US-China trade talks: Enforcement mechanism still the biggest obstacle?

07.06.2019   |   by Zurisar

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Comments "US-China trade talks: Enforcement mechanism still the biggest obstacle?":

Author: Kazikree
for ordinary people nothing good, walk away.
Author: Gardagal
Have faith in your abilities.🏩
Author: Golabar
Capitalism, still trying!
Author: Tura
Economy elastis
Author: Faukinos
Save the planet! Stop Reproducing NOW!
Author: Julabar
F*** it! I've heard enough let's leave NATO close the border get rid of healthcare put everyone in a charter school issue everybody a handgun not require driver's licenses or insurance do away with the tax system for everyone and let every politician have a 12 year term f*** it let them have three twelve year terms abolish any other party except Democrats and Republicans and that way we know the b* **** is just that b* **** and everybody can finally be happy.... As far as thatwall goes I say we dig a trench from sea to Sea and fill it with sharks with frickin laser beams on their heads!
Author: Fetilar
Without hard work nothing grows but weed.
Author: Daikree
😊You are awesome
Author: Shakamuro
MY, how can CHINA keep paying HUNTER BIDDEN big $$$
Author: Shaktim
China is just going to out wait trump. We have the money and ways to make up for trade loss. Stupid yankee is in decline no matter what
Author: Tygogrel
But But But it's easy to win trade wars trump said so.
Author: Goltisar
Capitalisim. Cause, bourgeoisie have nothing better to do!
Author: Zulkijin
Author: Nezshura
✅✅You are great.
Author: Kagazuru
If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.
Author: Kigajas
Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.
Author: Kagagami
She has blond roots and they go down into her head
Author: Moogulrajas
NO TRADE with China is the best deal. We eliminate the overwhelming slice of our trade deficits, we collapse the economy of our biggest rival and we restart American Industrialism.
Author: Dot
do you think china would sacrifice its trade relation with US, if US deeply wants (by CIA pentagon wallstreet) regime change, instead of pretending asking on economic structural change in china ??.
Author: Garisar
NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) a simple Google search
Author: Dak
Like the energizer bunny!
Author: Mezigul
🏕My goal is to reach 100k this year.⚡
Author: Bratilar
🌟Believe in your self.
Author: Kajirn
Where is the arrogance tone from the American many months ago wanted to bring China to their knees ?? Why wanted the deal with China if US had so much leverage ?? Just stop trade with China and see who come to their knees...I guess Trump already making private call to President Xi for the deal to strike as he don't have too much time play around with the Chinese ..2020 election coming soon..
Author: JoJodal
I love how FOX mocks NATO and speaks benevolently about it when they know full well that NATO exists because we created it!!
Author: Shaktilmaran
✔Look at the brighter side of things
Author: Kazijind
You are never too old to set another goal
Author: Makasa
China is building economic relationships around the world while USA is bombing countries around the world. Who do you really think is going to win the trade war?
Author: Tezilkree
We should not give up and we should not allow the problem to defeat us.
Author: Mikaktilar
Did she just call it the north american trade organization??? Wow obviously an education isn't a job requirement at fox
Author: Tosar
Socialism, fails evertime.
Author: Vorr
Stuck in a quagmire, and don't even have to leave the farm!
Author: Shakajora
💞Stay awesome💞 wish me luck🤩
Author: Malazahn
💝Whoever sees this remember.
Author: Vull
Just increase the tariff first. China is just trying to delay and buy more time.
Author: Dougor
🌞Have a great year!
Author: Malanos
Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.
Author: Shaktit
Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest letter.
Author: Zolorg
Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.
Author: Duzahn
China has to run a clean fair economy it one country after another will leave doing business with them loosen trust

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