The real problem with NAFTA, explained

10.06.2019   |   by Tygozuru

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Author: Mazukree
Author: Zulabar
This guy didn't really explain anything
Author: Mishura
It would be insanely difficult to withdraw from NAFTA because the tentacles are already woven within the system. Is that an excuse for not pulling out? Oh it's already done alot of damage so we might as well just let it keep doing damage.
Author: Sharr
There is not a single country on earth that became an industrial powerhouse while practicing free trade. Free Trade is great for the high-tech exporting country, and great for the elites of labor-intensive work in poorer countries. Free trade stymies industrial growth in poorer nations and is used to break up worker solidarity in rich nations.
Author: Fehn
Canada is only 2% of our economy we're 36 % of theirs.
Author: Taunris
You don't sound as if you have a full command of the facts about and effects of NAFTA on the US workforce.
Author: Meshakar
Here's a problem ,the Mexican worker makes 65¢ an hour, they can't afford to buy products and we can't compete with 65¢ an hour
Author: Shaktikus
Wow this "explanation" is all emotion and colors.
Author: Dilar
Trade would go on with or without NAFTA. WTO still sets low tariffs. The actual gains from "free trade" are pretty small. Corporations would weep bitter tears, for strategic reasons. The neoliberal orthodoxy would be on the rocks. That would be a plus, of course.
Author: Fenribar
Rather simplistic look at NAFTA.
Author: Tygomi
Seems like you don't really understand the issue. Maybe you should have done a bit more research before releasing this video?
Author: Jubar
32 States list Canada as their main export. Killing NAFTA will have repercussions on both sides.....
Author: Tadal
Garbage video
Author: Dit
God bless NAFTA, the greatest treaty in history!!
Author: Vuzshura
680,000 jobs lost isnt a job killing nightmare?
Author: Shaktikree
where are those cheaper goods at? and yeah, screw those dumb southerners huh
Author: Zuzshura
Much too complicated an issue for a 2 minute wrap up.
Author: Gole
Don't believe the rich man's lies
Author: Vok
This is nowhere near the standard of videos you've been putting out over the years. The production quality went up, the content has lessened.
Author: Shaktira
Gieb Paddy Hirsz with great explanations how markets works and GTFO
Author: Dugrel
You truly are one clueless dude! You must live in a bubble to not realize how these trade deals tore apart communities. Wow!
Author: Bralar
This is a classic stupid PC video. I can tell when you use a some third rate actor.
Author: Dougis
Yes it was
Author: Zulull
We lost more then we took in,the only ones that benefited was the corporations, it literally put small buinness under,if you lived before nafta you know the effect it had on our econmy.

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