The miseries of Mumbai bar dancers

18.06.2019   |   by Zubei

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Comments "The miseries of Mumbai bar dancers":

Author: Samushicage
pls open the bear bar ITS SHAN OF MUMBAI
Author: Kigale
What they have problems with dance bar?
Author: Yozshulabar
Their children enjoy with public money but what dance bar family should eat?
Author: Juzahn
historic verdict from supreme court , dance bars are not illegal
Author: Goltilar
I like bear bar
Author: Aragar
Indian political leaders are shit and fuck them all.
Author: Nikogis
dance bar chalu rahne chahiye kyun ki isse balatkar aur mahila ki chedkhani rukeji.
Author: Bralar
Court Verdict is happy but should ensure women dancers's safety
Author: Zolozil
open dance bar  all over  in India    let  indian  girls    Womens   children  dance  we  need  this    and  indian government  should  allow all ages to drink alcohol .  we  indian want to  be  same  like  foreign.    and  legalize prostitution   too  it  is  part  of  our  human   nature.  All indian politician involve  in these  things  so  shouldn't we .
Author: Malataxe
fuck  indian  culture  fuck  indian  custums    fuck  law,  who follow  these  damn .
Author: Daigami
bar girls are excellent.
Author: Jurr
I like bear bar

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