Brian Mcknight - Every Time You Go Away (김찬중, 석근암, 이주한, 신윤수 Cover)

19.06.2019   |   by Maujin

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Comments "Brian Mcknight - Every Time You Go Away (김찬중, 석근암, 이주한, 신윤수 Cover)":

Author: Kagazuru
Music unites us! Excellent sang guys! Respect from Russia! We also love Brian!)
Author: Daizragore
Great job
Author: Guzahn
01:24 That boy almost knocked me off of my chair! good lord! These boys definitely killed it...
Author: Mikajas
Awesome! !!!!!
Author: Meztile
찬중이 졸못
Author: Kagaran
우와 짱이다...저 까나예요! 정말 짱이다,,,,,
Author: Akinoktilar
WHEW, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING JOB! you guys have more feeling in the song than most covers, great job!
Author: Daikasa
Never mind the little bumps with the English lyrics: You guys have picked one of the nicest (and not easy to sing) tunes by the great B.McKnight... and that alone was pretty brave of you. On top of it,  you had the "feel" for what the song is about, and your singing together was very good and harmonic. Nŏ-mu cho-a-yo (I hope that's the right term for "I like it very much" ? ^-^) Also.. very nice to see young men with such a good taste in music  ! :) Very nice. Greets from Europe

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