MAX RAGES AT CALLADOOTY: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Review

15.06.2019   |   by Gule

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Author: Faezshura
Max maybe your lack of skill is to blame for not receiving kill streaks and not getting kills without them
Author: JoJoll
Stick to fighting games >
Author: Vosar
Not many people are going to like CoD. That's to be expected.
Author: Vilabar
The only problems I have are, that I can't connect to multiplayer instantly. I have to try a couple of times before it lets me in, and the netcode on PC is really funky. Sometimes it's amazing, sometimes I just rage out because it's that bad.
Author: Voodookora
Please stick to being a casual fighting game player Max
Author: Shaktikazahn
Max...... Max, I think you need to look into your scoring system a bit.
Author: Satilar
How does less killstreaks make the game more casual? If anything, the overpowered killstreaks were for the casuals. The game practically played for you. The more advanced movement stuff in this game looks more technical and hardcore than previous COD games.
Author: Tagul
They should make a call of duty current warfare lol
Author: Jukinos
Wow Could not DISAGREE with you more! I enjoy everything you mentioned, and no kill streaks are not hard, you just need to adapt to the new playstyle. FINALLY COD DID SOMETHING INNOVATIVE that everyone loves! Play the game more and get better, dont blame "their balance decisions" when its really your lack of skill.
Author: Gahn
Im happy that the killstreaks arent that good.
Author: Nikozil
Aw is the most balanced cod mp in a while no more camping spawn traps or quick scope fuckery the exo suit makes each opponent on level playing field no matter what they're running i actually think its great killstreaks are nerfed they have been broken for so long its good to be in a match see an enemy warbird and know that you still can win the match because it's not gonna destroy yo every time you spawn
Author: Darisar
But what do I know. I haven't played one of these since MW2.
Author: Shazshura
The Master Chief collection is where it's at. Call of Duty is a joke.
Author: Zolozragore
With that said, I still love games like Black Ops II even with all the really powerful scorestreaks, because they are fun, and the game in general. And thats the point. The two games are two different kind of fun, and I can totally understand your point.
Author: Fejinn
Expensive and ineffective kill streaks is a plus point for me, I hated the kill streak dominance in MW2. Killstreaks can be very exciting but only to a certain extent, past games put too much emphasis on them and players would abandon objectives just to keep their streak. Dieing instantly from spawn 4 or 5 times in a row due to all of the choppers in the air isn't fun, at the same time spending half the match on rails hitting dots on the ground also isn't fun it, high streaks just encourage bad players to camp even more to get overpowered streak rewards.
Author: Akinos
Legend of Korra: Max calls it a decent game. 6/10
Author: Yozshum
lol max's negatives are my positives. i think i might actually give it a try for the first time in years.
Author: Akilkis
I must agree with many of those who wrote in the comment section, that your negative points are actually really positive to many. I don't like op killstreaks/scorestreaks, and this game feels just right. The multiplayer not godlike, but it's really good. And if you don't like the basic scorestreaks you can customize them, to let them be more fun. Sure, you must work really hard to get a higher or even a medium(let's say 700) point scorestreak, and that is lets say 7 kills, but a lightning strike is 750 in BO2, and I can't get more kills with a lightning strike, as with a satellite laser.
Author: Kazragal
Max, you're not even a virgin...why you play this?
Author: Mugar
Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Max talks about his gripes. 6/10
Author: Mokazahn
I like the fact that they tried something new and fresh. The exo-suits gear the game more towards gun on gun action, quick movement, reaction and twitch skills which is what Call Of Duty multiplayer started off as. Ghosts didn't sell but it wasn't because people thought that it was balanced, Ghosts was just terrible period.
Author: Gugor
Max would rather have the broken as shit MW2 than a good game like COD4
Author: Brabar
Aliens Colonial Marines: Max says it's awful. 6/10
Author: Akinole
Im pretty butt hurt that I bought this game. Its kinda bad!
Author: Yozshukora
so rage must have a new meaning because max didnt sound angry at all
Author: Voodoole
Max i almost always agree with you but i think balance is a very important factor to all games. I dont even play COD but i know its important.
Author: Mezragore
All the bad things u said described a good game lol
Author: Kajijar
Totally disagree with this review! All the things that you think were good were there reasons that people stopped playing and the numbers started declining. I mean to sit where someone's spawn point is, is terrible. I think it's great that they make you run instead of camping out to boost your K/D. Bet this game sales better than Ghosts tried to sell because it has gone back to the roots, which means it's fun. Sorry Ya any other time, but I got to disagree this time man.

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