Retirement Ceremony for Army Gen. Ann E. Dunwoody, Part 1

25.06.2019   |   by Bajinn

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Author: Sataxe
Glorified pencil pusher.
Author: Yozshugul
Author: Mugul
Author: Mizil
need more infomation
Author: Gronris
SPECTACULAR PERFORMANCE AND SPEECHES.  excellent, and I was in the 4th Infantry Division (4th ID).  Prior, we wore,  General Patton's patch of Hell on Wheels, 2nd Armored Division. General Patton had dictated to wear the Patch near the Heart and not the Left Arm.  At Fort Hood, Texas, we were sad to say goodbye to being the select to wear that patch near our Heart.    Thus Hoohah, moving forward, it became the 4th Infantry Division I was a Platoon Sergeant and then honored to work at the G-6, AND TASK FORCE 21, JOINT FORCES. The Signal Soldiers worked day and night under the Direction of a Brilliant Officer Computer Geek, lol, and the Communications teams of all and those who also supported us, from the Dining Facility, S level's and G staff and all classes of supplies I, II, III, ect...Every single person from the Lowest Paid Private to the Highest paid officer, We ran like a very smooth operation in bringing Cellular to the Battlefield Commanders and Finally being able to do Video Teleconferencing.    Only after the Army tested and also combined Armed Services, the entire teams gave it a thumbs up, The  Officer's gave it the thumbs up and shot word to the Commander and Chief, hey, this is it!!!!!!!.  Now we Men can Watch the Super Bowl live, instead of waiting the next day in Asia.<<< lol...I used to love that Monday Morning off, sleeping in, and thanking the Men for getting their way, again,  lol, Just to Watch the Super Bowl.  I was like, I must watch the Super Bowl because sometimes the leaders would ask you a sport question on the board to mess with us. lol.. Like who Won at the Super Bowl this Year.  Men and Women who work together, always make the Best Teams, In, and out, the Armed services.  I have watched your Ceremony more than once and use as an Example to the Ladies,  "Who wants to go for 5 Stars?"  thanks General for your 38 years.  We do look up to you as a fine role model for all women, at all levels in society.
Author: Kajilar
Put a uniform on a puppy.
Author: Dukora
Stars on a Female? Are we trying to lose wars now?
Author: Grokazahn
Nice Army.
Author: Fejinn
Proud for you, GEN Dunwoody. And thank you for leading the way for women in the Army. Best wishes going forward, Ma’am!

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