Virginia Beach vice mayor: Im numbed

22.06.2019   |   by Dugore

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Author: Zugor
Soon we'll be in the market for bulletproof clothing
Author: Dunris
When a gov worker snaps you know something wrong. R.i.p to all affected damn..
Author: Tajin
Wonder what religion this terrorist is 🤔 oh they didn’t say the word terrorist so it must be a Jesus loving crazy person or a lone wolf.
Author: Tolar
It's okay because the president has already given his condolences
Author: Voodooktilar
Don't make the Black kids angry.
Author: Vokinos
Legalize Pot
Author: Gajinn
First off my condolences to the victims and the victim's families who were unfortunately affected by this tragic act of violence. I hope we as a country can come together soon, have dialogue, and find solutions to prevent more violence like this from happening.
Author: Jujin
There was a car meet going on near by
Author: Mazushicage
Black? City workers 90% black
Author: Grozil
The responsibility falls on all the Fake News........
Author: Dujar
Another 3000 children were murdered today in the name of choice … where is the outrage?
Author: Moogubar
I thought the building has metal detectors? What happened? I’m praying for the victims and their families🙏🏼
Author: Shaktirisar
These mass shootings have got to be stopped somehow!! Stricter gun control laws NEED to be in place. You can't tell me that being able to go to walmart and allowing anybody to buy a gun should be legal in the times we're living. This is so upsetting. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families of the victims of this horrible act.
Author: Fejin
Prayers for the victim so sad this morning news
Author: Tet
Author: Darr
but In the Heat of emotion the mayor answered questions that the Press will use to milk the story by creating divisions among political lines and any other lines they can. the mayor will be characterized as Cavalier by some as Weak by others, security at the building and gun control laws will be used as political bludgeons. and once again guess who will be behind all the b* **** editorialized twisted story. you guessed it the progressive left. assuming that the city employee had no religious affiliations ties to Islam, the left will suggest without any evidence that the families and friends of the victims and concerned citizens a racist for assuming that this could be an act of Islamic terrorism. unfortunately,, gun control, islamophobia, Trump being a polarizing figure will all be woven into narrative so that the left and their lackeys the media can use this tragedy as more cannon fodder for the 2020 election
Author: Kazrasar
Shooter DeWayne Craddock
Author: Dirg
Maybe you should report on gangstalking, organized harrassment, Stasi tactics used to create shooters in order to scare the populace into surrendering more rights.
Author: Faelabar
where is castle?
Author: Mozuru
OVER 12,000 men are persecuted to the point of suicide by the family courts every year in America over illegally imposed "child support" … where is the outrage? I would trade the lives of every corrupt judge in America to save just one of those wrongfully persecuted men.
Author: Mataur
False flag
Author: Meztijora
Never see mass shooting at a gun range.
Author: Kazinris
Folks need to grow stones and deal with life.. no need to take away someone's mom and dad
Author: Kell
These elected officials wouldn't know tragedy if it was banging their wife and pouring sugar in their gas tank.
Author: Maull
Author: Maugal
Just imagine if there would have been more armed citizens there
Author: Zulkikinos
Meh! Is the USA nothing New!
Author: Taugrel
Author: Jujin
US needs to wake up. This happens once or twice a week.
Author: Shaktiramar
Mk ultra they should stop
Author: Dajas
I was about to drive Down to Virginia Beach
Author: Bajin
White people act like the pressure of a boring life is insurmountable. How about the life of the disabled? How about the trials our ancestors fought to produce us?
Author: Fenrinris
Just Send Virginia Beach some Blessing Please.
Author: Yozshur
Honestly shootings arent even that shocking anymore seeing how we have so many.
Author: Tojar
HAHAHAHAH I WAS NUMBED ALSO WHEN I FOUND OUT THIS------------------->DEWAYNE CRADDOCK listed information about a Virginia Beach resident named DeWayne Craddock as being 40 years old and having a birthday on Oct. 15, 1978. It lists him as a Black registered Democrat and Christian who is married BLACK MAN REGISTERED DEMOCRAT THATS ALL I NEED TO KNOW
Author: Vudosho
My heart and prayers go out to the victims and their families ❤️🙏
Author: Gujora
There's nothing we can do says the only country where this happens regularly
Author: Yozshuran
However bad the shooter thinks his life was, it wasn't bad enough to take the lives of other people. They keep saying he was disgruntled. The shooter was obviously insane.
