Pittsburgh detective thinks outside the box to help foster kids

07.07.2019   |   by Voshura

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Author: Mezicage
I cry tears.  great video.
Author: Nejind
I used to be in foster care before I was in it for two years
Author: Mikazahn
(ps- I wld just Love to see an update every once in awhile if possible)
Author: Kizilkree
Author: Arashibei
The world needs more people like him. That's about as good as a human being can be. What a beautiful story.
Author: Dashicage
This video clip made me cry. 😂
Author: Mooguzshura
Sweet.. God bless you sir.
Author: Kacage
This is extraordinary. Bravo!
Author: Kazrashura
Wow, God bless the cop.
Author: Zuluramar
Detectives use one m8's eh
Author: Akinozuru
I can hear the writers in Hollywood typing up the scripts already... I just hope the Mooks get a nice chunk of change from it. 
Author: Danris
Fine man...can't help wondering why he's a confirmed bachelor...he looks more content then most married men though...
Author: Kazragami
He is so sweet we need more people like him.
Author: Faekora
May God Bless You Jack.
Author: Fenrim
Potential Oscar nomination movie right there
Author: Gagor
hats off for you man, RESPECT
Author: Dolar
Eyes are getting all watery..... 😣
Author: Fenritilar
Author: Gurg
You are more than a man , God bless. Love it
Author: Nikohn
this is what makes a man, with pun intended, he grew a pair 
Author: JoJokazahn
They even look like his sons. Don't mess this one up detective. From a father of 2 sons
Author: Kazizuru
It's raining...
Author: Daijar
"Now you get to go home and cut the grass"
Author: Groran
Author: Kigalkree
OOOOOhhhh right in the damn feels... Reddit brought me here btw..
Author: Arashakar
Thank you for rescuing those two boys from lives of despair.
Author: Zulkikazahn
… for the onions that just got chopped to dead while I was watching this video…
Author: Mikagal
Author: Tygobei
Author: Mezikasa
this is awsome. I love people who shake the time do do stuff like this.
Author: Dugis
this was beautiful :')
Author: Gojinn
damn onions
Author: Gushakar
Way to go Detective Jack Mook!
Author: Kajilar
He’s a beautiful father. My heart cries tears of joy ❤️
Author: Votaur
How come we don't see guy's like this on Ellen or Opra? He need's more recognition, and a few treats if you ask me
Author: Tami
Proof that boys respond better to a strong male role model than feminist claptrap
Author: Akikinos
God bless.
Author: Tonos
AWWWWWWWWWWWW this is sweet and yeah some foster homes are good but usually not the best like this
Author: Samukinos
I love this story.. good bless you all
Author: Dogal
Police officer for the city of Parma (Parma Ohio) and father of two boys...soon a daughter too. You are a text book role model sir! You are a police officer a role model and now a father. My hat is off to you. Congrats on your two new kids and good luck. They are a hand full lol. God bless the three of you. I don't know you and yet the joy I feel for y'all is intense. GOOD JOB!!!!
Author: Shakinos
geez, this really brought tears to my eyes - wonderful man.
Author: Nidal
Well done Jack. That's what I Call a MAN.
Author: Shakakus
Great guy wish him and his boys the best god bless
Author: Vudoshicage
Spoken like a true dad
Author: Grorn
'A mans man ' true words. Much respect!
Author: Vijar
Watching this clip is the best time that I have spent today. Beautiful, truly a heart warmer.
Author: Febei
Bless his soul
Author: Arashigor
that is a really sweet story ♥️❤️
Author: Kakazahn
Those kids are going to turn out right. Amazing role model :)
Author: Mazugami
such a good human, and those kids are going to grow up being amazing people as well, all the best for you guys!
Author: Kizragore
now there is 102 idiots dont like it may be they are all bad foster parents
Author: Akikinos
I am crying 😢 because how nice this is x
Author: Goltihn
nice job man... keep up the good work
Author: Shakarr
Good job Detective. Thank you.
Author: Magul
im convinced youtube has a 10% dislike automatically for all videos once they get to a certain point after watching this and seeing dislikes.
Author: Arashirr
Just reminds me of all the available orphans that should be adopted by people in the US instead of those going to foreign countries to adopt.
Author: Gokora
na kidding, great cop, great guy. Don't think many other people would do what he did in that situation.
Author: Gronris
Question is why are these abusive people allowed to be foster parents?
