Lion vs Tiger - Comparison & Facts

04.07.2019   |   by Gojind

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Author: Faurr
2 things, speed has been proven for to be in the lions favor and the bite force of the lion is actually really close to that of a tiger (i read / watched where yall got the 600 pound thing) but a different research study found that lions will use less bite force if they they don't need to use their max
Author: Zululabar
1 on 1, tigers win no doubt
Author: Vogis
Most of the video is wrong.
Author: Zulrajas
The bengal tiger is a better fighter than a siberian tiger.
Author: Kazira
Tiger average: 1000 pounds per square inch (450 kg of force).
Author: Zologrel
Author: Zolok
Tigers have gravity on their side as they will be striking down, reason being is that they balance on their hind legs. They have the weight behind the swip too, and with stronger hind-quarters they can spring into the swipe, with retractable claws it makes them much more deadly and sharper.
Author: Branris
Male siberian tiger average 175 kg ( older than 3 years ), females average just 117 kg, largest wild siberian tiger is 205 kg. There are lions in Africa reaching 230 kg, thus lion is bigger than the sib. tiger.
Author: Sharg
/watch?v=LY9pUEy1Hj8 - Dave Salmoni
Author: Tauzuru
lion is very powerfull and Very stubbornThe fighter
Author: Kagajora
would help the fmales if necessary like taking down a really huge african buffalo.
Author: Shajora
Do you need courage in hunting in team ????? It should be Loin 0 tiger 1
Author: Arazahn
Wow, Tiger weighs as much as my ex lady!!! :O
Author: Zulkiktilar tigre siberiana ad es. è piena di grasso e di pelo lungo(che ne aumentano il peso!) e proprio per questo la rendono meno agile e nella lotta il suo corpo si surriscalda subito ed è costretta a rallentare la sua azione onde evitare l'eccessivo surriscaldamento! Il leone ha una muscolatura asciutta e compatta, un morso più potente, ed essendo alto 1,23 al garrese vs 1,07, ha la zampata più potente, ne basta una contro tante della tigre per lo stesso risultato!
Author: Kidal
You know nothing of this subject, you write in Italian as your English is shit, so you go to school. In an older comment your wrote "I am in disagrree with you" which should be "I'm going to disagree with you."
Author: Gardacage
If it wasn't relevant, then you would see smaller animals winning fights as much but they don't. If it was not relevant, a leopard would have a chance against a lion but it does not. Also, the tiger and the lion are both built to fight and hunt. Both animals are very similar.
Author: Tojagor
I didn't say that they are heavier then tigers i said that they are heavier then your numbers say...
Author: Vukus
Tiger is stronger than lion
Author: Goltilrajas
All the experts you said and i read...they says on a fight Always lion will win... it's based on personal experience...conclusion is 9 times on 10 lion says names of experts says the opposite you says! You are a lier!
Author: Mami
I agree
Author: Yozshule
Studies show the Lion to be the second strongest cat, this will show how much you know about Lions.
Author: Gozilkree
bullshit!!! u must be a lion fan. what i learn from school, tigers are bigger, stronger, faster, and more aggresive than lion. they have the courage to fight any animal doesnt matter how big they are.
Author: Teshakar
Just look at a comparison of the two animals, Tiger has much bigger arms, if a Lion is stronger -
Author: Mikakinos
Speed I think depends on the species of the tiger or lion. However in agility, that goes to any tiger. Yes there was a new study about their bite forces but the tiger still has a slightly stronger bite force than the lion.
Author: Fekus
your facts are 100% BULLSHIT!!
Author: Nikosho
What have I said that's wrong, everything I have said is backed up. Why don't I ask you for your proof? now what...
Author: Meziran
There are smaller Lions than the Kalahari Lions and the Bengal Tigers average higher than the Siberian Tiger.
Author: Zulule
Wtf tigers r faster lions barely ever run unless there alone
Author: Mik
Wait, do how did you measure aggressiveness and courage again? Haha.
Author: Dulkree
i never said a lion has more bite force lol i tiger might be a more powerful hunter but lions are made to fight not hunt, they hunt only when they have to but rarely with a pride. they cant hunt well because of their mane, lions also have deadlier swips than tigers, the tiger has more biteforce because it has a shorter jaw but a tiger would loser because a lion can bite a tigers neck, a tiger cant, lions have such a smaller neck and all that fur. Doubt tigers are faster no evident of that found
Author: Nera
Perhaps this is the MOST RELIABLE analysis of a fight between a lion and a tiger. Let's narrow and make the issue more specific with these questions
Author: Vishakar
Author: Goltijind
dude can you give me the link.thanks for me a lion would not fight a tiger thats why it always loses.lions are smart that they run away if theres a stronger enemy so that they dont get killed but tigers fight like a human vs A gigantic dinosaurs.and lions only fight for food thats why they steal food and also thats why they kill each other to kill food it would be good to see a lion trying to kill a tiger to get thats what the expert should try to do in order to see a real fight
Author: Mut
solitario, che agisce di sorpresa sulle prede, non in campo aperto, e in una tigre teme la lotta, perché ferendosi complicherebbe la sua vita e non essendo un animale sociale morirebbe se non più in grado di cacciare adeguatamente!...Il resto sono solo numeri più o meno attendibili...LION WIN AND I WIN tu dici solo numeri come un ragioniere!
Author: Shakanos
I can name you over 156 experts in favour of the Tiger.
Author: Mebar
I don't speak Italian, your Italian must be shit too as you don't know it starts with a capital letter.
Author: Tushakar
lion the king ,
Author: Kigakasa
A Tiger will avoid fights, yes. If they do choose to fight, then they will go all out and fight to the death, unlike a Lion which will maybe swipe you once to show his dominance.
Author: Malanos
lion is great warrior
Author: Kazitilar
Tigers dont have chance to win a one on one fight with male lion. Male lions are better fighters, They will win for sure.
Author: Baktilar
Clyde Beatty is the #1 Lion Expert, this is what he said.
Author: Faelmaran
Author: Faushura
Comparing bodies they are very similar.  The tiger is thicker and the lion taller.  However, most of the lion's weight is front loaded where the tiger is evenly distributed.  This increases the power of a lion's strikes and the strength of his grip when grappling.  The lion's flimsier rear reduces his running and more so jumping ability (a young male lion can run as fast or faster and longer than a tiger but he can not leap like a tiger or accelerate like a tiger.- while fully mature alpha male lions do not run or jump quite as well).  The lion sacrifices this hunting advantage in exchange for a fighting edge.  His body and mind gradually and thoroughly convert from hunter to fighter with age and maturity. 
Author: JoJonos
the striped dude doesn't want to risk his life with even little pain on his jaw, claw, or shoulder. The tigers are solitary hunters. Any injury to their body parts would prove to be FATAL. They could go hunting anymore!!! "A stitch in time saves nine"
Author: Fesida
I wasn't feeding you anything, anyone can be a Zoologist as long as they're studying Zoology.
