Family tried to push Sikh gay man into heterosexual marriage - BBC News

02.06.2019   |   by Tokinos

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Comments "Family tried to push Sikh gay man into heterosexual marriage - BBC News":

Author: Faele
Sikhs are very intolerant and do not accept homosexuality
Author: Daitaur
Sikhism has no problem with people being gay so why put "Sikh man" in the title? Punjabi culture on the other hand is different from the faith, you could have put "Punjabi man"
Author: Mogal
Pathans are gay and it’s socially accepted
Author: Nikole
Fake News
Author: Grok
Ur not Sikh your punjabi get it right
Author: Arashikinos
They do the same thing to their kids for choosing their own partners, and esp if the partner is of different culture or faith.
Author: Gardatilar
I knew it most of them r gay
Author: Daim
Pleaae stop calling yourself sikh .. you are person born in sikh family.. doesn't make you a sikh.. you have to earn sikhi.. your are a punjabi brit..
Author: Menos
You can't be Sikh and gay. Choose one disability.
Author: Samuzahn
Caused being gay is against Sikhi.
Author: Kanos
Well. I don't miss him😒💢
Author: Tora
Indian parents are always will be Indian where ever you are In the world regardless of religion, culture, community they live in the will find mix Indian with everything
Author: Nezuru
I believe in tradition of god prophet Adam and her wife eve this is how it should go ! if any religion support gay stuff then it mean they are against a law of almighty. how can a gay believe that god made a mistake put him inside in another gender ? this world full of shaitan and I'm not surprised end is near.
Author: Tauzahn
Being gay is wrong.
Author: Feramar
Gay ki Punishment yahi ha k usy Kisi unchi Jaga ya building sy nechy phenka Jaye.
Author: Gakazahn
So would most religous parents
Author: Zolotaur
Hell, straight men don't even want to be married!
Author: Akinosar
I want to hear from Sikh gays and lesbians how they have coped etc with discrimination , remember keep strong.
Author: Akinokazahn
If a girl told her Indian parents she was a lesbian, they would kill her in an honour killing.

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