Author: Nir
That's insane were not even safe on vacation
Author: Voodootaur
America sucks lol
Author: Disar
Author: Kile
That poor gun man must have been mentally ill ... my heart goes out to his family
Author: Shagis
Amazing another mass shooting when are we gonna do things to help prevent these things from happening at all and so frequently
Author: Faer
I do security for a living. Security needs to get paid more, and have background checks. This could of been prevented!
Author: Faesida
loving each other will help this nation
Author: Kak
I love the professional lady carrying the gun at 00:31
Author: JoJogis
To know things like this always occur hundreds of years ago and could be worse than shootings like these.The media sure is dangerous and power.
Author: Faenris
I pass by thier all the time 😔😔😭😭i live in Maryland scary hear something like this will happen
Author: Dazahn
city employee? what is that?
Author: Mezinris
People are assaulted, robbed, and murdered every day in Norfolk. The only newsworthy parts are that multiple people were killed at once and it happened in Virginia Beach. At least the cops in Virginia Beach had enough guts to stop the shooter. If this happened in Norfolk, the police there are so cowardly they wouldn't have even responded.
Author: Vinris
Forced vacinnations,wifi,GMO food,CHEMTRAILS,flouridated water, eugenics,BPA/BPE everthing,HAARP, not doing enough to keep the sheeple down?
Author: Kilkis
Man I used to live in Virginia on a naval base not far from Virginia Beach. Yorktown Naval Weapon Station to be exact. Thoughts and prayers for the victims family of this sad tragedy. I can’t understand people especially those who takes other people life’s.
Author: Brajar
Umm, is there no security or cameras
Author: Kigashakar
If you're human being treat other people with kindness especially if you're in government services, we are human first citizen second
Author: Kejar
Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims family 🙏🙏🙏
Author: Vulrajas
especially before they go bezirk
Author: Nikokora
Call it for what it is!!!
Author: Mikagore
Be indifferent until it happens to you.
Author: Nabei
Bet they wish now they had somebody with a concealed pistol in there. Oh wait. Gun free zone. Works so well huh
Author: Meztiktilar
Who done it?
Author: Darg
It's time for a national conversation on black crime wildly out of proportion. Blacks commit 75% of all mass shootings and it's never talked about. Blacks commit well north of 53% all murders and they are barely over 10% of the population. 400 blacks just rampaged through Baltimore and it never even made national news.
Author: Kelkree
God have Mercy!🙏 RIP😭😭
Author: Yosho
Climate Change, Gun Shootings, Pollution, And So on.. Why Was I born this period of time Sigh...
Author: Maull
These things are happening to a wonderful country like this because they have turned their backs against God and full the land of pure immoral activities, homosexuality, child pornography, gambling, partying, holloween, ungodliness, God out of schools, God out the government systems, the only source of hope and protection, JESUS CHRIST, they do not want HIM. Is like driving a car without brakes and expect the vehicle to stop in an emergency case or situation. No God, no protection, it is just that simple.
Author: Sharamar
I am so done and so done with yet another shooting
Author: Tebei
kinda surprised he’s black. the country has stereo typed white shooters so much but damn rip
Author: Moogumuro
Anglos is called Terrorist attacks .... stop defending your Anglo xtian shooters.
Author: Juramar
This land is cursed. It's only the beginning.
Author: Mazunris
So convenient the mayor was at a wedding
Author: Kagazilkree
False flag or fake news
Author: Kazragar
Don't worry no one died but a lot of people got paid a lot of money to play along with this hoax.
Author: Grom
We are living in the age of deception and the World is a stage now! Crisis actors do exist look up and human domain solutions!
Author: Kigashura
Another attempt by the left to try to take away peoples guns i bet.
Author: Mim
The government is bheind it people wake up stop being cowards and shoot back
Author: Gushura
Why is an "urban carry holster" commercial coming up during this video??? Bad call YouTube!!!... "Clear the shirt, draw the firearm"
Author: Shaktir
This is so sad and never ending. The addition of a silencer is chilling. I can't imagine being at work, then realizing there's a hunter in the building. It could happen to any of us, anywhere, anytime.
