Academic journal falls for profs prank...and the prof gets in trouble

17.06.2019   |   by Dak

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Comments "Academic journal falls for profs prank...and the prof gets in trouble":

Author: Fauramar
Good job!
Author: Meziktilar
It's annoying and a considerable waste of time. I could have read all
Author: Zubar
I bet they asked the weather if it was ok to study it first, and the weather decided to behave badly so to scue the results.
Author: Zushicage
I have 3 teenagers heading to college within 2 years. The way that colleges are operating now makes me feel it has become more of a waste of money than anything. At this point even if one of the girls was planning on or accepted to Harvard I would not pay for it because their racist acceptance policy and their morals and ethics are disgraceful.
Author: Voodoobar
video with text, for fuks sake
Author: Najinn
Liberals pull stunts like this all the time with their anti-white social experiments. But when the shoe is on the other hoof, they don't like it.
Author: Samushicage
Kilroy was here :
Author: Vole
~ I needed that cathartic moment . . . I almost got triggered. Hope it's not catching;)
Author: Kagarn
annoying stock footage running behind it.
Author: Taukree
Author: Dilar
textual presentation with orchestral backtracking went out with the 00s.
Author: Mazuzahn
Don't click on any CampusReform videos that show red captions...
Author: Melkis
Cause it will be lame
Author: Nirr
So no real climate change, the weather knows what's happening.
Author: Nikasa
The montage of academic faces witheir thier Iknow how to spell smugness.
Author: Kagaktilar
Not so much different than the peer reviewed papers no one cites that are put out by virtue signaling pseudo-science social/humanities professors protected by their post-modernist neo-Marxist, third-wave feminist peers.
Author: Gukree
This was a a wretched style of video. This transition heavy manner of a
Author: Samusida
0:16 Reforminvestigation
Author: Kazigar
If these people are so smart why dont they work on finding a cure for cancer instead of social justice nonsense?
Author: Kazigrel
of this text in a third of the time it took to watch in a video with
Author: Ket
Note to self:
Author: Dailkree
He's in trouble with them because he helped them prove that they are sexist racists that should be permanently removed from any sort of conduct with anybody else. They've metaphorically spread their ideological rabies far too much for far too long & deserve public extermination.
Author: Moogunris
You will need a seperate ethics board to sort this out, as the college can't publish crap then blame the person for submitting it while not even reading it themselves, then using the rules to suit their case, and give a ruling so one sided bias to protect themselves is not ethical. Then as every companie in the world does today it seems when it gets in trouble, blame everyone else as no one in their business can do no wrong, ever, at all. But let's kill the whistleblower as he hurt my feelings.
Author: Nigore
If I said "FIRST" would anyone care?
Author: Mautaur
Journalists are really just glorified gossip columnists in this time period. They have an agenda & no true facts shall get in the way. Censorship seems to be on the rise in leftist agenda spiking. When a speech of our President is delayed, that is a full out blatant censorship.
Author: Vudojind
Ah, the hypocrites. They can analyze whatever they want, except that no one is allowed to analyze them. Leftists are liars and can't be trusted to keep things that can potentially put them in a bad light confidential.
Author: Fegar
I thought Cucks enjoyed getting Cucked. Why are they mad?
Author: Sakinos
My phone was covered in salt from the left playing this. I blame Cabot.
Author: JoJokus
Many universities are little better than indoctrination camps for debt slaves.
Author: Kigashicage
Of course he IS!!! He outed the progressive LEFT for the BULLBUTTER pushers they ARE and proves its ALLL subjective/anti American propaganda, because they can't point to his paper and say"SEEEE WHITE MEN are SO TOXIC they're even CORRUPTING DOGS WITH THEIR RAPEY WAYS!!!😵 ITS EVEN IN THE DUMB FUCTARD JOURNAL FOR THE Grand Poobaaa PooterTARDS of the McCunty Muffins!!!!!"
Author: Kejar
Interesting choice in music. I think I'll start jogging today
Author: Gakasa
These videos with just text are kind of lame. This story is weeks old and at the very least, a person could have narrated. Thumbs down simply for the way this video is produced
Author: Goltinos
Portland State . What else did you expect . Exposing the truth is always under fire.

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