Author: Mikalrajas
Scientists say from data the Tiger wins 9 out of 10 fights, they won 91% of the Colosseum fights, try and deny that.
Author: Mooguzilkree
Corrections: The Lion's bite force is way higher than 600lbs, closer to or at 900lbs
Author: Samugul
Im not a boy and the first to use bad word has been're just a fanatic and stupid person to me!
Author: Dukora
Statistics are tricky, but these were acceptable.
Author: Mikarn
Ballshit lion is more aggressiveness than tiger
Author: Grok
I'll tell you that Tigers are manlier than lions. Tigers are thoughtful and cautious compared to a lion. A lion seems to have more courage and to say that they are proud of themselves.
Author: Kakazahn
Experts say it is a close fight between a Bengal and a Afrcian Lion, but Siberian is no debate. This is because they are so much bigger, they would handle a Lion, like a toy.
Author: Dajas
@princejlee Blow for blow my ass lol! Can't you read how much advantages Tigers have against this little midget called ,
Author: Tygogore
You know nothing about Tigers or Lions, did you even know Lionesses do the hunting while the males sleep for 21 hours a day?
Author: Vuzil
i think you compare tiger with cat and not with lion , so many mistakes
Author: Yozshule
tigers more ferocious? lol nope, and acceleration will help the tiger escape but blow for blow a tigers no match.
Author: Kagall
As Tigers hunt so stealthy, people in India have to wear masks on the back of their heads so the Tigers are confused and think they can't hunt humans.
Author: Dodal
Are you talking about fear or something? Tigers are fearless, the only animal on Earth not afraid to confront a Human, people in India must wear masks on the back of their heads so the Tiger doesn't take them down.
Author: Brashakar
Exactly and this is a fact but some people just don't want to hear it...
Author: Kazitaxe
in potenza! Io ho visto questo in tanti reali combattimenti..quando il leone è giovane e reattivo schiva, respinge e incassa tranquillo le 4 rapide zampate della tigre e reagisce con 1 o 2 potentissime zampate che atterrano la tigre o la mettono in fuga perché si rende conto di avere contro un avversario più potente di lei...quando questo non avviene è perché il leone è vecchio stanco e non reagisce più! Il leone è più abituato alla lotta contro altri leoni, iene,leopardi, la tigre è un animale
Author: Femi
Io ho detto che i canini della tigre sono più lunghi ma meno resistenti e più fragili.....nell'indicazione che ti ho detto di cercare su internet, spiega perché il leone è più forte della tigre..non c'entrano le dimensioni(non del tutto vere fra l'altro poichè i 2 felini si equivalgono sostanzialmente) dipende dalla struttura genetica e dalla conformazione scheletrica...poi dalla maggiore propensione alla lotta a favore del leone...dalla resistenza...
Author: Garan
The truth is that both animals would show respect to each other because they so close to each other in a fight and animals do not take unnecessary risks, because if they get them self hurt it is death sentence, they cannot hunt anymore...
Author: Douran
In short, comparing a lion and a tiger would be like: comparing a brutal bad drunk guy (having no future to think about) and a nice CLARK KENT who alaways thinks about his safety and future...
Author: Vocage
This isn't true...then i've seen tiger give many fast shots, lion give just one strong shot, and tiger go away! Many tiger shots are weaker than one lion's shot! Every expert of animals i read said lion is stronger than where i said to you in the other post please!
Author: Najin
I agree in general, but some experts say a bengal tiger defending his territory is the most aggressive cat. They say it's so damn hard to capture video of them so I'm still eager to see it.
Author: Gardajin
male lions have that fire in their eyes, eye of the lion, heart of a lion
Author: Togis
Lion's do spend 4 years learning to fight but a Tiger is so much bigger, faster and stronger then a Lion it will always win a fight and this has been proven, look up 20 Lion's vs 1 Buffalo and see them fail hard for 5 mins.
Author: Akinorisar
to confront that lion. But I think, after sometime the tiger would become.... (let's see the last analysis)
Author: Taramar
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Author: Nezragore
How do you call someone stupid when you write I'm as Im.
Author: Faern
.Are you sain man, male lions are born to fight that is in their nature, go read some facts tiger are great hunters but they do not fight. male lion spends his lifetime fighting with others lions and with packs of hyenas..
Author: Grogis
Surely aggression should go to the lion. Lion king brave heart
Author: Yogrel
940psi I don't think so lad
Author: Jugor
Lion hunts in herd and tiger hunts alone. Simply you can understand by this who is more powerful and courageous
Author: Tauzshura
The relationship between lion and tiger is somewhat similar as that between brown bear and polar bear.  The brown bear which is not a hunter will tend to dominate larger polar bears which are hunters for many similar reasons as those between the big cats, except a brown bear which fights far more than any tiger but less than any male lion does not have a mane.  Also the Bengal tigers will often dominate the bigger Siberian tiger because the Siberian tiger is the least aggressive of the very large cats.  This makes sense because they are very rare and there are very few instances of territory conflict which is more common with Indian and more abundant Bengal tigers.
Author: Mooguzil
Ti ho detto di cercare questo: "LEONE CONTRO TIGRE CURIOSITA' E RIFLESSIONI SULLA VIOLENZA! Su Internet cercalo e leggilo!
Author: Nalmaran
I agree your opinion malik c6, that the fans are so rabid lions
Author: Mikasa
no ve a leon vs tigre batallas reales y vas ver realmente quies es quien
Author: Mushakar
They forgot to rate them on the beauty scale. Tigers win hands down.
Author: Mezilrajas
Did they really, because I could have sworn I saw this -
Author: Kedal its blow with a paw is stronger!...And zool does unaissailable the lion! Lion's bite is stronger than tiger...then lion is used fight...not tiger....Conclusion in a fight change from each lion or tiger but generally a strong lion vs strong tiger ....lion wins 7 on 10!
Author: Kitaxe
Male lions are outrageously aggressive..they are the maniacs..they are programmed to fight till death and are relentless.
Author: Arashijinn
Loads of people survive multiple Lions attacks, but have you ever heard of many people surving a lone Tigers atttack?
Author: Yozshusida
the uploader is a tiger fan
Author: Yorg
U got a point here, I'm gonna be honest with u. I prefer tiger like u do after I saw some comparison. Lions are fucking oppurtunist who'll steal meat from others predators while tiger eat those preys hunted by themselves only very strict. Tigers are real loner compare to lonewolf. Yes tigers take the dignity level up to cloud 9000 compare to lion but still I'd feel bad to call them coward bcuz they see surviving much important than dignity.
Author: Arashir
let me guess, u are zoologist now? did u measure the lion's bite force yourself? No! Get your facts right and stop feeding me horse shit.
Author: Vudosho
Lions are definately more aggressive that tigers but they are not built as strong and sturdy as tigers. Tigers have to be bigger and stronger because they are solitary. A tiger has more bite force and strenght and speed than a lion sorry but look up the facts.
Author: Mazum
Lions mane offers no protection, it slows them down so it is a disadvantage, said by Clyde Beatty the #1 Lion Expert in the world.
