Donald Trumps entire 2019 State of the Union address | Full speech on CNN

26.06.2019   |   by Faujin

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Comments "Donald Trumps entire 2019 State of the Union address | Full speech on CNN":

Author: Sami
Great speech!
Author: Fedal
So evil, so wicked. Those who supported baby killing sat stone faced when Republicans pledged to protect young human life. The Democrats, and their new batch of women, are demonically inspired baby killers. Like Todd Starnes said, replace the crisp white clothing with sackcloth and ashes.
Author: Nakazahn
Great President!
Author: Moshicage
anybody else from school forget their homework to watch this video
Author: Meztikora
Wtf does Nancy keep looking at those damn papers for!?
Author: Brazahn
Salute to the commander and chief President Donald Trump.
Author: Akiran
God bless you and God bless America
Author: Kazijin
The first pro Trump or neutral CNN video i've seen for a long time!
Author: Dozshura
CNN getting slammed in their own comment section!!! Love it!!!!
Author: Arak
I will be 18 for next election and I am voting for TRUMP in 2020.
Author: Mazuzahn
Trump 2020
Author: Gazuru
After watching this speech, and the reaction of the Democrats.
Author: Kajimuro
Dear Americans!
Author: Voodoolkree
I can’t believe I’m on a CNN channel and the president getting such good reviews. I love it! Truly the best president ever.
Author: Akinris
Watching smoke rise from Dem heads as they scramble on camera to translate keywords to decide whether to stand. God bless this guy. I liked him before, but now I love him. George Washington in a suit.
Author: Faegrel
Can’t bear to watch the WITCH in the background and all the witches in white!!!! They are pure evil 👿
Author: Mikarr
Cortez would not even stand for "God Bless America"... She belongs in another country.
Author: Akijas
I no longer identify as one.
Author: Nizahn
Greatest presintation of Freedom of Speech yet.
Author: Kazitilar
I'll be 18 in 2020 with a year in the military, If I get the chance this man is my vote. The dems are splitting their votes with their 30+ nominees.
Author: Moogurisar
The best speech ever! This was amazing! For these people to disrespect a president and not stand was awful.
Author: Groktilar
The women in white should be ashamed of themselves quite frankly.
Author: Arashijin
Weird that the women in white never rose until they received a compliment.
Author: Vuzragore
HAHAHAHAAH Oh little CNN, even you can't spin this.
Author: Akinozragore
I am writing this as an observer from muslim flooded Europe, please keep your president high in your thoughts, he his truly one of a Kind like king David was! He is truly anointed from the one and only Living God, to be in this presidency and to fulfill his purpose there, which is I think to extend the period of grace before the tribulation comes....please pray for him that he is always protected, that the Lord dispatches his heavenly armies to defend Trump, his Family and his coworkers, that the Lord gives him wisdom, strength and guidance to engage all the attacks of the enemy, and that he is encamped with the angels of the Lord always. I also pray for him. You are truly blessed to have him!
Author: Arashigor
boss is in the house
Author: Nak
Gave a like for Trump, not CNN.

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