Pakistan: Watch BULLDOZER crush alcohol as illegal drugs BURN

25.07.2019   |   by Mikajar

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Comments "Pakistan: Watch BULLDOZER crush alcohol as illegal drugs BURN":

Author: Zologul
Most of the alcohol bottles would be filled with water...🇵🇰 has many 'rum and vodka generals'
Author: Donos
I things it's half water and half alcoholic.I thing half of alcoholic drink by authorities
Author: Dabei
Drug addicts will cry
Author: Meztilkis
Drink water stay out of sun in Pakistan.
Author: Kijind
Why the Rum Why.
Author: Zolosho
After burning all those drugs, people must be high around 😆😁
Author: Daisida
Oh, My coco!!
Author: Turr
Probably the price off all if that is more that their government's budget
Author: Zujinn
Author: Nadal
Yes nice
Author: Doutaur
tumhe allah maaf nahi karega! lol
Author: Akishakar
Author: JoJoran
Burning drugs in open can be hazardous as it might produce formaldehyde, acrylamide, carbon monoxide and unburnt particles.
Author: Nesar
Author: Aranos
Good Job

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