9/11 Attacks: ABC News Live Coverage - Sept 11, 2001 (Part One)

04.07.2019   |   by Shaktigis

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Author: Julrajas
Good Morning America crew seems to be the only news people who saw the second plane coming in. Everybody else seems to have missed it... I just can't grasp how so many of the media during the live coverage missed that second plane coming in...… Seems like even the helicopter crews missed it.
Author: Zushura
"the whole building has collapsed??" Damn that's the sound of a veteran reporter being at a loss for words
Author: Negul
Is it just me, or does Don Wright sound like a plant
Author: Dotaur
Love your library, Joseph! Do you have any idea if a video exists of this 9/11 coverage that stays with the network feed and doesn't switch to the ABC7 affiliate in Daniel Cape at 9:46am?
Author: Kezragore
The best coverage of any that I can recall. Peter Jennings & Co. somehow stayed composed through it all, and it showed as it wasn't what you said but what you didn't say that spoke volumes. In memory of those who died, and the late Peter Jennings.
Author: Vigul
WOW!!! How many of you knew B-52's were around during the second world war???

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