Author: Akinorg
Hello hello hello is there anybody in there?
Author: Kajikinos
Shooter is identified as DeWayne Craddock. Mainstream media trying to slip this under the rug LOL.
Author: Tygoktilar
False flags.
Author: Tot
every other week now huh
Author: Shaktiramar
Black shooter? Surprised they're reporting.
Author: Vulkree
Omg. This is terrible. My deepest condolences por the families. 😔😔😔😔
Author: Nejora
This lady is asking the most asinine questions , it's like she is snacking on chips while throwing questions that come to her.
Author: Shakashakar
Many people have memories of Myrtle Beach, of curse. Tourism. My God, it is getting crazier and crazier.
Author: Kasho
If you come to Texas be prepared. Fathom that.
Author: Akinotaur
Again... 😔
Author: Shaktigami
Maybe the rapid police response was because it was a drill, baby, drill...You know, to distract from the impended #GreatAwakening ?
Author: Doumi
How much time did he say it’s
Author: Voodoodal
No one wants to pay for or even talk about proper security measures for facilities like this. Today’s tabloid news entities love it though.
Author: Akigor
It's sad be careful people!
Author: Tugul
God have MERCY on us all 🙏
Author: Mauk
its all about gun control
Author: Fezilkree
America has become a guerrilla war zone.
Author: Tukinos
Mass shooters would not exist if the USA had banned guns
Author: Meztihn
its amazing how the world has changed over the last decade even. Its sad....
Author: Marn
What is the motive? was he on any metal health medication? Why aren't employees armed so they can protect themselves? Was this a gun-free zone again? This is a very sand occurrence.
Author: Tezilkree
This kingdom is falling
Author: Samukinos
Couldn't have done it without the friggin' gun.
Author: Musar
Apocalypse is coming
Author: Mikazilkree
"Just because we check the guns at the door
Author: Shanos
Another day in the US.
Author: Vilabar
Shooter was a black male armed with a handgun. Politicians and anti-gun activists will forget about this by tomorrow.
Author: Zushura
I don't understand why more people are not packing
Author: Groramar
Completely staged event.
Author: Gojinn
A kindergartner could have asked better questions than this anchor.
Author: Vizragore
Keep an eye in Va Beach VA, to see how many all of a sudden magically pay off their home mortgages..
Author: Gardadal
Omg is scary
Author: Golrajas
The shooter was identified as black, this story will be gone tomorrow. My prayers for the victims and their families.
Author: JoJokus
CBS News: Is there anybody in there??
Author: Doubei
I wonder if the piglet guy is on his way yet.
Author: Vugar
I don't feel anything.
Author: Kajira
There is something off and different about the public reactions of these officials, they are concealing something that’s painful for them beyond the horror of what happened. It has to do with who did this... I think there is something even more horrific about this than meets the eye... it will be interesting to see who did this...
Author: Midal
Why don’t they immediately show security footage? So people can believe what happened.
Author: Aracage
-12 points from slytherin
Author: Meztikus
Author: Fejora
A humina, humina...
Author: Mijin
So how could more gun control stop this? I can't !
Author: Kajikree
#VirginiaBeachStrong decals and bumper stickers are on sale through a list of city approved vendors @
Author: Voodookora
Another truly aweful tragedy - R.I.P. Yet another home grown terrorist attack, which foreigners are you gonna blame Donald? Dreadful journalist behaviour too
Author: Faezshura
Author: Dijin
Another shooting in a "gun-free zone" .
Author: Momuro
So ridiculous people are so wrapped up in hate and politics
Author: Maura
Lastly I appreciate having the Vice Mayor on the phone but selection of questions such as "what are you feelings?" is not reporting. News should be straight and gathering of facts to build a story, not write out a dramatic story for a screenplay.
Author: Visida
The media makes so much money from these shootings. Makes you wonder...
Author: Kagadal
Oh noooo. Another [email protected]$$ shooting. Let me guess, lone wolf, a$$ault rifle, had mental problems, drill was happening the same this shooting happened? C'mon guys at least change up the same script and use better crisis actors next time. I think Sandy h00k had better trained actors..
Author: Daiktilar
"They trained dramatically"...really?
Author: Faer
The Country has become numbed to the all to common mass shootings. More money for mental health treatment needs to be allocated.