Author: Arashicage
Tigers fight with 2 paws, Lions fight with 1 paw, that gives the Tiger a huge advantage, and that's why they win.
Author: Nikorisar
Lions are heavier in the siberian tiger project which are the largest tigers they weighed 50 male tigers and the heaviest was 435lb and the aveage was 370lbs and the largest lions which are the south african lions average over 500lbs so get your facts straight and their bite force is the same
Author: Tygora
So how many mistakes did you make?
Author: Nikosho
lions have moe height from shoulders to feet and more length from head to tail which gives them more advantage in a fight
Author: Tulkis
Proprio ora guardavo come la fortissima tigre dopo aver assestato 4- 5 colpi svelti svelti propro come fanno i cani barboncini...alla prima zampata seria del re leone abbassa le orecchie e si mette a cuccia...oppure scappa ah ah ah guardatela su everland!
Author: Gardadal
The aggression should go to the Lion aswell. Lions are more willing to risk injury fighting because if they are injured they can survive off the kills of other pride members whereas in the wild Tigers really avoid fights.
Author: Vutilar
The male Lions in Kalahari averaged on 189 kg over the time they measured them.
Author: Tojajar
Siberian Tigers aren't full of fat. Tigers leap 6 meters and jump 5, so when they do this, it will stretch their skin making it more saggy.
Author: Gugis
This is ridicules. If you compare the two cats use the largest of each. The Siberian Tiger and the Barbary Lion.
Author: Mooguhn
Author: Basar
WHAT about in a narrow cage? This is what I have been willing to share. From the videos that I saw, when a lion & a tiger meet in a narrow cage, the two are fighting so fiercely. And the lion woul turn victorous, seeing the tiger always tres to escape. But then..learning that the cage is impossible to go out from, the tiger would fight back and show his real POWER. this is the key I think
Author: Kedal
As for the canines, are you serious? Tigers canines are 2.8 inches long, of what you can see, and 4 inches fully including the hidden part from the gum.
Author: Akinos
Do not listen to bigcatsliontiger. He is a lion fanatic. Check his channel.
Author: Dara
I believe in that says experts! And they says different things from you that aren't expert! Measures and studies, facts and considerations i read from many experts are persuasive to me because i've seen real fight lion and tiger, and when it is a Young and strong' there isn't match! Now i must go and i don't want speak for more...because every fool can say idiot to another person but then he lose all credibility!
Author: JoJora
This video is wrong avg lions weigh 450 lbs and tigers 550
Author: Arashirn
How come he can't leap or jump like a Tiger can?
Author: Nimi
Lions have only 2.3 inch long canines, but 3 inches fully, 0.7 hidden by the gum.
Author: Nikole
How come he can't balance on his hind legs?
Author: Kajizahn
Well, I study animals for a living and it is an obvious fact by now that tigers are superior to lions. Tigers are larger, more muscular, and stronger. Lions fight in packs so don't have to worry about one to one fighting giving the tiger an edge in fighting techniques. But anyway there are so few tigers and lions left we should not worry about tigers being superior to lions, and just enjoy their being before their all gone.
Author: Akinomi
Always the same with you Lion fans, mane doesn't protect a Lion. They are purely for attracting the females, darker the mane, the more testorone.
Author: Daijora
@LionHeart1990s They do but are smaller than African lion prides. African lions may be larger, but the Asiatic lion is still very aggressive.
Author: Daitilar
Every one was correct except it saying tigers are more aggressive cause lions are more aggressive because they have an higher high tatostrone
Author: Kazrabei
The Tiger rules
Author: Dajinn
Are you serious, stop denying the true facts.
Author: JoJobar
Reading from various sources is how I found the Lions bite force.
Author: Dalkree
per quel che ho letto io non ha apparentamenti con nessuno degli attuali felini! Quel che so è che i crani di leone e tigre sono molto simili...l'eccessivo amore per questo felino non ti deve portare ad esagerare e a metterlo in una posizione che non gli compete...Il felino più forte per me è THE LION!
Author: Nehn
I was wrong, Tigers fight more than Lions -
Author: Kigasida
The lion can only run to 60 kmh and the tiger 80kmh
Author: Kazim
Go to school....
Author: Takinos
Your fan tiger, lion 180 kilos? haha, no is reality, only courage
Author: Kajijora
Lion can't climb trees as his claws aren't sharp enough, Tigers have retactable claws, and have a better grip.
Author: Tojahn
Wrong , Tiger is faster than lion.
Author: Mezigrel
3. In a relatively wide enclosure (staged)
Author: Faeshakar
size isn't always relevant, a liger wouldn't win a fight against a tiger or lion but it is far bigger than both
Author: Mezicage
Author: Voodookus
The answer to Question number 1 would be: 1. In the nature (which is impossible since the two don't share their territory), 2. In a cage (staged of course), 3. In a ..
Author: Gaktilar
The tiger wins, because it has more advantages
Author: Zulkigor
How can a Lions paw be taller? Tiger paws are stronger, their arms are shorter and more robust, Tigers are much stronger.
Author: Tauktilar
@nomadlion1985 and more aggressive. Also what's this whole courage thing? it's not like we can weigh the lion's and tiger's sence moral values. bengal tigers may be as aggressive as african lions, but not siberian tigers, they are too fat to be aggressive.
Author: Tujind
A Bengal Tiger has carried a 3300lbs Buffalo carcass for over half a mile, when it dropped the carcass, 13 men tried, and failed to picked it up.
Author: Temi
mentira o leão é mais agrasivo do que o tigre e o leão ñ tem so 200 e pouca força na boca ele tem 425 kg ta tudo errado
Author: Taunris
A Tiger will always beat a Lion in a fight with ease.
Author: Zugrel
Facts, right. Tell me how you measure gourage. Speed and bite force are also completely wrong.
Author: Shaktizragore
Tigers are lone beast they hunt alone . a Bengal tiger even killed a huge crocodile in one bite, and tigers are the best swimmers, but lions hate water .
Author: Akinogrel
the FUCK
Author: Nikogal
You noticed Tigers running away, in movies? you know movies are not real...
Author: Vojind
They Asian Lions also take too many damn pictures when they are on vacation.
Author: Taudal
Also in more severe fights tigers continue to attack the neck area of a lion which is invincible and conversely a lion often will bypass the tigers vulnerable neck because he fights as if the tiger had a mane and focuses on the spine instead.  There are actually more SEVERE fights between lions and tigers then between tigers and tigers which happens VERY RARE.  There are hundreds of instances of nasty lion on lion fights and many hours of available video - try and find more than a handful of serious tiger fights - its impossible because there are very few.  Of course there are far more fights between lions and lions in the same inclosure than between lions and tigers in the same enclosure.  An alpha male lion will ALWAYS submit every tiger (even much heavier tigers) in the same inclosure usually without a fight. 
