Obama: US Combat Forces Out of Iraq by August 2010

06.06.2019   |   by Zulut

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Comments "Obama: US Combat Forces Out of Iraq by August 2010":

Author: Najinn
The only reason US is out of Iraq is coz Iraq revokes US troops immunity to prosecution for war crimes.
Author: Migul
Half of the soldiers are coming back by Sept. 1st 2010 as a political ploy to get votes for democrats. They can see people are pissed off and promising to vote the other way! And the last 50,000 soldiers will be brought home in 2012 when his majesty is up for re-election. It's all politics people...they don't give a crap about you and me and they certainly don't care about our soldiers!
Author: Danos
i bet you when we pull our troops out iran is gonna deploy troops all over the place and the taliban are just gonna come back to iraq aswell
Author: Yozshuzahn
The only reason why he is taking them out, is because he can't get ahold of the oil. We still have troops in Afghanistan, Kuwait, etc.
Author: Yobei
We have enough..? We barely have any oil.. We get almost ALL of our oil from middle eastern countries..
Author: Zolojora
Author: Maujas
You can thank Bradley Manning for this.. else US troops would still be there.
Author: Mezizuru
Leaving an implanted US government & thousands of troops in Iraq is tantamount to allowing the US to monitor oil deliveries on new contracts to force Iraq to pay their former debts before invasion & pay for the entire war in oil which provides a way to rob Iraq legally. It's remotely controlling Iraq without being there much having destroyed as many insurgents is a possible. A full force troop return if things get out of control is a possibility! Voila! Oil take over in 9 years. Nice grab!
Author: Moogucage
Another Obama lie
Author: Meztim
Before you guys criticize him, make sure you guys analyze first what is happening there.
Author: Fezshura
Author: Bakora
Andrew your a racist ignorant dumbass. You wrote that comment a month ago. See how true it turns out to be. You should really be more careful about where you get your information from. Rush limbaugh and Glenn beck are not reliable sources. They aren't even journalist, they're "commentators". Quit being so ignorant, learn some science and history and you'll see the truth. Have a good day
Author: Vudojas
Author: Fesar
Uhh yes it is.. The middle east right now is one of the richest portions of the world in oil.. We are helping the government with their problems, and acting like we care about them to get the oil..
Author: Shaktijar
@wolfondhizzie why would we go for their oil if we have enough oil to supply the world for 15 years and if we didnt supply the world we could have enough to supply our selves for 20 years
Author: Zolokinos
@wolfondhizzie its not for the oil stop your damn government conspiracys lol
Author: Feshura
@youngonewun dumb democrat

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