Lana Del Rey - Change

06.06.2019   |   by Akinor

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Author: Kazrazilkree
ok for a quick second i thought he was bryan from the 100 ohmygod
Author: Zulabar
Could you please do Sherlock with a Lana, the nbhd, or cigarettes after sex song...when I saw the thumbnail I thought it was Sherlock lol, but it's still beautiful
Author: Fejind
Yes London Spy yes!
Author: Fauzilkree
I thank you for posting this kind of videos. Lana Del Rey is my favorite singer since a long and the clips are all so perfect.
Author: Mom
I love this actor. God these two are beautiful.... this was amazing....
Author: Zulkigal
When you wanna have a radical change in your life, maybe just need to listen this song, and sing it out loud, because their meaning behind those lyrics have a powerful impulse to do it and make it real. Lana knows how difficult it’s to get rid of those things that are not valued to you and it’s just a waste of time for thinking. Get ready now, take whatever you need to take, because now, the change in your life starts now.
Author: Katilar
I REALLY LOVE BEN WHISHAW. He's just amazing. thx for making this great vid🖤💜
Author: Gakazahn
I feel like you should use the movie The Perks of Being A Wallflower in one of your video.
Author: Kazradal
hey i have a request, would you be able to do a video with effy from skins maybe! that would be so cool ;) love your vids wish there were 100000 more
Author: Faerr
edit: wow ive never felt so stupid
Author: Mauzshura
never leave your acc, kisses from France, ily ❤️
Author: Mecage
This song is hauntingly beautiful.
Author: Mushakar
you're so talented and doing such a great job
Author: Moogukasa
I started watching London spy because of this video. Poor Alex was murdered. They both deserved better.:(
Author: Meztisar
This is so perfect I can't even💕
Author: Garisar
I love Ben Whishaw since Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. He's a human masterpiece!
Author: Tozil
how has this emotionally ruined me? I don't even know these boys
Author: Nishicage
if you put twin peaks: fire walk with me with carmen by ldr it would be so dope! love this video as usual!
Author: Gukree
He lookin like a snack
Author: Malakinos
This was requested by "aliermaldom" on Instagram. Thanks for the request, I loved editing with this TV series :)
Author: Nikokinos
This song touched me so bad
Author: Mezigul
I hope you will do a video with the film "Call Me By Your name" please omg
Author: Baramar
Song about my 2018

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