Ron Paul: Trade Wars and Protectionism are not Free Trade 9/21/09

05.06.2019   |   by Mebei

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Comments "Ron Paul: Trade Wars and Protectionism are not Free Trade 9/21/09":

Author: Dahn
@DocUnsane No. The trade deficit is irrelevant. It is not debt. Free trade needs to be free trade. China subsidizing their exports does not matter. You have to remember that every dollar that leaves our shores causes the ones that stay in to be worth more for that period of time. The money will find its way back here consuming exported american goods. If it doesn't, even better.
Author: Gajas
@LouieArrighi Ron Paul is the only threat to the establishment and is NOT a double talker. The man has the most consistent voting record in congressional history. Just the fact that corporations do NOT throw money at him and the fact that he is OFTEN marginalized by the mainstream media is enough to tell you that he is not part of the status quo, keeping the system together for the Military Industrial Comples, the Banks, or the Federal Reserve. Real free trade is NOT what we have. We need it
Author: Doutaur
The more likely explanation is what you said earlier. They really are just naive and idealistic. Obama, for instance, really just doesn't understand the law of economics but really believes (or has been duped) Keynesianism and Isolationism are in everyones best interest and the solutions to the problems they created
Author: Shakanos
free trade needs to be a two way street... but right now it is not, try doing business in china.
Author: Taushakar
Author: Mijas
i guess i thought the fact my name is "soundmoney" fan everyone would know i was joking, but now my comment has -5 hits on it. yes, it was just joke. that's funny
Author: Kerisar
sarcasm, I hope?
Author: Shakasho
If you keep trading so much with china without any return, wont the money just get stuck within the chinese sphere of influence.?>....
Author: Sajora
Yes, it is a form or corporatism; However, it does keep skilled people employed and it does protect a necessary industry. Pollution controls can be mandated too
Author: Faulabar
Tariffs aren't totally bad; a tariff can be used to protect "essential" or "high tech" industries. European countries do this all the time. France and Germany still have a high-tech industrial base. Does the USA?
Author: Vozshura
One of Pauls most powerful points yet
Author: Zuluramar
Naturally, the top managers and CEO would not make the huge salaries that a similar job a the private "Capitalistic" firm; but there isn't the risk either
Author: JoJojin
Author: Samukinos
You Cant, they have insanely restrictive protectionist policies.
Author: Kagalrajas
For example a tariff on steel; with the provision that the manufacturer sell to the government first for government buildings, military vehicles, etc. (with a price determined by a formula taking into account raw material, cost of manufacture, etc.)
Author: Goltill
I love tariffs, sign that we still live in a free market
Author: Nilmaran
Yet another Fed scheme in the works. Obama, being the naive idealist that he is, fancies himself the second coming of Lincoln or FDR, so what better way to try and prove it than to plunge the nation into full-blown depression, then have his good buddy Bernanke inflate us out of it while at the same time instituting new legislation that will ensure the permanent destruction of the Constitution after the second depression ends. The Republic is dying, and tyranny is rising like never before...
Author: Muran
Yes, it is a form or corporatism; However, it does keep skilled people employed and it does protect a necessary industry. Pollution controls can be mandated too.
Author: Nashicage
@LouieArrighi We don't have free trade, we have managed trade.
Author: Sacage
I think people give the government too much credit. I doubt they are so suicidal and malevolent as to be purposefully plunging the country steadily down towards self destruction.

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