Vegan General Tso Chicken | Vegan Valentines Day Food

11.06.2019   |   by Daijas

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Author: Kilar
This looks amazing😋 general tso chicken is my favorite Chinese dish as well.
Author: Daisida
Fantastic video, you're getting better & better with each passing video! Editing also improving. (Not that either was bad. Just even more enjoyable now!) I also love general will be a must try.
Author: Shak
I made this the other day and It was so delicious, it taste just like the general Tso chicken even better. Thanks girl 🤗
Author: Kazijora
That sauce looks gorgeous! You've just gained a new subscriber :)
Author: Kagajas
Imma try this tonight 😋😍 yaaasss 🙌🏻
Author: Goltigul
You are my new favorite YouTuber. <3
Author: Zulkinos
I just tried this and it’s AMAZING! Never thought cauliflower could taste so good.
Author: Net
Hey Veggie Rose! You just pronounce Tso like so, the T is silent
Author: Meramar
Just tried it and it was really good .. I had to adjust the sugar quantity because it was a bit sweet but other than that it was very good .. Thank you so much for this :)
Author: Dak
I didn't realize that single folks cooked snaller meals. When I was single, I made recipes for 4. I just ate leftovers for a day or two. (Lunch and dinner)
Author: Dugor
Make this quite often with tofu but definitely gonna try this cauliflower version 🤘🏻
Author: Vudoll
Absolute genius you are. Found your lovely n funny channel now I'm hooked. Soo down to earth, clever n bubble. Your great keep it up lol n try n get a holiday !!! You deserve it. BTW what brand do u use to colour your hair? Mia is great also,proper little actress in the making xxxx best wishes xxxx
Author: Voodoohn
I made this on Wed....delicious!!!!
Author: JoJobei
I tried this dish today, so easy to make and full of flavor... thank you... and yes, I will make it again 🍲👩🏻‍🍳
Author: Daigis
Dang! Never got a notification for this video. And I love chicken tso
Author: Dujas
Used to be one of my fav's also, now it can be again Yay !! Thank you :o)
Author: Fausida
I made this recipe for my mom for Mother’s Day. She loved it! Thank you always for the amazing videos, you have been the biggest help for months in my new vegan life.
Author: Gardale
Please adopt me 😭😭
Author: Meztilkree
Love your videos and your energy!! I definitely have to try this recipe!!
Author: Nelabar
I am not vegan but I love FOOD (all food) but because of your energy and how ABSOLUTELY AMAZING your food looks I am definitely trying your recipes.

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