski in Poland in 1981 and it did wonders for U.S. and Washington D.C. in 1871. President is dead...long live the queen or Pope?
Author: Mosar
The N W O has been around the 1700

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