CIA Media Infiltration & Operation Mockingbird | Brainwash Update

04.06.2019   |   by Banos

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Comments "CIA Media Infiltration & Operation Mockingbird | Brainwash Update":

Author: Gobar
RT is part of the program
Author: Gakree
Yeah, no shit. Dumb bitch russian COINTELPRO mocking us about how she's nothing more than COINTELPRO. What a nutzi count. How failed all the people who watch her vids are.
Author: Kajijar
Second of all: Even if it's no longer underway in an official capacity, it's basically still underway in that the tactics are just evolving along with technology and it does not matter if there is one, sole, officially organized operation. Shit's still happening. As long as their isn't COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY into every single aspect of our government there will be shady things happening. Some things I do believe need to be kept under wraps from the general public but there is a ton of things that happen within our government/large corporations that are illegal and secret that must be exposed or our society will crumble eventually. Hopefully not but I'm honestly not very optimistic.
Author: Tanos
Are you one of Ed Chariani`s troll wannabes?? Sounds like it!!
Author: Tazil
Brain dead. Go watch porn.
Author: Duramar
ugh......I like her viewpoints....and I would love to just watch her all day.....but she's just a left-wing Glenn Beck.
Author: Gashicage
Touche. Abby Martin has a nice ass. Ok? God bless.
Author: Araran
Here's a BRAINWASHING UPDATE: notice those purple clouds floating behind the RT commentator ...those purple clouds floating behind the RT commentator ...those purple clouds floating behind the RT commentator ie the RT propagandist pot calling kettle black
Author: Molabar
Thank you Abby for doing your part in cleaning up the media
Author: Moogushura
Schools are nothing more then indoctrination camps whose purpose is to keep us totally dependent on the corrupt system.All they do is force millions of pieces of useless information on us and then grade us on how well we regurgitate that information.It becomes so repetitive that after a while we accept everything we`re told cause that`s how we been trained.
Author: Fenrizil
That's right...CIA and their lil monkeys tried to bully me...threatened my life. etc. Get some!! Fact...dirt on judge...his crack whore he put up and some dirt on cops etc. started an all out assault Witch Hunt & Trophy Hunt...%^@^# Em!! Ooohhhh Rah f$%% ies!!
Author: Gojinn
i find it ironic that this comes from the propaganda machine of the Kremlin - propaganda on propaganda .... oh it's just too ironic
Author: Turg
Author: Vilkree
Yahoo's news articles use trolls big-time to back up their anti-trump agenda. I figure these trolls are either provided to Yahoo when Yahoo receives their news stories from the source that controls them. I'm sure Yahoo doesn't actually write the stories, they just apply a fictitious author to the stories.
Author: Grot
Right, like 'crises actor' 'abby martin'? Wake up you fucking idiot.
Author: Moogura
Did anyone even notice just how evil and treasonous such anti democratic expenditure of Americans tax dollars can be?
Author: Morr
First of all: Abby Martin is a mothafuckin GODDESS! Date me Abby! LOL (I wish).
Author: Neran
RetSquid is a fed IRS employee TROLL.
Author: Nar
For more info re "conversion" aka brainwashing, check out: Trans4Mind The Battle For Your Mind Dick Sutphen
Author: Ferisar
Author: Gardagrel
Ron Paul is CIA you stupid fuck. God damn how dumb can you be.
Author: Kazim
google "DARPA SMISC"

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