Chai, Vada Pav & Markets with value investors Mohnish Pabrai & Guy Spier

15.07.2019   |   by Yozshum

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Comments "Chai, Vada Pav & Markets with value investors Mohnish Pabrai & Guy Spier":

Author: Akibei
Very interesting interview with these two likeable and smart investors. Thank you.
Author: Brajora
How they value a business is a the billion dollar question not what they are looking at.
Author: Vozilkree
2 yrs to get the license.... wtf.
Author: Jubei
Guy's voice is quite similar to that of bill gates !
Author: Talkis
Stupid idea to waste time on talking about food with such brilliant investors
Author: Goltizil
tis tym rain will be become flat like kerela...
Author: Doran
Anchor is looking very pretty all Bollywood heroins down in front of her in lookwise...
Author: Faetaur
Good interview tanvir,...
Author: Shaktiran
Too many ads, cannot watch..
Author: Samukasa
This is a nice version without all the stockprices flashing around. ET should not show all that noise when these guys talk about ignoring market noise!
Author: Faetaur
King of kings Mr. Mohnish Pabrai. Thank you etnow for bringing the King🙏
Author: Tojarr
Awesome interview great job guys 👌
Author: Dilar
I think they were talking about Bajaj Finance when they talked about credit growth.
Author: Grozil
Mohnish pabrai says the same thing in every interview, does he know anything else? Such a waste of time watching him.
Author: Nikozilkree
Mohnish is the one to listen to, the other one is clueless.
Author: Faeshura
The beauracrats do their best to make investors life hell... 2 yrs for a licence.. Who will want to invest in economy?
Author: Yozshuzil
Great interview but too much ads
Author: Balkis
Thanks et
Author: Goktilar
Already uploaded
Author: Tehn
Benjamin Graham has a formula for that but I wanted to know from them how they did it

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