RPG Maker XP Tutorial - Part One - Basics

22.06.2019   |   by Yorg

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Comments "RPG Maker XP Tutorial - Part One - Basics":

Author: Sagrel
When I try to test the game. It says error
Author: Salmaran
Author: Tojami
Wow, this actually helped! Thank you so much! ^0^
Author: Akikree
can you teach me how to change the language?? i got the brazilian one.. ineed english
Author: Magal
1,recycle bin
Author: Mim
Thanks for basically covering the basics in basically the most basic way that is basically possible.
Author: Aralabar
Author: Grolmaran
I bet that microphone tastes nice.
Author: Tojalrajas
can u send me some links on add-ons sir? please please
Author: Makinos
this is a thank you from someone in 2018.
Author: Faejar
Yes! That's what i need. I finished To The Moon last month and i want totaly try to make something like that too ><. The only problem is that i yet don't know if u have any tutorial how to make your own graphics like actors or objects in game. Anyway rly thank for this even if it's 4 years old xD
Author: Gugor
pls help
Author: Meztishicage
I would make a cutscene, and at the end of it, you start a battle, and then after the battle ends copy the map your on, your town, and fill it with monster, and transfer yourself there, so its like your town just filled with monsters.
Author: Kigazshura
It says it can't copy a folder!
Author: Tozuru
Author: Zuzshura
thanks helped me learn basics and how to put down characters C: !
Author: Mogor
when I click playtest it just stays on the game loading screen and nothing else happens
Author: Taujar
a video from 2007 that actually has a meaning wow
Author: Tarr
"Woah not that many cactuses " XD
Author: Kajora
Thanks im starting my career as a videogame designer and this helps alot :D
Author: Meztilabar
Omg u should see my comp desktop
Author: Tauzshura
5.rpg xp
Author: Natilar
(i know dat sucked)
Author: Meztigami
This actually helped me. A lot. oAo
Author: Akilar
2.kompozer WYSIWUG editer
Author: Akinoshakar
RPG Maker XP for Windows XP!
Author: Meztijas
try different destination folder
Author: Tacage
Mine doesen't work..... when i make a new project it says failed to copy folder

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