Syrian rebels claim Assad forces massacre 85 in Damascus

19.06.2019   |   by Mooguran

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Comments "Syrian rebels claim Assad forces massacre 85 in Damascus":

Author: Kalkree
.Сирия. Дарайя. Удар с юга. (ч.1 Сахнайя) . - /watch?v=-MjSlM2Rr4M
Author: Mizil
Who wants to know the true information - see newsanna - /user/newsanna?feature=watch
Author: Nirisar
Euronews, you're not journalists, you liars!
Author: Shaktigul
Muslims and westerners do so much killing and lying, all your news is less credible than a loony toons cartoon.
Author: Samuzuru
why would army kill their own people unless u r rebel who lies all the time
Author: Goltijas
.Ранение и эвакуация солдата сирийской армии при наступлении в Дарайе. - /watch?v=9mBngMh7LVw
Author: Jubei
Go learn to journalists at Nevsanna.

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