Libertarian Gary Johnson Wants To Debate | Squawk Box | CNBC

29.05.2019   |   by Tygorn

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Comments "Libertarian Gary Johnson Wants To Debate | Squawk Box | CNBC":

Author: Gushicage
Let the man debate!!
Author: Torg
vote him in
Author: Douk
HILLARY...She is not going to do a press conference and if she goes down…Obama is going to manipulate things with his Elite to take a third term, which is basically worse than Hillary. What may happen is that it would end up a battle between Obama & Trump…this is a corrupt USA now. A corrupt America will vote for a corrupt government like they voted for the deceptive current OBAMA. So Sad that people are so easily fooled by the current Admin.
Author: Arashiran
let him debate!
Author: Gardanos
We need him to debate. Hillary and Trump have are two of the same. They will accomplish nothing.
Author: Gokinos
The only adult running for president.
Author: Malagrel
This Clown looks like Beaker from The Muppets....Just another Libertarian spewing Anti-American Nonsense...Perfect for CNBC!!!
Author: Faemuro
I think debate criteria should be national organization i.e. political party and on the ballot in enough states to theoretical win the college with a lower limit in the polls.
Author: Banos
Author: Gura
Gary you are my candidate! We WANT you in the debates.
Author: Nemuro
hes a sell out just like sanders!!
Author: Menos
If he gets above 15% he'll get to debate.

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