Author: Taugor
A lion is a far better fighter than a tiger and they nearly ALWAYS easily defeat the tiger when comparatively matched.  A male lion is built both body and mind strictly for fighting - not hunting.  A tiger is built strictly for hunting not fighting.  Everything about the lion is designed for fighting because he must fight to propagate not hunt.  A tiger must hunt and avoid fighting to survive and reproduce. 
Author: Duzahn
Did you Seen Tiger Jump and Attack man sitting on Elephant? They are Fearless. Can Hunt Down Large Baffelo to Big Crocodile. In India One Tigress kills over 400 human alone in 1944 and Known As Champawat Tigress. Anybody know Lions like this. But I Love both. But in Power and Perfection Tiger is More Deadly.
Author: Tygora
So here is what would happen.
Author: Mamuro
tiger kill and ate the buffalo alone... how about lion????
Author: Dogor
this video is a load of shit it's totally bias. first of all in a study in Africa showed that the average male lion had an average weight of 450lbs the crater lions were the biggest averaging 490lbs second of all lion biteforce 600psi? BULLSHIT a 2 year old male lion not even fully grown had a bit force of 700 and fully grown male has an estimated 1000 psi both lion and tiger have 2.5 inch claws and teeth this guy's just a tiger fanatic. and then you say tiger is more agressive what bull shit!!
Author: Voodoobar
Tiger's canines can actually grow up to 3.5 inches, not 2.8.
Author: Vulabar
What does a bigger mane mean?
Author: Kelkis
Hai cercato e letto "Leone contro tigre: Riflessioni sulla violenza? Look foer and read please.....Sarà vero quello che ho dei seri dubbi....le dimensioni cui fai riferimento non corrispondono secondo nessun esperto e sono visibili a leone e la tigre sono equiparabili come dimensioni...e tutti gli esperti(basati sui fatti) dicono che una tigre qualche volte può battere un leone vecchio, ma non ce la farà mai con un leone nel pieno delle sue forze! Lo smilodon....
Author: Daigami
Oh~ the HONOR!!! U can look it up here.
Author: Kegul
You're right about Lions but the heaviest Tiger was just over 800lbs.
Author: Aralkis
male lions are built to fight while tigers are built more to hunt?
Author: Dazuru
I've seen Lion prides run from Honey Badgers, explain that.
Author: Mikashura
And the tiger..The male tiger of course. It is also aggressive, but from videos that I saw, yess, male lions look more aggressive. But wait, we haven't got it fixed yet upon where the fight happen. In the nature? (which is impossible to occur)...In the open anture, I bet the male tiger would do his best with his boxing style, but would soon run away leaving from the angry fellow with massive mane..why...because
Author: Mezibei
Can a Lion stand on his hind-legs? NO!
Author: Tagami
Real video....not movies... real fight! .look for on internet! Poi tutti gli zoologi sostengono che il leone vince 7-8 volte su 10 contro la tigre e spiegano bene i motivi. Cerca e leggi dove ti ho indicato....
Author: Nikojar
Clyde and Craig are Lion experts, favour the Tiger. Both Daves favour the Tiger, aswell.
Author: Aralkis
bullshit, lions are coward. i saw too much documentary where lions abandoned their pride without fightning when a stronger oppenents appeared
Author: Bramuro
animalvsanimal . yuku . com /topic/70/Lions-greater-percentage-body-fat-tigers-Bengal-tigers
Author: Negor
Fighting Experience > Tick for Lions who regularly fight packs of Hyena's, Wild Dogs, Leopards, Cheetah's and gangs of Nomad Lions.
Author: Dojora
Do you really honestly think that an anmial that can bite a buffalo neck and break it will be stopped by a mane of fur? Lets put logic into play here and really think about that one.
Author: Mezik
I think tigers are bigger and stronger but this whole video has wrong facts about lions and tigers
Author: Yozshulmaran
You just deny the facts, when you can't. Everyone that reads mine and your comments, will know I'm winning, you know nothing about this subject, have you even studied Tigers or Lions before?
Author: Moogugul
I am in disagrree with you on everything and that i read from experts of wild animals is totally in disagree with you read!...But that i've seen in real fight confirm whta i said because for example i've seen tiger in vain snap at lion mane! Everybody said siberian tiger has 10-15 kg of fat and that is bad for say is not true! You're just a fanatic of tiger and you're not objective!
Author: Kajilabar
Both can reach 50mph in short distance
Author: Gardashicage
Some right. Some wrong. I question the speed. I think their the same. Aggression goes to the lion. They have a pride to protect and their instincts tell them to dominate. The weight depends but tigers are usually 100 or 200 pounds heavier than lions. The Bengal tiger is 50 kilos heavier than Asiatic lion. But other than that, you are right. Tigers have larger canines and have 400 pounds more biteforce.
Author: Doum
ive seen the way tigers and lions fight. Tigers box fast both paws and would seriously injure a lions face but they lack the power of a lions 1 paw swipes. Lion would go for the kill and bite the neck but the tiger cant, no neck lions just mane. Not to mention lions are alot more aggressive and territorial and would likely provoke a tiger to fight.
Author: Moogugore
Sadly I only have 500 characters to work with.
Author: Sakinos
I'm stupid but you don't end senteces with a full stop.
Author: Gagami
Even some studies show a Lion to have as low as 691lbs!
Author: Meztirg
What is a Berber Lion? do you mean Barbary which loses to Sumatran. I can't understand the rest of what you are saying.
Author: Yozshuzahn
animalvsanimal . yuku . com /topic/70/Lions-greater-percen­tage-body-fat-tigers-Bengal-ti­gers
Author: Faemi
1. tiger fans- live in reality
Author: Teramar
There was a study that shows that an average tiger has a 15% stronger bite force than the lion at equal weights. If the lion is heavier, then the bite force is about equal or in the lions favor. Like a male lions bite vs a tigresses bite.
Author: Yolabar
@sambaTV1 Actually Siberian Tigers are not very fat, their stomachs look like they are hanging down much more than they are because of their long drooping fur.
Author: Kijin
THE REAL POWER!!! SO eventually the Lion knows who are stronger and more powerful. The Lion would become hopeless and finally get owned.
Author: Juktilar
Tigers are closest to Smilodon, the strongest. Lions is closest to Cheetah, the weakest. I'll send the sources if you want.
Author: Vozil
sorry can't spell
Author: Gardam
Have you even studied either of these two animals?
Author: Fenrijas
there has been a record of a tiger weighing 506 kgs
Author: Doukora
Tigers claws are retractable, and bigger, therefore their swipes are sharper, stronger and much more deadly.
Author: Teramar
i think tiger is faster than lion. lion also has a better fighting skill. lion=better fighter. tiger=better hunter
Author: Samulabar
Tiger territory il trattato piu' completo dedicato alla tigre(!!!!) indica il leone come il più probabile vincitore in uno scontro diretto a parità di condizioni oggettive! cerca quel che ti ho scritto e leggi, ma soprattutto ragiona obiettivamente!
Author: Dakazahn
Proved wrong again.
Author: Taunris
+micropeen you are wrong the bengal tiger can weigh up tp 300+ kg
Author: JoJonos
Comes to something when the #1 Biologist, and #1 Lion Expert favour the Tiger.