Author: Zulubar
This is why the public should be able to Conceal Carry everywhere. Police come after the shooting starts
Author: Arataxe
Metal detector? And all schools should have them as well
Author: Tadal
Bill Cooper" behold a pale horse"
Author: Aragore
pointing fingers won't help this nation
Author: Fenrilabar
Love and prayers.
Author: Vizil
Swell I guess ObMa is still pulling string for gun control, all the mind control mk ultra sound take 3 words and they on there way, sick democrat moves for the elites nwo they don't want us to be able to defend our selves!don't fall for rats who are controlled by pedophilia, anxiety as they are paid to turn The U.S. Over to the elites who now claim they are gods!
Author: Netaxe
"There's been a shooting, there's been a shooting, there's been a shooting.." Again and again and again. And you Americans afraid of my country, Mexico. The irony.
Author: Votaur
We aren't as evolved as we think we are
Author: Yozshuzuru
Anybody know the weapon used
Author: Tauzshura
Once again a gun free zone. Too bad no one there could do anything....
Author: Zolor
Virginia Beach vice mayor: "I'm numbed"
Author: Dogrel
Stupid mundane questions for an audience assumed to be on a fifth grade level.
Author: Tarn
Let us love
Author: Nikogul
Couldn't have done it without the friggin' gun.
Author: Zulumi
Please pray, but also PLEASE VOTE
Author: Voodooshakar
So sad RIP
Author: Tagul
Some of the dumbest questions I’ve ever heard from reporters on such an incident. A whole boatload of captain obvious and downright rude questions. Even the Vice Mayor was signing at the asinine nature of them. Disappointed in you CBSN.
Author: Faeshura
Very poor questioning by the news reporter. And a great lack of sympathy for a man who might have worked with some of these people from time to time
Author: Migal
On the phone. what a scam this who thing is!
Author: Shaktishakar
My heart goes out to the victims and families of this horible act.
Author: Mezizil
what is happening with the people please we need peace🙏
Author: Akisida
Its Sam Hyde he can't keep getting away with this !
Author: Akinojora
And those back ground checks prove that . . oh snap . . background checks prove nothing more than theft of peoples money and personal private information does NOTHING TO STOP REAL CRIME . . but hey, theft at all levels is fine when the state does it. Do NOT fall the reporters and the thin blue lines STORY - they are partly responsible for this attack in many ways and they're giving their side of this story - ONLY. This 'shooter' had a reason, the MSN and blue line union will do their best to hide anything and everything about that, though. So much for all that bullet proof glass, metal detectors, body scanners and abundance of police with all of their expensive crap to separate the public from them and their JOBS. Keep up what you're doing, it isn't hard to understand history has a way of repeating against these types of JOBS...
Author: Faejora
Author: Shaktisar
What a shame.
Author: Akik
I'm guessing more gun laws that don't work are in the making now.
Author: Gunris
Why is there so many shootings
Author: Mikak
Outstanding job of VA Beach PD for the rapid response and immediate action unlike Parkland, Las Vegas, etc.
Author: Kakasa
this interviewer should lose her job. the mayor of a city that has experienced a horrific violence tragedy what do you dance in damage has not been fully assessed PBS the who what when where and why. Hoosier State of Mind what does it say about the future of gun laws have family been notified. these questions are carefully chosen so that a political fight continue after the fact Beast bond with a video characterized as in sets of responses Etc. the mayor should put it on this one that said this is a horrible tragedy. My heart goes out to the victims, as well as their friends. I have faith that the men and women in state local and Federal law enforcement branches we'll work together to do the best investigations possible. please excuse me as I have urgent matters to attend to. we will release additional information when it becomes available..
Author: Tora
I thought Peter put James woods in a box somewhere
Author: Arashizuru
You're lovin' on the psychopath sitting next to you
Author: Darisar
this is a problem that we all have to be responsible for
Author: Makus
Doesn't mean our brains will change from hand grenades
Author: Shazahn
They won't mention it was a black guy
Author: Shamuro
You live by the gun, you die by the gun so said my lord jesus christ. Everybody have guns now
Author: Dounos
Gun control issues, racial aspect, better mental health care, thoughts and prayers, etc, etc............