Author: Mizahn
Touched my heart oh my
Author: Brasida
" For fun, he hits people"
Author: Shaktiran
there are still good people in this world.. This man has a good heart..God bless him..
Author: Nikorg
Something got caught in my eyes while I was watching this video
Author: Vigal
God bless you Sir we need more people like you
Author: Doulabar
Bless his heart..
Author: Torg
This is an incredible man. The smile on those boys' faces says it all. They are truly happy.
Author: Zuzragore
Detective Mook, youre an Angel on this earth!
Author: Zular
what a great story
Author: Shakinos
Author: Faeran
Heart warming.
Author: Mekree
It bought me to tears
Author: Kigazilkree
Lovely story, but wtf is that at the last second???
Author: Zulkibei
Being adopted myself this really touches my heart.
Author: Voshicage
Author: Gagor
cut my grass, haha that was funny
Author: Shara
This A Man With Courage that has respect that does his work and any other things from the heart and always with Honor Thank you Sir for what you done for this kids!!! You are a real example of life Thanks.
Author: Ditilar
Your a wonderful man Jack Mook, - best of luck to all 3 of you.
Author: Goltir
Darn, my heart just melt after seeing this.
Author: Gardarisar
Where in the hell are the foster care authorities who are suppose to vet and monitor foster parent candidates? This is just like that Jaycee Duggard thing. These people are not doing their very important job and people, helpless children, are suffering. Personally I think these people should be charged criminally, the police who's job it is to monitor these people.
Author: Kagakora
Now that is a wonderful man!
Author: Malalrajas
omg i cried my eyes out... god bless this man <3
Author: Grotaur
That detective is a true hero, well done sir.
Author: Zunos
HTC One M8. I approve.
Author: Maujind
this is beautiful 
Author: Tojazragore
Those kids are going to turn out right. Amazing role model :)
Author: Kigakree
This is how cops should be. Its truly nice to see such a "mans man" make a decision  like this. This guy needs to be given some sort gift for his generosity. 
Author: Golar
As a native Pittsburgher (now living in MD), I absolutely love, love, love this sweet, touching story.  <3
Author: Moogulkree
Thanks for all you do for these kids
Author: Vinris
omg someone marry him
Author: Nikosho
wow what a generous and heartwarming guy, humanity is not lost after all... Many people say they would adopt but talking and doing is two different things, this guy seems to have such a big heart!
Author: Shacage
God bless him. He didn't have to but his heart is too big. Amazing.
Author: Samugor
Just one word: FREAKING AWESOME!
Author: Vorr
Let's have a moment of silence…
Author: Mikabar
Congratulations dad! Adopting older kids is amazing. Thank you for being awesome.
Author: Yoshicage
Much respect to him, a great human being!
Author: Nekasa
That cop is a legend
Author: Mekasa
Everyday heroes.
Author: Juhn
Only LOSERS give this awesome video a thumbs down!
Author: Durisar
Jack Mook you are a awsome guy, and your 2 boys fantastic. Good luck family, geetings from Sweden
Author: Zolojar
"Good, now you're going to go home and cut my grass." Bless this man, he's awesome 😂😂
Author: Malrajas
now thats love
Author: Dull
Good luck to all three of you and your new family! A wonderful story.
Author: Vudal
Thats what I call a good man and a true hero <3
Author: Arashigrel
now ladies thats a man... Thank you god for this man taking these boys I wish them a life of love, peace, and happiness.
Author: Mogor
Loves this. What a great family.
Author: Kizshura
No, I'm not crying. My eyes are sweating. A lot.
Author: Yozshutaur
Good luck and Godspeed.
Author: Arazuru
Wow...beautiful story. Big heart. Kind loving man...making a powerful impact on society and two great foster boys. Thanks for posting...
Author: Galkree
now your going to go home and cut my grass LOL
Author: Dougami
Give this man a donut, he deserves it! thumbs up :)
Author: Vudokora
jack mook,Great work sir!...wish there were more like ya
Author: Megis
Bless his heart!! Great man doing great things.
Author: Yozilkree
Wonderful story...
Author: JoJorg
I just bought stock in Kleenex! 😢
Author: Kizuru
Amazing story, they sure do look like a family !
