Mark Loffhagen Shearing Alpacas.

23.06.2019   |   by Kilabar

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Comments "Mark Loffhagen Shearing Alpacas.":

Author: Gujora
LOL gotta love the screamer Mark.
Author: Dimuro
Dont be a sheep.
Author: Arashura
Who or what is screaming is it a child or the alpacas
Author: Yozshumi
your torchoring those alpacas how would you feel if someone did that to you you you wedos
Author: Barr
Best alpaca shearing video I've seen.
Author: Samulkree
i mean they could be a little nicer and gentler ­čś×
Author: Tautaur
wow, ladies and gentlemen, the standard
Author: Gaktilar
You are an expert...and a compassionate person. A pleasure watching you shear. Mary
Author: Kigat
nice shearing Mark.
Author: Miran
you are really good a real prof
Author: Arashizuru
Thanks so much for the kind comments , we try . A lot of copy cats out there now some ok most just terrible but oh well had to happen I guess .Maybe I should teach at sometime .
Author: Meztizil
This mark fella is real good at shearing
Author: Zuluran
Hey Mark!! Worked with you again today at Margies in Gore. I had to see it to believe it - 3 animals in 8 minutes!
Author: Vozil
Just sheared with Mark on Memorial day, did 84 animals...Mark truely is a master of his craft.

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