Whisky review 161 - Buffalo Trace

22.07.2019   |   by Masar

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Author: Zulkira
Ralphy for president.
Author: Goltikree
at the beginning of this video.
Author: Kajijar
Great review...I bought a 1.75 Liter last week in Ft. Worth Texas for $40....fantastic value for a very good bourbon.
Author: Moshakar
Eagle rare, blantons need to be reviewed soon
Author: Akinogore
Thank you for the review, as a relatively new bourbon drinker I picked up a bottle of Buffalo Trace. Your review and attention to detail helped me to appreciate it that much more.
Author: Kigagrel
Saw it in the Grudge Match film - next trip to the store I'm going to buy it.
Author: Zulushakar
A good, solid bourbon and, in the States at least, probably the best value for money bourbon there is. Sadly, I've heard that BT has watered it down from 45% to 40% for export. A damn shame.
Author: Vimi
Buffalo Trace is an excellent bourbon. It's my favorite of all time. I keep trying other whiskeys and bourbons, and they're nice, but every time I come back to Buffalo Trace I can only marvel at the taste.
Author: Gara
Oh damn I take it back. Its actually quite nice.
Author: Fem
I love this stuff.
Author: Taujar
Ralfy, big fan here. I began my love-affair with scotch and am now a bourbon fanatic. I really enjoy your reviews and input. It would be much appreciated if you could provide more bourbon-based content you malty mad man
Author: Tushicage
Def was ok but I can't get past the sweetness of bourbon at all rather stick to my laphroaig and lagavulin here bourbon just to sweet for my palate
Author: Samuzilkree
Magnificent review for such a great bang for your buck bourbon.
Author: Fenritaur
Thought Ralfy was going to break out singing-
Author: Akibei
"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood..."
Author: Mezishura
2010 Ralfy says that reviews over 10 minutes tend to get sidetracked and lose focus. I wonder if 2010 Ralfy ever tells that to 2016 Ralfy, who does 25-minute reviews.
Author: Tygozil
Was really positively surprised by this
Author: Sagrel
Ralfy..I just wanna say...I think you're great. It could also be because you love Whiskey like I do. Lol. Good day sir.
Author: Brara
Best affordable bourbon out there. No contest. There's a perfect balance of sweetness and flavor. You just keep coming back for more. I don't drink bourbon but I drink buffalo trace.
Author: Samuzragore
Shame the buffalo trace small batch bottled for europe is now at 40%
Author: Gurisar
My favourite Bourbon!
Author: Fenrisar
I kid, of course. Ralfy's reviews are excellent at any duration, and the digressions are often the best parts.
Author: Vudokus
Seems like Y'all in Europe are getting the 80 proof. I just picked up a liter today and it was 45% ABV. Buffalo Trace must be saving the good stuff for America.

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