Snowstorm to Hit West of Calgary Alberta on Saturday May 3, 2014

15.07.2019   |   by Menos

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Comments "Snowstorm to Hit West of Calgary Alberta on Saturday May 3, 2014":

Author: Gardak
Thanks Frankie, really awesome to know!!
Author: Zulum
Good for Calgary. They deserve it
Author: Jumi
gonna  share this movie with my family and friends in calgary on the facebook...thanks Frankie!
Author: Mezil
I must've missed this, but I can't see how as I was home that weekend, and it wasn't as you said. I think you have some problems.
Author: Arashira
You need to speak louder, fella.
Author: Kagamuro
Ahah this is awesome like why are you on a highway
Author: Zolokree
where do u get ur info frankie?. its amazing.
Author: Nirisar
499 videos! Video number 500 coming soon! Keep it up Frankie!!!!
Author: Tygokazahn
Why doesn't he cover locations with many people like oh I don't know? NEW YORK!
Author: Taurisar
Your wrong frank sry
Author: Togrel
Author: Kajinos
Cant wait for video 500!
Author: Jukus
You were wrong buddy.

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