Girls Mom A Neanderthal, Dad Was Something Else

21.07.2019   |   by Nikonris

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Comments "Girls Mom A Neanderthal, Dad Was Something Else":

Author: Zologor
Everyday they insult the intelligence of even a Neanderthal! Lol
Author: Kagarr
by the way they talk you know it's 100% propaganda
Author: Mezicage
Sounds fake
Author: Mazukasa
😉CBS promoting interracial hanky panky and ancient collusion stories again! 💞🎎
Author: Shakahn
Wow it's like listening to middle schoolers talk about sex.
Author: Kibar
Evolution: The case where something, came from nothing.
Author: Kazrarr
The mainstream media is produced to appeal to a 13 year old.
Author: Mugrel

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