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Comments "M 7.9 EARTHQUAKE - SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND - November 13, 2016 UTC":

Author: Morg
WOW. Thank you.
Author: Kigajora
meu Deus
Author: Voodoogal
Super moon. Hold on, more coming.
Author: Arashigor
I reach Christchurch at 6:45 pm-ish in my truck traveling from Auckland. I picked up 2 hitchhikers in Kaikoura at 3-ish. She was asking about Christchurch earthquake in 2011, and started talking about it, at one point, I said... No word of a lie... I said "imagine Christchurch having another one tonight" (was our first time in Christchurch)
Author: Mauran
Hope all is safe in NZ.
Author: Morisar
a Tsunami Alert has been issued for Paraparaumu to Waikanae - reports of the coastline going out when it is not yet
Author: Tulkree
supposed to be low tide. PLEASE EVACUATE if you are close to the coast!
Author: Tukasa
The whole of central NZ from the Bombay Hills to central South Island is all a-quiver. The 111 emergency system is down due to the quake apparently, damage reports coming in, a tsunami warning has been issued for the South Island and apparently the military has been called in to evacuate parts of the east coast of the South Island.
Author: Vugor
Is this Barcaroller?
Author: Kigacage
I hope there are no victims down there
Author: Tuzragore
seven nine :( that's tall
Author: Fehn
good size jolt lots of aftershocks still happening some are above 5. on ricter scale
Author: Zulushura
Had a massive panic attack omg, can't sleep now...great. Hope everyone stays safe <3
Author: Vole
12:03 am a 7 hits Kaikoura 5 hrs and 15 mins later.
Author: Minris
This was my first of 4 earthquakes I been in, the power a earthquake has is unmatchable to anything human made.
Author: Faunris
Freaky one alright and still going. From Masterton New Zealand
Author: Tazil
I'm in blenheim top south island nz
Author: Zugor
A really big one
Author: Marg
It's the nutshack
Author: Kazrasida
Thanks hope all are SAFE.
Author: Gazilkree
Thanks Joe! Blessings & Namaste'.. Hugs.. from the North Island.. NZ..  Shaky but aok... Mama moved under my feet alright! Bay of Plenty here..

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