How to Replace a Damaged Power Cord - Circular Saw, Drill, Router, Power Tools

27.06.2019   |   by Goltijas

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Author: Kazijind
Good tips and insight, gonna replace the power cord on my old Black & Decker drill. It's one of those drills you use a Chuck Key for to tighten in the bit. They just don't make good drills like that one anymore.
Author: Goltikasa
hi, I don't know if you can offer any help with this: i bought an item called a korg DDD-1 drum machine but it has a power cord that was cut off, now i don't really have that much experience with this type of repair,but I opened the unit& located where the small remaining piece of cord was solidered to a terminal, the cord itself seems to have only 2 wires(aka,I don't see a ground wire), I'm assuming that if i buy or get a cord of similar thickness&look that I can solider it to the terminal where the original was. I just don't know exactly what cord to buy (gauge aka thickness, type of plug at the end? Polarity? ) I can't read schematics either, but I've found a repair schematic online. can you offer any advice? thanks
Author: Goltirisar
Appreciate it, and may God Bless you
Author: Nezuru
Great video thanks for posting
Author: Goltirg
Funny, I just did that to my saw this weekend and your video pops up. Thank You Give the Confidence I need to tackle it. Thank You.
Author: Dasar
I have a Skil saw with the ground wire exposed. Any suggestions in how to fix that?
Author: Taramar
Please lookup "UL knot". Your fix becomes dangerous when the cord is jerked out and the live, bare wires are exposed. The "flexible adapter" is a strain relief and the glue and tight fit were guarding against that before.
Author: Yozshuzahn
Awesome tutorial, thanks for the help. I love the Bible Quote at the end too🙏🏻
Author: Kajikazahn
I got a spoilt 18V Makita DUB182Z blower. Upon taking it apart, all its wires (red +, black -) and end clips/ lugs are burnt. Replacement parts/wires in my country (Singapore) is always obsolete. Please advise.
Author: Mami
THANK YOU for not having obnoxious music while you show me how to do stuff!!
Author: Gogul
Well done, I've been looking for a clip with a safe explanation how to change a 2 cord 1990 Makita HP2030 power drill lead to a new 3 blade plug and after seeing you replace the entire cord then that's my safest option and lucky me the appliance screws are all phillips head. Now to find somewhere that sells the new lead and I'm in business again.
Author: Mell
Where did you buy the new cord at? I was at menards, and I bought a power supply cord, but it doesn't have a ground on the circular saw. Do you know if it is alright to use the cord, but just leave the ground disconnected?
Author: Kazrakasa
I had a heck of a time getting the tension release to let go of the wires. The plastic ended up cracking and fell off around the wires. Super glue it I guess. Not sure if I can separate the big rubber portion , unless I drill it out as well. Thanks for the video with the non-screw on wires. Was not happy when I opened the Skilsaw & discovered it was without screws to hold the wires down. Oh well, I learned something new.
Author: Vojind
Where did ya find this looking for a cord for a millwallee saw zall

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