Author: Brajinn
@bladesmark1 You have clear, absolutely reliable scientific report from SIKHOTE-ALIN PROJECT, which states sib tiger average weights 176,4 kg, largest one being 206 kg. No point discuss with people who believe in myths and popular belief.
Author: Arashisho
aggression goes to lions. they always fight each other and protect there pride
Author: Zujas
I am perfectly serious, i am not a kid nor brainwashed with popular beliefs and myths, in the wild there is 500 tigers, very healthy population that increases constantly, and there is no male tiger heavier than 205 kg. Most books states that tiger is bigger than the lion, thats simply not the truth. Tiger and the lion are pretty same sized animals, difference in weight is small.
Author: Ninos
Write properly please. Tigers bite more then a Lion, did you know a Lions favourite method of killing is infact submission from chokes.
Author: Totaur
@bigcatsliontiger Has anybody told you that its dangerous to drink on an empty head?
Author: Akile
lol this is sad, people arguing over which animal is stronger. love them both equally for they are beautiful animals....
Author: Ararg
If a tiger is even modestly injured he will starve due to decreased ability to hunt and provide for himself.  A male lion can suffer severe injury and survive because he doesn't have to hunt.  His females do the vast majority of hunting.  This makes the lion much more willing to risk receiving a bite (or a rifle shot - it is very difficult to intimidate a lion but believe it or not it is actually easy to intimidate a tiger if you know how and keep your nerve - I know I have done it more than once.).  If a lion spots an opening in a fight (which he is genetically and experienced to recognize) he will seize it, even if he gets bit himself.  Tigers will not risk receiving a bite.  They will not bite unless really pressed because they know if they grab and bite they likely will also get bit. 
Author: Gocage
A lion (male), a would say, is like a warrior being born to fight other males and other big predators like the hyenas protecting the pride. They are so aggressive and would do whtever it takes to beat the opponents. They are less worried about their pain and wounds after the fight since they are still able to eat, counting on the females whose job is to go hunting. They do go hunting with the females occassionaly but ..
Author: Zunris
Look at the link I sent you, I proved that Lions have more body fat percentage than Tigers.
Author: Vicage
Once again. Those beautifull Creatures. Lion on Tiger? Is that the Question? Is it not Man vs Beast? Is it not Environment, space? Is it not to keep it all? LOVE
Author: Nikodal
I have gone over this -
Author: Daiktilar
You just make up shit on the spot, I have sources, you don't end of. I WIN.
Author: Nikocage
The average male Bengal Tiger is a bit larger than the Siberiand Tiger, and the Siberian Tiger on average (over the last 25 years) was 185 kg.
Author: Kizil
WTF does it's the eye of tiger mean? You are dumb,stop watching movies, & stop speaking on animals species & their behavior, which u know nothing about! Nomad lions hunt in groups, or by themselves once they are kicked out of a pride dumbass! Lions are called king of the jungle/beast, because of the vast african plains that they conquer,rule & defend with their strength,teeth & claws, nothing 2 do with their manes U fuckin idiot! Lions fight as cubs,once they R introduced into the pride!
Author: Gozilkree
Scientist say from their studies, a Tiger wins 9 out of 10 fights, which is correct. As in the Colosseum the Tiger won 91% of 1902 fights.
Author: Dataur
I hope tigers will spread out in africa so we will know which one is the real king
Author: Gagor
Lions strike up, gravity pushes down, making them slower, and their mane makes them even more slower. Don't forget on 3 legs, they are unbalanced.
Author: Tekinos
Lion and tiger jaw force comparison from National Geographic:
Author: Zurn
need a very very big glasses....but very big!
Author: Dibar
Tigers are stronger in the hip joints by 34% and in the shoulder joints by 30%, Lions are closely related to Cheetah while a Tiger is closest to Smilodon.
Author: Moogukasa
Sumatran were proven to be the most aggressive, you say they are scared?
Author: Vor
3. Are we talking about two male fighters?
Author: Kim
Its not always relevant but when it comes to animals, size usually matters. You don't see sub adult lions defeating full grown lions. You also don't see lionesses defeating lions. Bigger elks usually beat smaller elks during mating season. I think in most cases the bigger animal would win but it also depends on the individual.
Author: Mezikinos
-I have looked into this in some depth (sad commentary on my life).  As it turns out it is neither mysterious nor complicated.  My brother-in-law owns and trains many big cats and has for many years, including lions and Siberian tigers (especially lions and Siberian tigers).  At first without much thought, I assumed the tiger would have the edge especially the Siberian/Amur tiger due to size.  I figured in a fight between approximately = animals go with the bigger one, seems reasonable.  This is not the case. In fact its not really a close fight. 
Author: JoJozragore
I don't understand a word you say, this made no sense?
Author: Mezimi
“The tiger is normally at his best when fighting one other animal; and usually that one other animal is doomed” (Page 74, Ref. 27). Perry has mentioned that “Tigers are undoubtedly more aggressive than lions, and intolerant of rivals in their territories; and in hybrids between the two the tiger parent is dominant” (Page 165, Ref. 16).
Author: Negul
To me...doesn't matter what YOU(no expert) say! Then i think...on a fight itsn't essential climb the trees! That's important to a monkey! Or leopard (Leopard is stronger than a lion too? He can climb a tree! Don't joke! Important is strong shot lion can give! Its bite is stronger and heavier, its canines stronger, his paw because it's taller than tiger and paw is stronger! 250 kg full muscle(no fat), protective zool! This is essential! If you can see something in a chetah look like a lion you
Author: Megor
In Asia people say that a Tiger has 30 men inside him, meaning it has the strength of 30 men.
Author: Yosar
I'm not a guy, not girl, i'm a man and older than you stupid
Author: Yoshicage
There's tree bullshit comparison! tigers bite force is equal to lions, that's a bite force of a crocodile, tigers and lions are equal in speed. Aggressiveness goes to lions because of their natural instinct to fight and protect their pride.
Author: Vuzilkree
this video is very inaccurate. bradley barr measured the bite force of an adolescent male cape lion, and it clocked in at 700 lbs per square inch, so if it were an adult it would be a much bigger bite force. there is no way a lion's bite force is 600 lbs.
Author: Duktilar
aggressiveness for tiger?are you normal?
Author: Arashimi
2. lion fans living and will be live in cartoon world
Author: Dole
Bengal Tigers are averagely 450lbs. You should look at the Kaziranga Park Tigers, they are HUGE.
Author: Vudojind
Speed = power.
Author: Kazrarr
animalvsanimal . yuku . com /topic/1593/Lion-vs-tiger-Expert-opinion#.UfAQt3P-JjI
Author: Kagal
Io sono italiano sorry per il mio leone berbero è una sottospecie più grande, ora estinta, ma di cui c'è qualche esemplare in cattività. le dimensioni non contano dicevo e solo in rari casi la tigre siberiana arriva a pesare 280 kg! Ma sono kg di grasso non di muscoli. I canini sono più lunghi nella tigre, ma più fragili, il leone li ha più resistenti! La zampata del leone è più potente perché è più alto al garrese! E la criniera lo rende inattaccabile frontalmente!
