WATCH Iran fire cruise missile from deep water for first time amid tension with US

17.06.2019   |   by Moogujora

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Author: Zulkisho
Lol iran who the hell is Iran
Author: Grokree
If it was not for the Evil zionist khazarian jews the us and the muslim countries will never ever have this ongoing never ending wars with each other. May God destroy this cancer called zionism
Author: Mazukora
Fat lot o' good it'll do 'em. US navy can see their subs as if they were in the open air, and cause their weapons to to detonate at or before launch.
Author: Kazrahn
God Bless Western Azerbaijan
Author: Kazrasida
GOD belles Iran.
Author: Dikora
They have to test nuck too....
Author: Akisho
iam very proud of Iranian
Author: Kem
go on Iran, blow the ship out of them amuricans, they and israhell are the only terrorist out there,love from Ireland
Author: Mazujas
Nice one Iran, keep the rabid mad dogs of Aparteid Israel at bay, along with the corrupt Zionist infested American Administration.
Author: Gasida
It is good, for a multipolar world, that another countries develop deterrence weapons in order to counter the imperialists ambitious from u.s
Author: Faejora
Viva iran viva oriente medio 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Author: Shakinos
Luve iran frm malaysia
Author: Mabei
Iran is a great civilisation .Every thing is original except Arabian ,barbarian Islam .Why do you still carrying this stigma.
Author: Arashikasa
God Bless America.
Author: Doura
wao what a load of crap from this news ha ha ha good luck Iran
Author: Gagrel
Please teach Israelis a lesson
Author: Fenrizshura
such a stupid video ...
Author: Magis
Author: Shakakasa
Long live iran
Author: Voramar
defend yourself from the bully
Author: Gardabar
درود بر نیروهای مصلح دیگه دنیا ماس خودشان را کیسه کردهاند درود بر کسانی مثل تهرانی مقدم و یاران که تا اخرین لحظه شهادت شبانه روز تلاش کردند تا به اهداف مختلف انواع موشک های پیشرفته رسیدند و کشور را در مقابل تهدیدلت دشمنان بینه کردند درود بر حاجی زاده که دل شیر داره درود بر شهدا
Author: Kazilkree
Iran does not stand a chance alone ha ha ha ha ,at most they can slap the us.
Author: Dojinn
Iran is great love from kashmir
Author: Aragore
Iranians are smart and thanks to all illegal sanctions by the US warmonger they getting better by the day. Keep going Iran and may God bless your country and leaders.
Author: Kagacage
Save that missile to Americans....burn America by NUKE..
Author: Arashigis
چرا باید بخاطر این بی شرف ها اینقدر به اقتصاد مردم عزیز ما فشار بیاید تا کی
Author: Zulukinos
Iran the blessed land .god is protecting you against them murders. 🙏❤️
Author: Vim
Author: Taugrel
Iran should for the case if own a view Nukes too!
Author: Yoshakar
Iran must be able to strike the white house in Washington not just the US bases in the Middle East.
Author: Kiktilar
Bravoooo iran ✌️✌️✌️
Author: Gotaur
Hey Iran 🇮🇷 just bring it
Author: Tocage
Allah bless Islamic Republic of IRAN
Author: Zuluk
Viva Iran and the Army's
Author: Vudokasa
The fall of the Roman empire is coming :)
Author: Bagal
long live Iran,India and Israel friendship
Author: Kajibei
Abdullah Cycle
Author: Moogukree
GOD bless great IRAN 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷
Author: Tucage
Iran has to control all middle East expand its territory, save Irak, Afganistán, and Syria and make it a big country, the worst nightmare to the US
Author: Nikom
This isn't Iran's "first time firing an underwater cruise missile". These are light attack submarines and it is a big deal for a midget submarine to fire sea skimming anti-ship missiles and super cavitation torpedoes. These are designed specifically for the defense of the Persian Gulf region.
Author: Dagal
Trump 2020 and beyond
Author: Daibar
Good for you Iran keep up the good work never bow down to terrorists
Author: Zusho
I must see Trump face when he laugh at obama, now look at this your troops defeted in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. How you doing crazy first class idiot Trump? 😂😂
Author: Shakasida
Maiby North Korea can help? 😐
Author: Fekazahn
I hope iranin is technology very well i love iriani people
Author: Arashirisar
ابهای دنیا و اقیانوسها و گذرگاهای جهان زیر نظر ایران و تحت کنترل ایران است
Author: Tojami
Cime on iran
Author: Kazicage
الله اکبر به امید پیروزی نهایی بر دشمنان ایران و اسلام.
Author: Mujas
Bad news for US aircraft carriers 😃
Author: Gale
Good cartoon losers
Author: Akinomuro
Good one Iran; from South Africa
Author: Zubei
Author: Mikajas
Lol its only cruise missile its should be icbm fired from your submarines like the ohio ssbn!
Author: Kagrel
Mashallah iran
Author: Taum
