Land Trust vs LLC to Hold Property

20.07.2019   |   by Salar

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Author: Mukinos
Do you have an email address I can reach out to in regard to setting up asset protection structure for my rental properties?
Author: Shakagrel
Yea but charging orders differ from state. Also you can't save money on taxes of selling your home with llc.
Author: Maucage
What about an LLC as the beneficiary of the L T?
Author: Mazuzuru
Can you do a video on having anonymity when buying land and putting it in a land trust. Thanks
Author: JoJosar
Do you set up L T for clients? If not, who would you recommend?
Author: Kisar
Use a nominee to remain anonymous in LLC via attorney
Author: Nanos
What the he'll is a LLC
Author: Brashakar
There are many reasons to use a land trust beyond just liability protection. I've used it many times to divide up ownership among partners, some using LLCs/corporations/individual names. And also if a partner sells out, it's easy to change the beneficiaries of the trust without having to record a deed. I love the flexibility of land trusts, and I don't see any reason not to use them.
Author: Brarn
Hello hey I just become a Scriver get a day have a question about some legal stuff supposedly I have got some money and it's sitting in a bank but you want it or is it some kind of fee for getting money from another country is some kind of fee and they give me so many days to paper like egg told him that I have money

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