Author: Yogor
Outside the "Box"
Author: Yozshushakar
Its great to hear stories like this, it kind of warms your heart. Those kids are going to have a good life & a Great father. 👍👍👍👍😀😀😀😀😀
Author: Kigis
That's a true man :')
Author: Vizragore
Author: Fenrijar
"for fun, he hits people"
Author: Samuzilkree
I love how Steve Hartman sounds like hes on the brink of tears. x'3
Author: Malanris
A big Man, with a Much Bigger Heart. May "God continue to Bless him, and his 2 Sons." This Truly touched My heart.. 💟
Author: Fauktilar
that's just awesome
Author: Fenrir
So glad this man works in my beloved city. Thank you, Jack!
Author: Vozshura
God bless that man
Author: Jur
Cant lie I cried, so much respect for that guy.
Author: Doubar
Top man!
Author: Nikolkis
What a great man. I am so glad for the boys. GB 🙏🏻❤️
Author: Nigul
Author: Faejinn
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Author: Faumuro
Author: Nishura
He reminds me of Texas Ranger Walker (Chuck Norris)
Author: Disho
Author: Mikagor
This man is a hero. Respect!!!
Author: Grogar
Who else cried?
Author: Nikojas
That's a real man and a father!
Author: Zululrajas
Aye! Jimmy Mook!
Author: Fekree
Blessed are the pure of heart for they will see god.
Author: Matilar
Pretty damn great! In all this bs we hear about nowadays, it's nice to see something good come out of it all. Thank you CBS =)
Author: Dairamar
Just a great video and kind of sad. But those boys like that guy a lot. And he has changed not only his life but their lives for the better.
Author: Kilrajas
Great story glad it worked out
Author: Faebei
I’ve seen this before and it’s still beautiful. God bless this awesome man.
Author: Meztijind
They actually look like him too, you wouldn't know he wasn't their bio father at first glance. Great family!
Author: Kigahn
Jack, you are the best!!!
Author: Guzuru
What a guy, my respects to you sir.
Author: Ararr
Omg your an amazing man. I want to be a foster parent so bad.
Author: Akinorr
Proof that not all cops are bad cops.
Author: Dakus
Big heart. God bless you Detective Jack.
Author: Mauzahn
Crap Im trying not to cry.. this is really nice. I want to marry that man. He has a heart of gold :')
Author: Bradal
there are good people on planet earth. A loving,kind man. As it is said, a win win. Good luck to all.
Author: Mazilkree
omg, I love this!!! up at 5 a.m dropping tears.. Awesome story!!!!
Author: Aralkree
Love this
Author: Shataur
They are surely guilty of criminal neglect.
Author: Kadal
Wanna give him a big hug right now omg!!❤️ so touching he's a great man
Author: Kazikora
Author: Kim
God bless this man's beautiful soul.
Author: Akinonris
He is an amazing man. there need to be caring people like him. those boys will have a great future now because of him and his love for them.
Author: Tygobar
Author: Barr
This guy deserves a wife and alot of money!
Author: Macage
WHY DID I TEAR UP?!? My father walked out, so I alway get touchy on the "dad" subject. I LOVE to see a father enjoy his sons, and it broke my heart to see that boy nearly cry on camera, then to see how happy they were at the end was just heart warming! I'm not an emotional guy at all, so it was too much for my cold, hard, black, un-feeling heart to take:')
Author: Dalkree
God bless you detective Mook. 
Author: Fem
Your the best . God Bless You and the boys !!!!
Author: Yozshulmaran
Starting off the day with a wholesome chore joke. Never thought i'd enjoy a news channel for once
Author: Fenrisho
is it just me or deos the cops look like them lol
Author: Mikashicage
How can you not shed a tear about this... Truly brilliant, awesome guy and great kids. :')) This is humanity.
Author: Zolozilkree
Jack Mook...god bless you!...that put tears in my eyes seeing the happiness on their face...Awesome job!!
Author: Maukora
If you didn't crack a smile or cry to this amazing story, I'm pulling up to your house.
Author: Molrajas
The fact is, badass military and LE motherfuckers just don't marry. They don't want to be fucked that way. And then it just sometimes happens.
Author: Zulule
This brought tears to my eyes. I'm really happy for them!
Author: Garn
god bless you
Author: Zulumi
No doubt Jack Mook is going to turn these two kid's lives around. They are gonna grow up to be succesful and well-groomed fathers themselves. Great job, dude. Always do the right thing.
Author: Mezigami
what an amazing man. Bless him
Author: Vuzil
The world needs more men like you Sir..
Author: Sanos
Damn, my frickin allergies..... 😰
Author: Samuro
Okay, two words, but the second word was needed.
Author: Kagar
Love Pittsburgh and the amazing people there everyone is treated like family not surprised this great story came out of that little city.

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