Author: Nikosho
1. Where would the fight take place?
Author: Goltikinos
Author: Balar
Lion average: 945 pounds per square inch (425 kg of force).
Author: Nezragore
Go on this website to see all of the studies, remove the spaces.
Author: Karan
@LionHeart1990s They seem to be the same since they both have the same level testosterone and they both have prides. I have seen very aggressive Asiatic lions that would give even an African lion an run for its money. Even a tiger!
Author: Toran
If you don't know by now that Tiger's are the biggest natural cats in the world then I guess your never going to then.
Author: Kigagrel
Lions have proven to be more aggressive, they need to be, they have a pride to protect against so many enemies, Hyena Clans, African Wild Dog packs, Buffalo herds, Crocs and other marauding Lions 
Author: Mozragore
Also, a lion views a tiger as inferior because he will NEVER show respect for a cat without a mane.  The mane is a status symbol and lions view tigers as  either female or juvenile lions.  A lioness will not mate with a tiger but a tigress will mate with a lion.  This is why there are 15 ligers for every tigon.  This next FACT may provoke some.  Despite the close genetic relation between lions and tiger, the lion is the most gifted fighter in the cat family and the entire animal kingdom while the tiger is the least combative of all the big cats. No other carnivorous mammal on the planet lives a life so based and dependent on fighting as does the male lion.  Tigers hate to fight (this makes sense from a an evolutionary-survival perspective).  When they fight they strike with both paws simultaneously which prevents any power. Tigers push with there front legs to push their opponent away and decrease the risk of injury while simultaneously displaying their own strength.  Often tiger fights are over in just a couple of seconds before one submits by rolling on his back or lowering his head.  Often the victor even submits to communicate that he accepts the gesture and promises no further violence. 
Author: Mautaur
Tiger deaths by other Tigers - 25%
Author: Kigadal
I proved you wrong, idiotic Lion fanboy. I can send you absolutely everything over PM.
Author: Jura
Weight adds to power, and Tigers have 58.8% of muscle, Lions have much less.
Author: Bashicage
Lions do not want to submit and will NEVER submit to a cat without a mane.  I have seen on very rare occasions where somehow the tiger manages to gain an edge in a fight with the better fighting lion.  A tiger can hold a lion down for many seconds or over a minute but the instant the lion is free he will immediately attack.  A lions hyper aggression in a fight is very confusing to a tiger.  A heavier tiger can not comprehend why a lion will not submit if he was able to push him back or hold him down.  If the fight lasts (and usually doesn't because the lion often submits the tiger instantly) the tiger becomes increasingly panicked as the lion continues to press the attack.  The tiger stamina fails because he is hyper active, doesn't know or try to conserve energy, and is not designed for prolonged fights.  The fight will ALWAYS continue until the tiger completely submits. 
Author: Dainris
@bigcatsliontiger I agree with you 100% if you find some old encyclopedias you will find that they say the lion is the largest cat and if you read some of the newer books they are now saying they are even in size and weight all those tiger weights were all guesses and when they started weighing them with scales they realized that the tigers were much lighter than they looked
Author: Meztizilkree
Tigers are 34% stronger than a Lion in the hip joints, and 30% in the shouder joints, their genes show Lion is close to a Cheetah, Tiger is closest to the strongest cat - Smilodon.
Author: Tejind
Funny fact: the largest Siberian Tiger they ("The Siberian Tiger Project" of WSCRussia) has found since the project started in 1992 was 207 kg. And the average Bengal Tiger is over 207 kg for males.
Author: Kezuru
Tigers stand on their hind legs and swipe with both front paws, Lions stand on 3 and fight with one. Both-paws swipe is way more effective than single-paw swipe. It not only theoretically doubles the number of swipes, it increases the reach, increases the force, and allows a Tiger to defend/block a swipe and make an offensive swipe at nearly the same time.
Author: Fenrijas
Write in English please.
Author: Gromi
Lets go over the power of their swipes.
Author: Shajar
I'm sick of everyone who keeps score on these beautiful animals. Exploiting trying to see who is the better fighter and putting down the other. We are the only idiots who think like that. Animals don't sit around and judge who wins.They fight for survival and pure instinct. Leave it up to humans to abuse and exploit nature and animal fights. Appreciate it don't abuse it. Stupid humans.
Author: Mikanris
@nomadlion1985 Its common knowlege that Tigers are bigger than Lions its not a myth (look it up) & stop it with you're bias towards Lions.
Author: Fegul
They just want to stay alive and not all lions are the same, pls don't judge them like this.If an stronger opponent approach you, you'd do the same. No?
Author: Taujar
"A lone tiger would defeat a lone lion." - Craig Packer
Author: Faebei
It doesn't matter what experts say. Tigers are stronger, studies have shown this.
Author: Mazuru
Author: Garg
Lions are heavier then this and especially barbary lions they are huge, and tiger is not a fighter he's a natural and skillful hunter but male lion has that advantage because they are born to protect the pride form the other lions and hyenas so in a case of a possible fight that is advantage together with their mane.
Author: Mazuzil
Tiger fans do not wont to accept this facts, tiger fanatics that is...
Author: Moogumi
The tiger is the biggest of the big cats and the most powerful lone hunter.  A lone tiger can catch and overpower prey that would be difficult for a lion to catch and subdue.  However, in a fight - it is similar to a comparing a 220Lbs linebacker against UFC champion Anderson Silva - the tiger and footballer have really no chance.
Author: Moogumi
You're trying to avoid the questions?
Author: Faesida
who think tiger stronger
Author: Vorn
2. Are we talking about two fighters having the same size, weight or at least the same
Author: Mausho
It's always the people with the least education that call others either retards, idiots, or stupid. The classic is go to school, like this guy who is unknowledgeable EMMEDM60.
Author: Grorr
"I can cite a few instances of male tigers whipping male lions, but I can't think of one such case where the tiger didn't have a distinct advantage." - Clyde Beatty
Author: Vudosar
male lions don't generally hunt much
Author: Merisar
Why do you call a Siberian Tiger fat? even though Lions have more body fat than any Tiger, where are your sources for what you say, because everything I mention is backed up. Siberian are actually the strongest Felines.
Author: Tygojora
aggressiveness tiger???? haha
Author: Tuzahn
Where are your sources, and studies? nowhere, as you've got none.
Author: Shasida
the lion would be more willing to fight but once the fight was on the tiger is so much stronger but u have to keep in mind each is evolved to his enviorment so the x v's x is pointless a full male lion has the advantage of a mane other than that a tiger wins my vote as the winner.
Author: Tule
oh here we go another lie lol, both tiger and lion have around the same bite force of roughly 1000 pounds, lion 600 pounds, male lion! lol
Author: Tujas
Lol how did you measure courage? Well. Tigers live alone hunt alone. And hunt anything that comes in their territory while lions live and hunt in group.... So who is more couregous now?
