Follow Me Around- Wal-Mart HALLOWEEN ADVENTURE!

08.07.2019   |   by Sazilkree

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Comments "Follow Me Around- Wal-Mart HALLOWEEN ADVENTURE!":

Author: Dirr
7:01 “are you a YouTuber?” 😂
Author: Zulutilar
“Are you a YouTuber”
Author: Shaktikora
Author: Dushakar
People keep saying how happy they are that the "old Bunny" is back. The Bunny they fell in love with and so on....
Author: Tuzahn
“arE yoU a youTuber?!” I CAN’T
Author: Mikataur
so i'm tuning in after almost a year of not watching bunny anymore and I have to say, i'm back for good. THIS is the bunny I adore and who's videos I looked forward to everyday for years. I think Halloween might bring out the best in her <3
Author: Ararg
Dude. Shane Dawson will get kicked out of Walmart every single time he films in it. Lol
Author: Kazirr
My response no I’m just someone who is holding a camera vlogging in Walmart
Author: Gardakazahn
Looks like we should call it HAUL-o-ween with all the goodies you found.
Author: Vule
“Are you a youtuber?”
Author: Dirn
Author: Volmaran
Please do the foam pumpkin diy thing!!!
Author: Shaktishicage
🙆🏻 you seen much happier and it’s so lovely
Author: Zulushakar
EDIT) Why haven’t they put Vlogging in the dictionary yet
Author: Malanos
Love the girl ”are you a YouTuber?” 😍😂
Author: JoJokora
7:01 like if you heard the little girl saying
Author: Metaur
Can you vlog yourself decorating your home, indoor and out? .... I love Halloween and I wouldn’t mind if it was 40 mins long
Author: Shakanos
This is the best season to watch gaveyard girl ❤
Author: Zolonris
7:00 “Are you a YouTuber?”
Author: Kagat
I just wanted to say that she is loved regardless of not always being able to throw on a happy mask. If you truly care about someone then you care about them during the bad times as well as the good. We all go through stuff and some of it is worse than others. Depression and anxiety are soul suckers. It robs you of yourself. She will have her ups and downs and it's not something she's able to control. It's a chemical imbalance in the brain. I'm happy she seems to be feeling better, but I still adore her regardless. I don't want her feeling like she has to fake being happy just to please people. Depression is a very isolating and scary place to be....especially if you feel alone.
Author: Tygorn
Im so happy about the lava lamp. I felt incomplete for a second lmao
Author: Grogore
If you ever go to places like this, use the baby buckle in the cart and put it through your purse handles so no one snatches your purse. ❤
Author: Kakree
"and im gonna get it...cause I hate it." that makes so much sense to people who know that feeling
Author: Yozshusida
I noticed how last video you said that you’d like to transition more into daily vlog type videos with behind the scenes stuff and cool things here and there and honestly I love that idea and I’m loving this video!! It’s so great to see you so happy and doing so well. Keep it up bunny 💚
Author: Dozshura
@ 13:57 the ppl in the background tho

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