Some parts of the body were actually flown back to Riyadh

12.07.2019   |   by Meztikasa

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Comments "Some parts of the body were actually flown back to Riyadh":

Author: Gardarg
Saudi’s are admitting not because they are good Muslim or love allah but because they are conoured by Turkey .All the lies they told were exposed by Turkey
Author: Dorisar
Is the way the keepers of the two mosque behave. The Muslim world should speak up. By the way I am also a Muslim.
Author: Zugar
North Korea is looking more and more better compared to Saudi Arabia animals
Author: Dugami
What is dreadful is what president of lran said, it does not make sense at all the system be part of all such horrific acts to a journalist in the consulate. How can a system commit huge resources to commit murder in another country in such unprofessional way to which everything went unexpectedly wrong revealing foolish and illogic techniques uses by those sent MBS to kill kashoggi. Driven by emotion with an urge to kill rather than use of humane techniques, shows how the monarch leaders could instantly sent their country to war even at the slightest provocations.
Author: Shaktijora
Was the order 'bring me the head of Jamal Khashoggi' ?
Author: Dilkis
Trump should stop backing Saudi Arabia and their unrelenting slaughter in Yemen.
Author: Zulurg
Saudis must emigrate to North Korea ASAP !!!
Author: Nikorr
Actually cutting body to parts is some thing traditional to them they get these genes from grand grandfather's (biny aumia) they used this way of torturing and humiliating their victims body . So it's normal behaviour for them .Mecca and AlMadena must run by Islamic organisation not by these criminals.
Author: Shakticage
Knowing how a dictator acts. Kashoggi’s head,balls and heart is with the prince as trophy
Author: Torr
Prince Joffrey ordered for this man’s head, simple as that
Author: JoJotaur
Saudi Arabia is the mother of ISIS, all ISIS ideas and doctrines were born and taught in SA , when MBS says bring me his head he literally means it! They are all terrorists, in mentality before behavior. Yet the US government chooses to take SA as a friend and Iran as an enemy!
Author: Yozahn
The the Saudi Arabia is where the two holliest places of Islam is located but the people who runs that country are corrupted, dispicable and thugs.can you imagine torturing, killing and dismembering his body and who is doing all that, is the people who call themselves"the custodians of Mecca and medina"
Author: Kajiramar
"Bring me the head of the Dog" Sick!
Author: Juzahn
Private parts for Prince to chew down
Author: Zulkilrajas
The death of one man is tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.
Author: Dosida
Their are a number of useful Constitutional Monarchies that are perfect fine and even useful for their peoples. However, this autocratic Monarchial systems have GOT TO GO!, it's the 21st Century People. The Saudi Monarchy must be overthrown, too much power in to few hands, bloody hands.
Author: Zulutilar
I believe most body parts is taken back to Saudi. May be the abdomen parts is damped or even given to dogs in turkey. What a barbaric act. And this is ok so long you have money you can do it. More disturbing birds with same feather fly together- his very close friends like the bucher of eritrea has been doing the same thing for 27 years. Every critic be it journalist dissident clergy student biusiness men have been elliminated while isayas spreads rumors that they are in castody incommunicado for over 2 decades.
Author: Zura
Bunch of despicable people who think death is only a choice. Your individual deaths will be worse than Khashoggi's.
Author: Kell
Mister Bone Saw wanted Khashoggi's head as a sick medieval barbaric trophy; a warning to any other critics of his evil regime. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Author: Male
Mohammed bone saw is millimeters away from joining Saddam Hussein. The only thing that's keeping him from going is Trump's mood. Everyone else is ready to say goodbye.

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