NHL 2015 All-Stars Skills Competition: Anything Goes Breakaway Challenge (NBCSN-HD (1/24/15))

06.07.2019   |   by Shakanos

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Comments "NHL 2015 All-Stars Skills Competition: Anything Goes Breakaway Challenge (NBCSN-HD (1/24/15))":

Author: Gam
Ovi takes 6 shots in a 3 shot tournament and still doesn't score once xD I think that's the funniest part of this by far.
Author: Nejora
What a savage that little kid skipped the away guys 😂
Author: Vigrel
Hahaha Crawford getting the heck out of there for Ovechkin's last swing was hilarious!
Author: Zulkilabar
Why's everyone hating on the All Stars? It's just for fun. Lighten up a little bit
Author: Shaktigore
If this is why people don't watch the All-Star game, then they want the players to just have fun. It's supposed to be entertaining. And that's what it is.
Author: Jushicage
brian eliott definitely stole the show :P
Author: Brazshura
Elliot and tarasenko easily had the most fun
Author: Vudolkree
Voracek's 3rd one was brilliant hahaha
Author: Kabar
my favourite one was when that one player picked up that calgary player like what the other player did with the kid, funniest attempt I ever seen
Author: Kazrashura
Johansen ain't no blue jacket anymore Like if watching after the trade
Author: Goltim
Ovechkin tried so hard lol
Author: Arashilar
tarasenko should have won
Author: Nill
Goalies should be able to win these too !
Author: Tojalar
I think that Brian Elliot was the most creative
Author: Shakak
Johansen, it was a little rigged in my opinion but hey i had several good laughs over it
Author: Kazira
has anybody looked at this dudes channel
Author: Neshura
Low key I still think Elliot should have won lol
Author: Kelabar
11:08 and 15:21
Author: Taumi
The only reason Tarasanko didnt win is because no one can spell his name right
Author: Gashura
"One of the most creative scorers in the National Hockey League--he's gonna fake the slapshot." I died.

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