Thomas Sowell Destroys Affirmative Action in 2 minutes

29.05.2019   |   by Kibei

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Comments "Thomas Sowell Destroys Affirmative Action in 2 minutes":

Author: Daizshura
A tremendous person with a tremendous mind.  I give him more credibility then almost any other living economist because he was a self proclaimed Marxist who then changed to the free market theories after he worked as an intern for the US government in the early 60s.  Can't get much more relevant then that.
Author: Maramar
This man fully understands that education and career education matters far more than cramming POC into jobs just to "feel good"
Author: Mikacage
This comment section provides evidence that the American education system may need improving.
Author: Dole
Thanks to Affirmative Action - blacks are still fighting the SAME fight as when this video was recorded - no progress whatsoever - as a majority group I mean.
Author: Zolonris
I have been learning more about Dr Sowell and the more I listen, the more I respect this guy. I will be devouring some of his books this year...
Author: Dudal
He never says it needs more work and hasn't had a good word for the program in his life. You should watch and read more of Dr. Sowell. He completely calls for its elimination elsewhere and has had this stance for decades.
Author: Akigal
Should the son or daughter of Jessie Jackson who is worth in the millions, why should he get preference in an university admission and even have his scores bumped up in points over some European America or Asian American for that matter in a position that comes from a background that's far poorer than Jessie Jackson. That's racism.
Author: Tygozil
How much more?, and what exactly?
Author: Nikosida
AA simply cannot work in a competitive environment or capitalist economy. No amount of policies can fix greed, lifestyle cliques or the simple desire to put your family & friends 1st over strangers.
Author: Brazshura
Thomas Sowell an American treasure.
Author: Gromuro
he makes such good points. im truly amazed i have never heard of him before this.
Author: Yozshujind
Author: Arashicage
Author: Tekus
Thomas Sowell is one of the greatest economists of this era. He has done revolutionary work.  Especially in the economics of US minorities. His current work is out of the prestigious Hoover Institute STANFORD UNIVERSITY. His scholarship is undeniable and his analysis impeccable. He is seen on Fox news because Fox news  asks him to comment on issues. Other news outlets like MSNBC, NPR, ABC, NBC,CBS BBC …….. are too leftist to even ask his opinion. If one wants to know what the past and present data implies about People of Color and Minimum Wage, Unions, Racism etc… One is well advised to begin with a Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams literature search. The silly comments against his statistical  work and ignorant comments about his actual scholarship is the work of Well known Trolls like Richard Riley and should not be taken seriously. Sowells work is published in PEER reviewed journals. His integrity is above reproach.
Author: Dikinos
The real crime in the U.S. is being poor.  I see a class war more than a race war.
Author: Douzahn
Affirmative action will always be a slippery slope which seems to do more harm than good. I'm in South Africa which is the only country where AA was used to right the wrongs against the majority. Well 21 yrs on, & the very same things have happened. The majority of the Blacks who are benefitting were already privileged in some way (including through corruption); & those that were prepared or received extra support (personal) to climatize (lifestyle; new economic LSM levels; etc.). The losers remain the underdogs who struggled for the so called freedom in the 1st place. All of this at the expense of competence as well. 
Author: Kakus
what are you talking about? he completely contradicts the whole idea!
Author: Gagal
This man is incredibly well read & articulate. I could listen to him read a phone book & be in awe. Great clip, thanks.
Author: JoJonris
Affirmative action is racist against minorities. As a minority, it's basically Uncle Sam telling me "you can't succeed without my help because you're not white."
Author: Godal
Affirmative action is institutionalized racism. And, as with almost every idea of government origin that has ever existed, it is a failure. Shocked.
Author: Dailabar
The hood will not even exist if all blacks are like him. He has alleviated the reputation of the whole race
Author: Nem
affirmative action might explain where all the done sorority chicks for coming from

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