Author: Kisho
What about in a relatively wide enclosure? I think it would go the same. The Lion would chase the scared tiger who thinks he could run away getting out of that hell. Again, this is because the gene in tiger would tell him to save his future..not
Author: Kalkis
Tiger has a bite force of 1000lbs and Lion 945lbs, Tiger has a wider skull, and larger canines by an inch.
Author: Zulkree
Lion deaths by other Lions - 5.5%
Author: Taumi
my english is shit but there is your italian is worst of shit because there isn't! Important is LIon win on a fight against tiger....your number do not interest to me...simply lion always break tiger's ass!
Author: Grotaur
Tiger's are faster than lions first off. I've studied these beautiful animals for over 10 years now and I've found through the Tiger's I have worked with in captivity, that they over power the Lions of same size easily 100 out of 100 times when they have conflict. I am not biased I love both animals, but whether it's fighting or hunting/killing the Tiger is the apex predator. I went to Russia for six months to help with the IWAF on tracking and studying Siberian Tigers and Snow Leopards. We found a carcass of a adult male Brown bear that we found to be around 900-1,000lbs. That bear was a tiger kill. Through the six months the team i was with found four more bear carcasses(two brown, and two black) that were tiger kills. Come to find out that the tiger's diet comprised of nearly 40% bear. Now I don't want to stir up and cause major discussion but I have studied these animals in the wild and in the classroom. Not in some zoo or sanctuary. Also through talking with Russian Wildlife Experts they say that bears actively avoid tigers and that bear kills on tigers are far less common. So in closing a lion would not stand a chance.
Author: Nikotaxe
A lion is an open plane animal and a tiger is a dense jungle animal.  The lion has to run longer distance to catch prey.  He must hunt or scavenge until he wins a pride (by fighting).  Long distance running increases stamina and a lion will ALWAYS outlast a tiger in a fight (ALWAYS).  Lions have a slightly deeper chest and slightly larger vital capacity compared to body weight.  I have also read that lions have the highest percentage of muscle to body weight of any mammal.  Bengal tigers are close in body composition to African lion but Siberian tigers have a huge fat storage especially in winter.  Due to a lion's natural fighting instinct and honed skill, lions are very calm during a fight - fighting just comes so natural to them.  He is able to seize the moment without wasting energy. 
Author: Tazil
let me say something ...
Author: Tukree
Cerca e leggi: Leone contro tigre riflessioni sulla violenza
Author: Nejind
Who called you a boy? do you mean guy? so what, you're a girl then?
Author: Gozahn
If a Tiger chooses to fight, then whoever stands infront of him will be dead, they are the only ones which fight to KILL, not HURT or show DOMINANCE.
Author: Goltimuro
I believe in that says experts! And they says different things from you that aren't expert! Measures and studies, facts and considerations i read from many experts are persuasive to me because i've seen real fight lion and tiger, and when it is a Young and strong' there isn't match! Now i must go and i don't want speak for more...because every fool can say idiot to another person but then he lose all credibility!
Author: Kashura
One Tiger can Kill buffalo and 5 lion kill one buffalo
Author: Dougore
You forgot defence > Tick for the Lions protective mane.
Author: Goltikasa
If you speak with experts of these big felin they'llsay to you that measures you read aren't true...just some rare exemplar of siberian tiger reach 280-300 kg in captivity, the same thing for the lion,( berber lion more of 300), but medium lion is 200-260 and bengal tiger is the same thing like siberian too..the weight has more, sometime, is duty from wool and animal fat in tiger! Lion is 250 kg of muscle! Canins are 1, 2 cm longer in tiger but lion's tiger are stronger! And lion is taller than
Author: Gardazragore
Tiger's and Lion's used to be pitted against each other in cages and even the Coloseum, people also would bet on who'd win, the Tiger always came out victor.
Author: Jurisar
its the eye of the tiger... Tigers are bigger more aggresive and alot more smarter and independent hunters where lions live in prides and hunt together. Tiger will win in a fight 7 times out of 10 but lions have killed tigers before it all depends on the cat. Tigers have killed lions more often, the name king of the jungle just comes from its mane around it's head, Tiger is the true fighter. deal with it. simba gets his ass handed to him majority of the time.
Author: Malarn
30% of all bengal tiger death result over fights in territory,food, and mates.Tigers are also solitary so they always go for the quick kill,unlike lions.Bengal tiger scientists also found out that when tigers are forced to fight they become highly aggressive animals.Tigers also have a stronger anatomy in both the fore and hind limbs.Its a myth that lions are stronger in the forelimbs.
Author: Musho
Tu sei stupido anche se metti il punto alla fine delle frasi.....sei stupido a prescindere!
Author: Tauk
Author: Mazulrajas
jackjacksonj . webs . com/tigersandlionstrength.htm
Author: Voodoosida
If you don't speak italian you are shit more to me, because i write in two Language you not! I don't want nothing...i repeat that i want i find it where i want!
Author: Malazuru
Tiger's can actually weigh up to 800lbs, not 490.
Author: Fetaur
Author: Akirg
Tigers are the biggest most powerful in the world. Get your facts straight dawg.
Author: Vuk
@nomadlion1985 Are you for real?The Siberian tiger dwarfes the Lion even the Bengals are bigger than Lions,Male Siberians average 750 lbs some can grow upto 900 lbs,Bengals average 550/600 lbs whereas Lions average 450/500 lbs.
Author: Doulrajas
the tiger do has the longer teeth..but on N24 National geographic they explained us that the male lion has the stronger bite force.. 10 % more then a tiger. it is due to a slightly different construction of skull and neck muscles
Author: Daira
@LionHeart1990s Yes you're right! Asian Lions live with their parents and when they move out, they live in single bed room condos until their parents arrange marriage with a suitable single lioness. Then the lion lives with the lioness happily ever after raising lots of little lions!
Author: Tygolkis
Tiger : real king
Author: Arazahn
Animals are built differently and to do different things
Author: Zum
How come he can't climb trees?
Author: Dougrel
Lion's are not heavier. African Lion's normally weigh up to 550lbs, Siberian Tiger's normally weigh up to 800lbs.
Author: Gardakasa
perché la costringono a rallentare e fermare la sua azione per eccessivo surriscaldamento del corpo! I canini si differenziano di ca. 1,2-1,3 a favore della tigre, ma in una lotta col leone gli servono a poco, perché la tigre è usa uccidere gli avversari andando in profondità col morso sul collo..e qui trova solo la spessa criniera del leone! Dalle cifre degli esperti il morso del leone supera in potenza quello della tigre, e un'unica zampata del leone supera le 3 o 4 raffiche veloci della tigre
Author: Yozshutilar
Tiger is just ~~~~UNF!!!
Author: Zulkigul
Tigers bite force is higher then a Lion.
Author: Kigagis
I read the opposite from the same person! But that i've seen favour lion! It is the stronger felin on the earth!
