Joplin wiped out: Shock aerial view of city smashed by killer tornado

06.06.2019   |   by Gacage

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Author: Meztizilkree
Plus in war main targets are soldiers not purposely killing innocents but hey I am an American so I can be only one to use atom or nuclear bombs and not let Iran have that power because they "might" use it.
Author: Togor
@abcabcabdfg your comments give NZers a bad name, gettin all aggro at ppl & saying shit like 'what goes around comes around' when these people have done nothing to deserve this. What then could you say that NZ has done to deserve the Christchurch quakes? Troops in Afghanistan? Gay equality? Our terrible national record of child abuse? Natural disasters do not discriminate based on peoples ideologies or war histories. They just happen. Your ignorance and lack of sympathy is astounding.
Author: Zulkitaxe
I do not know about Hitler but Jews have sure taken over your country!
Author: Arashirn
But USA stopped the trade first in that war!
Author: JoJosar
@insideMan1981 not so funny when people say stuff about you or your people is it.
Author: Yozshur
@dvsdeva thanks Dvsdeva.... the US has had a friend with the ANZACs... even if we didn't always agree on some things with you Kiwi's.
Author: Tojalar
No such thing as God prove it!!! owe wait you have a book that people say was written by God? ok keep praying nothing will come of it no miracles no nothing..we fight to keep radical dumbasses like yourself out of western culture.. but robots like you who want to rule the earth will keep dying AMERICA will always be free!!
Author: Jumuro
usa deserves this!
Author: Kagagal
i know this is off subject but wouldnt that hospital make an awesome cod zombies map
Author: Julabar
@Sk8er4Lifes12 Are you 12?
Author: Kajas
@xoxowithlov3 Don't let these foreign trolls get to you. They are just pissed because Joplin post-disaster is how their cities look pre-disaster. Jealousy of our great country, nothing more.
Author: Nelmaran
Truly a devistation.. I live about an hour away from Joplin, and my birthday is May 22.... I turned 21 last year on the day that our sister city was torn.. It saddens me beyond comprehension that such a disaster occurred. I travel between the city I live in and Joplin frequently, and it lessens the blow to see the progress that they have made on restoring Joplin. Also, I cannot help but remember that the night it all happened, my town was almost Joplin; the tornado was falling over Springfield,
Author: Fenrik
@insideMan1981 well I'm not from USA, but shame on you. This is not what humans should say ever. But there is a chance for all of us to be better, don't forget that.
Author: Akikinos
@Sk8er4Lifes12 I am Croatian and I always loved USA for all it represents. There are good people everywhere. Don't worry about idiots.
Author: Meztikus
Hypocritical assholes
Author: Fenritaur
end a war by wipping out two cities fillled with civilians including elderly, innocent children
Author: Kimuro
never happen were way to strong always will egghead
Author: Nikoshakar
oh did you bring all those innocent children, women an the elderly back to life. Please explain how?
Author: Mezigar
As a New Zealander who has lived thru a pretty deadly natural disaster just this year, I offer my heartfelt sympathies to the people of Joplin. To be quite honest I didnt hear about this tragedy till today. American news is not generally big news in many countries and if this was on the news it wouldnt have been more than a few minutes the day after it happened. The extent of the damage and death toll seems similar to the Christchurch earthquake, which the US actually sent us aid for.
Author: Tukree
hey dont be jealous just cause you werent allowed into the way there is no such thing as god you robot typical religious idiot....
Author: Shaktirg
Author: Nikogar
your god didnt do it.. weather did it.. we have had tornadoes since the beginning of time dumbass go read a science book...
Author: Femuro
so Fuck you Nature is giving you a little taste of your own medicine.
Author: Dairisar
you deserve more actually from Hiroshima, Nagasaki to Vietnam then Iraq, Afghanistan and now maybe even Iran.

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