I wish Iran try some thing let USA wipe dem out clean clean
Author: Kesho
Good work 💪💪👏👏👏👍💪💪👍💪💪
Author: Tozilkree
به نظر من حال که دشمنان و نوکران انها با دلار های خود فشار به سفره مردم میاورند بهتر نیست انها را با قدرت نظامی گوش مالی دهید ‌انها دارند زره زره با فشار اقتصادی و تحریم اقتصاد ما را بحرانی میکنند .الان موقع گوش مالی این امارت و سعودی پدر سوخته است
Author: Damuro
Example from Iraq's
Author: Guramar
Hail Iran.
Author: Gojind
Awesome. Good job
Author: Kajigore
Too bad American citizens are being dragged into Zionists war by force, at least they have freedom😂😂😂
Author: Meztijora
Long life lRAN
Author: Tojaran
Anyone takes a shot at a US Aircraft Carrier it would be the end of that country in short time. I suggest we just all get along.
Author: Kajikazahn
Your leaders will bring Destruction like WW2 Berlin to your home.
Author: Zusho
Is this a prank haha
Author: Vozshura
Been there done that 🇺🇸
Author: Mull
Shia superpower
Author: Fenrinos
Author: Kacage
It will be the day when the Mullahs there would say when asked by the press where is IRAN and they would reply, "I RAN when I saw the Americans bombing."
Author: Douzilkree
Iran = Lion
Author: Tejar
God is great Iran is great forever blessed love from Jamaica
Author: Shajas
Thank you America for all the sanctions against us. Without your brutally sanctions we could never learn to be independently. Bravo 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷
Author: Fenrikazahn
Iran the best!
Author: Dakinos
Gulf of Mexico here we come
Author: Mujind
Author: Megul
Must be some old Russian hardware because we all know inbred mooslims cant change a light bulb
Author: Yoktilar
Geo iran islam ka haqeqi chera h khuda unki hifazat frmae
Author: Kagalabar
So Iran now has submarine launched cruise missiles and stealth fighters; it is ready to fight the USA. Let's the game begin. The ball is in your court, Iran.
Author: Mikagar
here in mexico we hate usa
Author: Zulkilar
we never fear death or dying, this is a msg frm persian ppl to world, we live in these lands for more than 12k yrs ago n we made first empire in around da world about 6k yrs ago when there was no Roma no Greece n even no Jesus, in all long time frm past to now other countries try to beat our country but as u know n all ppl know n also all history stories said we fight against em n fucked em, we won't war but never forget this we also never let ur soldiers walk in our cities n our streets, we want world in peace but if some ppl tryna make some problem for our ppl or our countrey we gonna punish em so hard, u guys can learn frm history, we made civilization for human, our ppl lived in their Palace when other ppl was looking for food n water our ppl had scientists n knowledge, that's how we lived here for more than 12k yrs ago, be caution when u talk about persia n Persian ppl we won't see bloody rain but it doesn't mean we can't make bloody rain in earth, we respect all ppl around da world n all others mini/big culture n we want they respect us too, we don't fear of wars or watchin blood our ppl saved this country frm past to now by their blood n their sons n daughters life, if u give love u'll get it too n if u give hate u'll get hate. I just invite all of u to study history books n watch how persian ppl made change everythings around da history then u Will get who rly em are. Long live great Persia (🇮🇷) long live Persian ppl
Author: Mezishakar
The persa empire is coming back
Author: Nikonos
Well done Iranian...
Author: Kagashicage
Alhamdolillah. Keep preparing. We will be joining forces soon under leadership of Imam Al Mahdi. Love from Pakistan.
Author: Arashidal
Author: Doukus
قدرت نظامی کشور عزیزمون باعث افتخاره
Author: Zolosar
super iran
Author: JoJodal
In a shooting war , U.S. aircraft carriers in the strait of hormus will not stand a chance of few hundred of iranian anti-ship missiles from iranian landbase
Author: Galar
God save the world from USA. From a Englishman...
Author: Vokus
ماشاالله.اقتدار بیش از پیش ایران آرزوی توده مردم همیشه یگانه ایران.سربلند وپابرجا باشید.
Author: Gujas
More nuklear power for iran
Author: Vudozil
Author: Sanos
All this game of show Iran. Remember their those who have what unseen. Don't try to make any clam of power. You will go down...
Author: Dujin
Amazingly the sanctions seem to help the country to be self reliance. Wow learned to depand on its own people and resources. They made good out of the situation designed to create a condition to force the government to accept ..... so sanctions could actually be good for the country after all... can be an opportunity to see inwards .....
Author: Doucage
Go IRAN! Greetings from PORTUGAL

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