American Gunfighter Episode 2 - Tom Spooner, Northern Red - Presented by BCM

08.06.2019   |   by Mashura

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Author: Fem
Thank you for your service brother.
Author: Malanris
wow...SF, Ranger and Delta!!!  that's a resume to be proud of sir.
Author: Kagaramar
Just stumbled across this and had a few minutes to kill.  WOW!!!  How BLESSED I am to seen this, and blessed and PROUD to have guys like this covering my civilian backside day after day.  A true, old-fashioned American!  Wish we could get back to his way of thinking!!
Author: Arashicage
I wonder if the adrenaline of war or extreme environments is what creates PTSD.   When you are living on the edge daily, once you get back to reality, it must really be strange.   
Author: Gorr
Doing all he did for his country and openly telling about what happens to him shows a real person! Respect Sir for all you did and still doing.
Author: Dilkree
What a total badass. So calm too. You'd never know his tier background if you met him on the street.
Author: Mogor
I'm surprised they haven't done Larry vickers
Author: Doubar
This is the kind of person I'd like to instruct me if I could choose anyone. He seems extremely calm, well articulated and thoughtful while still having that tier one background.
Author: Dailrajas
I almost didnt watch this video, but im really happy that i did. He seems like a very nice guy, a great American.
Author: Shakagor
i wish bcm would make about 100 more of these little docs. i think there is only 4 or 5.
Author: Taumi
Absolutely incredible. Overcoming such odds and turning it into something beautiful and positive for others who are effected the same way. To say it is commendable is no where near enough. Thank you for such a great video.
Author: Mazuzil
God bless our veterans.
Author: Tojakora
Excellent warrior and human being! Thanks so much for your service and sacrifice!
Author: Goltigor
Love to see this dudes DD214... Much respect man!
Author: Zuluramar
Great man
Author: Akinogar
You can always tell the humility in the man who has been there and done that. None of the gung ho tough talk. Much respect to this great warrior.
Author: Nejas
This guy really impressed me. Very thoughtful, very grounded, very measured way of speaking and articulating himself. The kind of guy who could snatch the life right out of you in a heartbeat if he wanted to but whose manner would immediately put you at ease if you were in his company. Glad to hear he fought his demons and won. Respect from the UK, Delta is no joke.
Author: Yozuru
"Soldier's Heart" is probably the perfect way to describe PTSD in my mind.  That phrase shouldn't go away.  It should be in common vocabulary today.
Author: Mazushura
This is who you'd really want to train with.
Author: Mezuru
Veteran lives matter !

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