Author: Samujora
The lion's mane is a disadvantage for hunting but HUGE advantage for fighting.  It not only provides excellent protection of the vulnerable neck/throat areas, but also has enabled him to fight many times during his life with reduced risk of death or serious injury.  This builds his learned fighting skill and increases his fighting spirit. A lion will by his death have fought at least 20X more fights than a Bengal tiger and ever much more than 20X over a Siberian tiger, despite the lion's shorter life span (due to fights).  Lion fights can rage from not very severe to death battles.  In animal fights the more aggressive fighter will have a HUGE advantage.  a pit bull is able to defeat much larger and stronger dogs with bigger jaws and more powerful bite force.  The pit wins with skill, determination and fighting spirit. 
Author: Zulukasa
Author: Fenriktilar
The speed of a lion is 59 not 40
Author: Zugis
I favour a Bengal over Siberian though.
Author: Samuzilkree
i love lions. but when i said they were cowards, it was a comparison with tigers. i saw some lions died in battle battle, but in most case they ran away. but i've never seen tigers running away when the face a tiger stronger than them. most of them were killed by others tigers because the refused to abandon their territory.
Author: Mikazilkree
Tigers can smash a Cow's skull with one swipe, kill Gaur with one swipe, and break the backs of Sloth Bears...all with ONE swipe.
Author: Taum
Okay, but not 1200.
Author: Mihn
Author: Daitilar
It doesn't matter what you can say to me...when i want to know something i know where i must look for...and i do not ask to said many wrong things to me!
Author: Dogami
How many experts can you name or list that favour the Lion? I bet you have only heard of Clyde Beatty, Craig Packer, Dave Salmoni, and Dave Hoover.
Author: Mor
Lions are much more practiced & Built for fighting. Tigers are built for hunting.
Author: Jujora
Lions are considered kings because the lioness are the ones who does the hunting and the male lions are the ones who gets to eat first. (or at least king of their own pride, but that's not the case). Also, I believe that lions are much more king looking because their mane is what makes them stand out from the tigers... I  mean just look at their eyes, AMAZING! #teamlion but I got love for the TIGERS too!
Author: Kazrashicage
1) Il concetto di prendere le misure, confrontarle e stabilire se in una lotta fra 2 animali vince uno o l'altro è SBAGLIATO! 2) Le dimensioni e le misure dei 2 felini si equivalgono o alcuni valori cambiano di poco, pendendo una volta a favore dell'uno, una volta a favore dell'altro! LA Tigre è poco più lunga ma il leone è 23 cm più alto al garrese! Il peso è maggiore solo nella tigre siberiana che però è dovuto al grasso e al pelo lungo che ne determinano uno svantaggio in una lotta!
Author: Ball
You don't know what the fuck you're talking about, so knock it off, like you are an expert! Lions are better fighters than tigers, tigers might fight over a kill, & to mate, thats it! Lions fight the day they are introduced into the pride as little cubs. Lions have a very aggressive nature to try & dominate every species of animals. Lions will fight to the death most of the times, unless the other lions are beaten, then they scurry off,living to fight another day!
Author: Vudole
I'd say Courage definitely is the other way round. I've seen Tiger's by themselves threaten and scare Lion prides away, they're fearless.
Author: Mukus
This is str8 up BULLSHIT! Tigers canines are about 1 inch longer,not 2 to 3 inches longer than a lion. Lions canine are from 3 to 4 inches,tigers canines are 4 to 5 inches. Lions & tigers claws are the exact same length,3 inches. Lions are more aggressive & definately better fighters than tigers( from the time they are introduced to their pride,all they do is fight)! Tigers are about 40lbs heaqvier than a lion,Siberian tigers weigh much more(mostly fat,2 protect them from the cold).
Author: Shaktishicage
not relevant in the slightest.
Author: Yosida
58.8% of a Tigers body is pure muscle, a Bear has around 18.7% so imagine how powerful a male Tiger is, also remember they can kill Gaur with one swipe, which a Lion can't do.
Author: Jujar
@nomadlion1985 I guarantee you that Tigers are much bigger cats than Lions & besides whats the point in debating with you when you have a name like that?Obviously you're showing bias towards the Lion.
Author: Gojinn
Do you want me to show you videos of Tigers dominating Lions, do you want me to show MORE studies, and statistics.
Author: Meztisida
How does this make sense - "Tiger territory to the Treaty more 'complete dedicated to the tiger (!!) Indicates the lion as the most likely winner in a direct clash with the same objective conditions"
Author: Shakatilar
Author: Fenrirg
tiger is the best, this video is much good , but the numbers are all down at the thruth an they are 2 littles wrongs. The bite force of siberian tiger is around 1200 pound and the best african lion of transwall and Botswana have pound around 800 pound. The inch. of siberian tiger arrive at 13cm, Lion 8 cm, the average of the most bengal , the bengal of Forrest OF kaziranga have average of 236.5 kg , the siberian tiger have average of 245 kg ( the record was 465 kg), the average of most Big lion (transwall and Botswana ) is 216.5 kg.where are 2 wrong? 1 wrong, the tiger can to running until 80 km h. , the lioness until 70 km. h. , the 2 wrong the question about courage , i honesty Give 50/50 of the merit between this superpredator and explain also why; when lion is in front at tiger more of Times the lion make the first attack, why? because the tiger don't look the lion like one pride, they are 2 predators , and the Tiger is more intelligent that lion ( have also brain more big, all documentated ) and she don't Want to risk his Life for nothing ! And often trie to escape only for this, Not because have afraid. The lion , i don' t Want to be bad but is thrut, The lion is more stupid and attack every time and go go , but the lion don' t know the Tiger , don't know the most strong of the Tiger, don" t know that tiger fight better with different tecnique ( this i have just explain much times in my comments) and when tiger don't have exit, tiger attack and Tiger win!!!! Non everytime but often, bengal and indochinese tiger win 7/10 of Times. siberian tiger 9/10, and i have much and much documentation that tiger win with lion, the date, the country, the year, ecc. but ok initially the lion have more courage, but with other animal who have more courage is the tiger. The tiger can to attack and to killer the crocrodile, the lion alone run away !! The tiger can to attack and to killer the asiatic rhino, The lion alone run away!! The tiger can to attack and to killer the asiatic elephant ( is documentaded one elefant killed from one big bengal tiger) lion alone run away , the tiger can to killer the Big pitone reticulatis , the lion run away from big pitone!! The tiger can to killer without problems the asiatic Buffalo, Lion alone, much rarely. For this about courage for me is 50/ 50 equality.
Author: Juzuru
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Author: Gronris
Inoltre ho visto parecchi parecchi filmati in cui la tua straordinaria tigre scappa con la coda tra le gambe dopo appena 2 colpi del leone! O anche di leonesse! O abbassa le orecchie e piange dopo 2 zampate! L'ho vista fuggire anche da qualche leopardo, mentre ho visto leoni o leonesse tener testa a un branco di iene inferocite e metterle in fuga! How do you can explain this?
Author: Ararisar
Author: Doushicage
Tiger's can jump incredibly high, normally around 3 meters.

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