Global Bank CRASH? - All Big Banks Seeing Red As Collapse Is IMMINENT

08.07.2019   |   by Taujas

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Comments "Global Bank CRASH? - All Big Banks Seeing Red As Collapse Is IMMINENT":

Author: Nikosho
Author: Kagajind
You can see the end is nigh. Sneisen's been on the weed.
Author: Arashicage
FYI Imminent Is by definition : near/close ….The collapse of the *Paper money system WILL happen and debt gets worse NOT better🤔 ask south America ? (or move there) check out the world debt clock banks just print paper and prolong it but CANT stop it & thats the TRUTH can hide from reality BUT you cant hide from the consequences of Hiding from REALITY 🤣...Advice if you don't like the message don't watch 🤔 & thats the (haha) truth
Author: Kamuro
Author: Kigarisar
Great video, I guess I'm a little lost in this though. What has changed that makes it so dangerous right now? Can someone explain these indicators they are talking about? Or is it just 'there is no one left to borrow from in the world' and or 'chase is closing their doors' ??
Author: Zulkirn
John "Champagne and Cocaine" Sneisen
Author: Dozshura
I agree btw...
Author: Dukree
Author: Faeramar
Author: Zujar
Great video Guy's! John cracks me up with the humour...
Author: Nikoshakar
Author: Nasida
Thank God I got gold and silver! Also bitcoin, ethereum,but I have to sell my stocks 🤔💰
Author: Mekus
All fiat currencies always revert to their true intrinsic value of zero...they always have they always will....come on say it!!! that's your call sign!
Author: Malagul
Thank you! We can't do it without you!
Author: Milrajas
There is a big reason for the dow to go up actually. With the already starting euro crisis many institutional investors such as pension funds have to react quickly. therfore the only less worse option is buying usd.with all that money going into the dollar shortterm most of it will find their way into the dow bcause those funds need to make some the long term the financial system will collapse of course but i see the dow hitting 35-40k in 2019 before even the dollar collapses. just my 2 krügerrand
Author: Tojarg
Author: Zolorn
Author: Voodoojind
Find John's latest book here:
Author: Meran
Author: Bazragore
Nice times coming, may the corrupt have their downfall.
Author: Meztishura
"Everybody has been drinking champagne and doing cocaine for a long time now"....huh? I haven't been drinking champagne. Anyway, yes it's all fake funny money to enrich rich investors
Author: Kigazuru
"Too Big to Fail"....expect to start hearing it again.
Author: Daira
Author: Dukora
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Author: Yodal
Author: Dutaur
This "solution" is like juicing a nearly dead junkie so it continues to live but is barely functional.
Author: Mabar
The solution to the world's banking woes is to give "Captain Crunch" a new ship to run onto the rocks....over and over again.
Author: Dagal
Champagne and cocaine ha ha lmao ha ha ha savage godlike lol ha ha :D
Author: Brazragore
John I wanna party with you dude!!! :-)
Author: Voodookasa
~ Josh
Author: Gukora
The stock market and real economy have nothing to do with each other. The stock market is 100% manipulated by central banks and money printing.
Author: Arashibar
I am wondering when Webster changed the definition of imminent because a collapse has been imminent on this channel for a decade now.
Author: Shataxe
John needs to blink once in a while :-)
Author: Kajiktilar
Iceland showed the way to people everyone needs to wake up and follow their lead
Author: Shaktiktilar
Author: Kigalmaran
Author: Groktilar
Just kicking the problem down the road...again.
Author: Nakora
This is it ! All central banks and all countries are in trouble, I’m now dumping my stocks and starting to buy gold and silver ! Well to tell the truth I’ve already been buying gold and silver....$
Author: Dot
He stares into your soul..
Author: Arazuru

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