Author: Zolotilar
:09 cop putting on vest gotta big ol’ smile on his face!!! FAKE SHOOTING ALERT
Author: Gojinn
RIP those that died. God bless to those that survive them.
Author: Mijora
Tragic but what was the motive? He get fired? Pension cut?
Author: Nigul
Really surprised they are still talking about this since it doesnt fit the narrative of a white conservative male shooting up people
Author: Faegal
Please start teaching your children values and they will use them throughout life. Then we wont have to worry about this...stop blaming guns or weapons in general for what people do with them. Its just a very very dumb way to look at things. Put more guns on the streets with people who are brought up with values and the world will be a very very safe place. Trust me ive been around them literally since i was born and ive made it 31 years without any problems. Guns good, dumb ignorant peaple bad....
Author: Dumi
When government services the police department treat people like ship it pushes people off to the edge especially when they watch national and International news
Author: Nekazahn
I live in Portsmouth,Va and this was NOT a false flag event. It unfortunately ACTUALLY took place and people lost loved ones. Think about that before you stand on your soapbox and spew your thoughts related to this incident.
Author: JoJogrel
Hi numbed, I'm dad.
Author: Tojas
Dwane cradock, not sure how to spell it, but it’s a black dude and that’s not mentioned once, but they scream police brutality, white supremaces, But I actually think it is minority sympathy u focks
Author: Mezigami
OMG! the shooter is black where's the outrage?! imagine the shooter is white it would been a different story
Author: Kazragore
Imagine asking about policy when the bodies are still warm on the floor
Author: Dizilkree
Author: Meztizshura
'How does that make you feel' she always trying to cash in on the the damn story not opinions
Author: Kar
Gun free zones are easy targets for psychopaths.
Author: Faesar
Life in America... As politicians sit and do nothing. Waiting for the next mass shooting. Sad but true.
Author: Nishura
She's a cop!
Author: Yozshull
DeWayne Din Doo Nuffin Craddock.
Author: Nishakar
Move on. The shooter is dead. Move on. Nothing to see here. Back to business plz.
Author: Zuluzuru
You're lovin' on the murderer sitting next to you" TOP - Heathens.
Author: Nigal
Food in the U.S. is poison. It causes psychosis. His colleagues behaved too defiantly. He bought automatic weapons and punished everyone. When he did what he wanted, he let the police do their job. He was an American patriot.
Author: Tygotaxe
Wow, those gun free zone laws are working so well... oh wait...
Author: Vudogor
Is it kind of American culture killing the people just if we are angry !!!
Author: Grogis
Hampton roads is definitely in need of exposure for the way they treat their employees here.
Author: Doujas
What we should do is bring in all the warmongers in DC and let them clean up.
Author: Doukora
When the government works for the super rich and not middle class and poor, there is more and more stress. I think all this stress is causing a lot of the shootings and I don't guess there is a limit to how many die before a lot of people realize we need to try some gun laws and get the war guns out. If anyone needs these guns, go to war. Then you can get it for free and sleep with it. NO ONE wants to take ALL the guns!
Author: Dak
The shooter was ex employee sam hyde,
Author: Daizahn
False flag
Author: Sajin
Seems like gun control is getting a lot of people killed
Author: Faejar
Active Shooter Drill
Author: JoJor
Wait isnt that a gun free zone silly badguy he didnt know the law
Author: Nakus
These events will never be prevented when good people are defenseless so lets make us more defenseless. Hmm An officer once told my brother that all they do is clean up messes. That's the ugly truth. Arm up America
Author: Maukora
My friends dad partner died they worked at the minincupal center he got shot right in the side of the head
Author: Nikus
Those questions are terrible.
Author: Tujar
Author: Mezil
It will be off the news tomarrow,cause it was a black shooter
Author: Samulabar
IDK much about Virginia, but they do have to improve their security, as terror and horrifyin acts worsen each time.
Author: Sadal
Author: Fauzahn
Big deal. Moving along.
Author: Vogore
I Feel So Sad 😥!! For The Man Parents And What They're Going Through!! If He Got Mental Illness!! Why Didn't They Go And Get Help For Him!! Also Where Did He Get The Gun 🔫!! It's Just A ( Lost Of Live ) The Southen States Needs To Undue With The Guns Al Together. People Should Strart Marching On Capital D.C.

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